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Live Com and Updates: Crystal Palace 2-1 Ipswich Town FT
---Quote (Originally by Jon_C-Pal)--- What cracks me up is we were desperate for a LB for years, got 2 and now have no balance down the right.....
Killer Robot apocalypse . AI warning .
Any coincidence that T2 in 3d is being released for one day next week?.
Rumour: McArthur to Villa?
---Quote (Originally by RisZero)--- If only we played Ipswich youth team every week ---End Quote--- EFA ;) & still behind Luka, Ruben, Cabaye &....
When is Puncheon going to be dropped?
I love punch, but he offers us nothing. He slows the game, doesn't win headers or tackles, doesn't create and doesn't score. He did not run the game....
Rumour: Mama Sakho 2017 Summer Transfer Saga
---Quote (Originally by Eddie McGoldrick's tash)--- [emoji1] ---End Quote--- I hate emojis.
Player Ratings And Reviews: Ipswich
5-3-2 is an abominable system at home. The amount of times we could have broken on Ipswich in the first half by playing a ball out to a winger in....
Being a parent
---Quote (Originally by civil eagle)--- I had thought about posting this in the depression thread but I couldn't find it. Anyway back on track I....
Rumour: Delaney to Ipswich
Pretty sure he still lives up that way. Certainly did a couple of years ago when we spoke to him on the train coming back from old Trafford..
Wilf Injured?
---Quote (Originally by Marcknucks)--- Why post this rubbish ? Some people might actually believe this picture is for real ---End Quote--- Get....
Relegation Avoidance Calculator
Beating Swansea is pretty important, even early days. They figure to be in the mix for relegation just like we do. We made it very hard on ourselves....
Bromley FC
Last minute winner by Brett Williams gave Bromley a 1-0 victory at Gravesend tonight in the Kent Cup. Not the greatest game ever with a few....
Rumour: Martin Kelly (Summer 2017)
---Quote (Originally by mroakley9)--- Heaton + 10 million otherwise Parish shouldn't even pick up the phone ---End Quote--- He should if it's....
Rumour: Cabaye to Marseilles
Must not sell. Would like to see him with luka and rlc.
Facist/Anti Facists in the USA today.
I am guilty of being the jealous person looking into the restaurant window that Marx ascribes to. And I might whine about better off people because....
TV Setup question
With Newer Samsung tvs you can record to usb sticks. Not sure on the pause live TV though that's some bad JuJu man..
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