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Gig News and Reviews
Happy Mondays at Pyramids Centre in Southsea - holds 1200. Biblical..
Who else is resigned to relegation?
---Quote (Originally by hdeagle)--- Palace have deserved to win their last 5 matches and are playing better than their results. Roy Hodgson will....
Player Ratings And Reviews: Everton (home)
Anyone exempting Julian of the blame for that second goal has to examine his objectivity. It was a fundamental error of judgement, a naive error from....
Julian Speroni discussion
Dann 100% at fault for the goal. Got the ball stuck under his feet and gave it away. Had plenty of time to deal with Speronis pass. We don't question....
Boxing Thread
Who cares about Frampton?? Massive loser..
Gary Lineker Just Now On MoTD
---Quote (Originally by roy1972)--- If that was the case Zaha would miss most of the season :p ---End Quote--- Go back to the away end.
Nibiru ...not long till we all die!
Are we still here?.
Useless weak bald shiny headed c-word
---Quote (Originally by ExiledStirling)--- When there is so much money at stake nowadays surely to dismiss the fact that referees can be bought is....
Live Com and Updates: Crystal Palace V Everton
---Quote (Originally by Spindle)--- They aren't highlights. It's 2 goals each from 15 angles with annoying Ibiza club music and masses of ads.....
Wayne Hennessey discussion
Speroni should clear it. But dann had more than enough time to deal with it. As has been said, Hennessey gets nowhere near that save in the 2nd....
Oh Tony Pulis, What have you done?
We wouldn't have pushed on. No one ever does under Pulis. If you give him a chance to sign players over a period of time you will end up playing....
Say something positive about Palace
We increased our points total by 25%..
Betting Masters CLC 20
---Quote (Originally by Funk Butter)--- *Bet 10-12* Cincinnati (-3.5) @ 1.95 SMU (+12.5) @ 1.95 Utah State (-9.5) @ 1.91 Three doubles at....
November Betting Masters - 169
---Quote (Originally by Funk Butter)--- *Bet 12-14* Cincinnati (-3.5) @ 1.95 Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech Under 49.5 @ 1.91 Utah State (-9.5) @....
Discussion: Just asked Steve Parish whether he reads our recommendations here
Risk averse, sorry SP but what a load of bollocks. It comes down to recruitment and scouting, how do clubs like Benfica, Sporting etc remain so....
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