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Wilfried Zaha
The easy option is not having to deal with preconceptions that say if bred or playing at Man u or Liverpool your a superstar, At Palace your a....
Happy A50 day everyone
---Quote (Originally by smileysmith)--- Then Les comes along to tell everyone they are laughable, and those who started at posting reasoned posts....
Post a Picture Please - The Sequel
---Quote (Originally by The Addonians)--- Thats the guy who played Khan in the Star Trek film The wrath of Khan ---End Quote--- What, James Caan....
Souare training
---Quote (Originally by orp pisshead1)--- Agree with this , he comes across very humble. All the very best Pape :p. ---End Quote--- What orp says!....
Brexit - the economic and social impact
It's hilarious how the government and press are jumping on any potential investment in GB as a means of endorsing Brexit. What next, John Smith has....
March Betting Masters - 160
In-play Bet 13 Man City W v Fortuna W To win 1st half with handicap Fortuna W 7.6 Marathon 25 mins 0-0.
Crystal Ball Chelsea (a)
Chelsea 1 (Cahill 74) Palace 0.
Giant Asian Hornet
One of my favourite things! Image:....
Penis names?
---Quote (Originally by smileysmith)--- You call your penis "Biggin"? Save ---End Quote--- Well I don't no.. ;).
Palace Takeover - Founder's Arms
---Quote (Originally by ebyeeckeagle)--- O'Connells - always attracts the wankers in there. Have 'em. (I say always, it's based on precisely 1....
Madeline McCann
Maybe I am not. But what I am saying is 100% true, and a crap anecdote don't disprove it. Do I believe that story? Not in a month of Sundays.....
Betting Masters CLC 19
Bet 9 Konta to beat Williams @1.8 sportingbet.
Palace ground in Herne Hill
Today the Herne Hill Velodrome reopened, with it's brand new Grandstand. There was a lovely piece on tonights (6.30pm) BBC London News (which can....
The waste of a club called Charlton
---Quote (Originally by Heath eagle)--- I like the Belgium guy , think he's doing a grand job ---End Quote--- Agreed, stirling work :).
---Quote (Originally by Pub Idol)--- anyone use LibreElec? Considering - moving over from open elec. ---End Quote--- I put it on an old....
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