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Player Ratings And Reviews: Crystal Palace v Middlesborough
---Quote (Originally by The Omen)--- Hennessey - 8 Ward - 7 Tomkins - 7 *Sakho - 8 MOM*.
Can Leicester Go Down?
---Quote (Originally by Leap of faith)--- Looking at their fixtures they'll be fine ---End Quote--- really, when the goals have dried up and Huth....
The HF were truly magnificent
---Quote (Originally by Crap hotdogs)--- They get some stick, sometimes deservedly but today they were brilliant. Made a rallying cry on social....
Sakho thread closed
Sakho shut it down. Just like he shut everything else down today.
Who else is resigned to relegation?
---Quote (Originally by Nostrils)--- If they continue busting a gut like they did today, we will not only pick up some results, but get better with....
Allardyce out!
Boro are shit, but credit where credit is due. Today we looked drilled, organised and focused. That's good management. Moreover one signing scored....
1.5 points per game average 12 games left = 6 wins
Agree! We're staying up We don't care we're staying up we don't give a **** we're staying up CPFC Up up ip.
Nearly cried
I'm ******* pissed. Night all xxx.
Ref today
Palace were denied 3 penalties as proven by video replays. Another appalling display by incompetent officials but at least Palace still managed to....
When is Puncheon going to be dropped?
---Quote (Originally by Penstone Eagle)--- Slows everything down and continues to be careless. ---End Quote--- What is wrong with you? If....
Kaikai on the bench today - I don't remember reading about injuries to Chungy, Ledley, Campbell etc so can only assume he was on the bench through....
25th Feb 2017 - Palace vs Boro - Full Game
1st ten mins missing yes but none of those other problems when I play it back. Might be your download or its possible the upload messed up, my....
---Quote (Originally by DryRubber)--- I think Nigel enjoyed our result today. Up the Palace! He is a big fan. That's a tune we can all dance to.....
Mamadou Sakho
---Quote (Originally by Jimmy Eagle)--- Delaney, shut the door on your way out ---End Quote--- Don't be such a penis..
Wayne Hennessey
At one point today he bent down to gather the ball and it ran up his arms like a pinball on rails heading for a special feature, before hitting him....
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