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Bakary Sako discussion
One swallow doesn't make a spring....
Roy Hodgson discussion
---Quote (Originally by MFBias)--- Every interview Hodgson handles with class and decency, he is elaborate and insightful. I really feel he is the....
Relegation Avoidance Calculator 17/18
Only issue is the way our fixtures are spread. We have very few "easier " home games left. Without an away goal, let alone win, it is still very....
December Betting Masters - 170
---Quote (Originally by Louis)--- In-play Bet 10 Flamengo v Independiente Goal Line Over 2.5 2.5 Bet 365.
Christian Benteke Discussion
---Quote (Originally by Se9 eagles)--- Maybe he's just got a thing *about big,very rich black men*:eek:? ---End Quote--- and there we have it..
Gary Lineker Just Now On MoTD
---Quote (Originally by PremierPalace)--- What the ******* hell was MOTD tonight?! Wish I hadnít bothered staying up for that ---End Quote--- To....
Rumour: Olivier Giroud
---Quote (Originally by Jon_C-Pal)--- I'd argue he's one of the most underrated strikers in the PL. ---End Quote--- I'd agree with you. Lost count....
Guilty fancies
whilst on the subject of young ladies in adverts; Ford (Australia) have the lovely Ngaire Dawn Fair flogging their cars. I must admit to a few....
Hy Money
How can we help her?.
Who else is resigned to relegation?
---Quote (Originally by trufan)--- Transfer window will make or break us, as far as I'm concerned. Another cock-up like last time will effectively....
Rumour: RLC back to Chelsea
He is a very good player. However he is wasted on the left. He needs to be played through middle. If Chelsea said we could have batshuyai instead....
Selhurst Park Redevelopment
---Quote (Originally by speagle)--- Usually park around top of Davidson road or the end of Tenison road area. Don't normally have a problem but....
Brexit - the economic and social impact
The question from here now is what decision Corbyn makes on the final vote. We've got an agreement on a vote yes BUT it depends how the brexiteers....
Suggested Team and Formation For: Leicester 16th December 2017
---Quote (Originally by bodger)--- WH Kelly Dann Tomkins Schlupp Wilf McArthur RLC Punchoen PVA CB Down to the bare bones so pick a couple....
What a way to spend a night in London...
Murder knockhart. Is that a bit far?.
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