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The Rain Is On The Way
Just drowned in New malden.
Match Updates: Champions League Final 2018
---Quote (Originally by adrenalin john)--- Despite the Karius on goalkeeping display and Bale's wonder goal, I am still left with the feeling that....
Suggestion: Grealish
---Quote (Originally by sydney eagle)--- How he didnít get sent off for that tackle today Iíll never know ---End Quote--- Because it wasn't a red....
Match Updates: 2018 play off final. Fulham V Aston Villa
---Quote (Originally by Hedgehog)--- Brumie Allan will be happy! ---End Quote--- Why? It would have been another local away game..
Yohan Cabaye Discussion
I would say he was bordering world class while at Newcastle, he really was magnificent though for them. It felt like every team at the top were in....
Wayne Hennessey discussion
---Quote (Originally by Owngoal)--- Some real shite fans on here who forget that WH was one of our best players in the run in and that stats showed....
My weekly blog
Wasn't sure what to expect when I went in there, definitely somewhere I'd like to go back to for a night out..
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by in-exile)--- Should weltklasse get a short ban for such a homophobic neg Rep? Mods? ---End Quote--- An amazing request....
Country Music
What happened to Ricky B? He really didn’t like country music..
Return of the Jedi
Best thing about today is a fantastic away day drinking by the river.
Rumour: Guaita
---Quote (Originally by SA Eagle)--- Who on earth could you mean? ;) ---End Quote--- Stalker :jerkit:strikes again..
Cliff Jackson
---Quote (Originally by big bad John)--- Have been asked by someone on behalf of Cliff's wife if she can use at the funeral, a poem I wrote about....
Tips And Stories Of Minor Criminality
---Quote (Originally by Highbury Eagle)--- Driving through Dulwich Village one night we see someone carrying items into a van. At 3am in the morning....
Apparently we're the Lineal Champions of club football
Great find. Like it..
On This Day
No idea what the thread is I'm pissed but my memories of the west spam game is their fans really were asssholes, I really hate their fans , they were....
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