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Loads of KODI Firestick transfer videos on Youtube .
Referee for Hull on Saturday
---Quote (Originally by Jimmy cabbie)--- Cannot deny the facts you give. But my belief is that he would be embarrassed to have got those decisions....
Betting Masters CLC 15
*Bet 7* NFL Draft 1st Round Running Backs (Over 1.5) 1st Running Back Drafted - Todd Gurley 1st Round Tight Ends (Under 0.5) Treble @ 3.68....
Terrible news from the Den
---Quote (Originally by carter)--- what would you do if Brighton got promoted? ---End Quote--- Probably choke on the vomit! To be honest....
More establishment child abuse
Even if Janner is genuinely too ill to face trial, every effort should be made to go after those that protected him, and others, or who turned a....
Whats your live attendance to win percentage this season?
10 wins from 26 league games, 38.5%.
Brixton protest against housing costs and gentrification
---Quote (Originally by tasty_snacks)--- Why do people feel they have a right to live in an area in perpetuity? I lived in Peckham for years,....
Pictures from your childhood
All this talk of coins and I go off and Google around and end up buying a 20 silver coin from the Royal Mint commemorating Winston Churchill. ....
Lee Chung-Yong
---Quote (Originally by Jordan555x)--- I assume this is obviously sarcasm. Not sure if you are being serious or you are just trying to piss everyone....
Trim the fat
---Quote (Originally by Tripod 10)--- I would ship out..... Hangerland Mccarthy Guedioura Sanogo Campbell Hennessy.
Is Ledley our most important player?
---Quote (Originally by mb23)--- Dann is our most important player. But it's no coincidence we get results with Ledley in the team. A top player.....
Suggested Team and Formation For: Chelsea (away)
Why anyone would play Ward and Ledley seems strange to me, both currently have injuries with nothing to play for. Pardew should see if any subs will....
Drop Jedinak?
---Quote (Originally by 917L)--- Noticed he gave Pardew the swerve when leaving the pitch yesterday, certainly not impressed with being replaced....
Yaya Sanogo
---Quote (Originally by Shipp Ahoy!)--- One actually tries his damn hardest, the other barely tries to want to be on the pitch. ---End Quote---....
Staying In The Premier League Calculator (2014/15): Keep Track Of Our Progress Here
---Quote (Originally by zonin2000)--- I see it slightly differently. * We will be safe the next time Leicester lose a game * Sunderland fail to....

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