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August Betting Masters - 141
---Quote (Originally by Funk Butter)--- *Bet 4* Kansas City Royals (-2.5) over Detroit Tigers @ 4.5 at Betfair Sportsbook ---End Quote--- Winner.
Happy Memories of James
No age at all. Very sad, but that's what you get when you don't practice the key to life --- moderation..
I had a Closed Beta invite to the Ultimate Team of FIFA 16 last week. Should be interesting to try before I buy.
Palace in Hong Kong
---Quote (Originally by Leeds Eagle)--- was planning on watching from my sofa, but since this is the curtain raiser i may make the effort to get....
HF Section 15/16
---Quote (Originally by old git)--- Block D is the place to be.:p ---End Quote--- Block C is great as well - at least, the front is. Considering....
Crystal Ball Time?!
---Quote (Originally by Bones14)--- Playing it like I'm still in 2004/5 Norwich 2 Palace 0 ---End Quote--- Which makes no sense, because we....
This season.
I made a very similar, but far more cringe-worthy post (under my old username) back in 2005 .
Painting over Neteller
---Quote (Originally by WLYWLYAWYPWF)--- Image: ---End Quote--- What year &....
1st Six Kiwicumulator
Norwich City away - W Arsenal home - W Aston Villa home - D Chelsea away - L Manchester City home - L Tottenham Hotspur away - D.
Julian Speroni Testimonial (Tuesday 26th May 8pm vs Dundee)
---Quote (Originally by Rusty Dee)--- Jules testimonial will always stay in the hearts of the lucky fans who were there. Every time I have been to....
Crashing on mobile when pressing the insert image button
Tried another fix for this, how is it now?.
No Entry! Great Guitarists at Work
Gary Moore - genius and sadly missed: :p.
More establishment child abuse
---Quote (Originally by smileysmith)--- Its a long way, but what do you think is likely to happen to a child molested by a senior public figure who....
The NFL thread
---Quote (Originally by oz_da II)--- Kangaroo Court. ---End Quote--- I assume you would know all about that..
Arsenal (h) Sun 16th Aug 1:30pm, Live on Sky Sports
---Quote (Originally by EddieEdwards)--- The front few rows of the Arthur is a very good area for kids IMO. ---End Quote--- Arfur is not now like....

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