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Dulwich Hamlet
Hopefully can complete the job at East Thurrock on Monday now. Willbe interesting after the game at Champion Hill, when Dulwich snatched adraw....
Matched betting
---Quote (Originally by Sweetpea!)--- MB is the best thing that's happen to me in ages. I need to get out of debt before I start uni. Its paid....
Bye Chungy
I thought he did well at Man Utd the other week. However, the squad you are in is in the FA Cup final, is it really worth bitching to the press in....
European Union referendum thread (23 June 2016)
---Quote (Originally by Biggineagle)--- Ya think ??:D ---End Quote--- I was wrong. Apologies..
Sweet Jesus, check out this Pardew thread!
We're staying up and are in the FA Cup final. End of..
Jeremy Corbyn announces shadow cabinet (split thread)
---Quote (Originally by Heb 7:4)--- This is the view of Liberal Judaism. 28 April 2016 As the Senior Rabbi of Liberal Judaism, and a....
Hillsborough verdict due 26 April
---Quote (Originally by Golf Boy)--- Tbh Liverpool should have been banned for a lot longer after Heysel. ---End Quote--- Well maybr but it's not....
"Official" F1 Predictions & Gossip 2016
Pp Rosberg FL Vettel 1) Hamilton 2) Rosberg 3) Kvyat 4) Vettel 5) Kimi.
FA Cup Final Tickets
Apparently BT Sport have said that their TV coverage on Cup Final day will start at 4-30. This will almost certainly mean that the kick off will be....
Horse & Greyhound Betting tips
Bonny Kate e/w My Tent Or Yours Jers Girl Marito e/w.
What are you listening to at the moment?
---Quote (Originally by Tim of the 80's)--- Couldn't find Gold so picked up Emancipation instead. Much better than I remembered. ---End Quote---....
Jeremy's Steam Train to Southampton
Most kind, thank you very much :) have some rep :).
Crystal Ball: Newcastle
Newcastle 2 Townsend+Mitrovic Palace 1 Gayle 51'111.
Mark Farmer RIP
Loved Johnny Jarvis..
Balloons for Wembley
9 for 200. .
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