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We need to be up there with Everton, Villa & maybe Spurs
Aiming for 17th is a surefire way to get relegated, as is aiming for the upper reaches of the table in the way that Charlton did. To be fair to us we....
Big green eggs, smokers and BBQ thread
Attachment 44413 ( ) Attachment 44414....
Julian Speroni Testimonial (Tuesday 26th May 8pm vs Dundee)
---Quote (Originally by DundeeFan)--- So I take it this is the half decent forum and Holmesdale is where the brain dead complaint merchants gather....
Palace staff (and supporters) help autistic child find his voice
---Quote (Originally by Woosie)--- A heart-warming letter from a mother to the club thanking them and explaining how her child who has Autism has....
What should we do about ISIS/ISIL?
---Quote (Originally by Blind_Eagle)--- I forgot your location. :D The point remains though that here in the UK the infrastructure for LPG sales....
Hamburg score .
Rumour: Khouma Babacar
---Quote (Originally by Celestial Empire)--- When Babacar come ? ---End Quote--- Image:....
Giro D'Italia 2015
---Quote (Originally by kabbott)--- :sob: ---End Quote--- I think the in play graphics must be a bit out. They had Aru as 3 mins slower than....
Movie review thread(about the last film you saw)
---Quote (Originally by Duffle Coat)--- A Most Violent Year. Good, solid film. J.C. Chandor is a good director. ---End Quote--- A most violent....
Official: Five Players To Be Released
---Quote (Originally by glaziers fan)--- Whilst I don't believe that they should be slagged off, especially as fundamentally decent guys, the likes....
76 and 77 go for a drink XXX (18th April)
Not got my ticket yet, but intending to get one at the same time as my testimonial ones - what time are you getting there?.
Bordeaux pre season friendly.
Is there a tour this time?!?.
Pictures from your childhood
Image: .
Monkey on the car
Looks like I'm well off the pace with this one. ごめん、ね。.
Rumour: Gayle to Bournemouth
---Quote (Originally by dilem)--- Fair enough. You're entitled to your opinion. But surely you can see why Pardew would sell a player(who doesnt....

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