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Horse & Greyhound Betting tips
---Quote (Originally by LLCOOLSTEVE)--- September and Idaho in my ew super Yankee....only done the 5 selections to include September ---End....
Photoshop help
I have done few old family photos before scanning them at a high resolution then getting to work on filling in scratches and trying to restore the....
Selhurst Redevelopment - Safe standing
---Quote (Originally by Lord Flange)--- When results of an extensive consultation by supporters' group The Spirit Of Shankly is made public, it....
Daily Mail Meltdown
---Quote (Originally by Les Butler)--- Ban one you ban them all, sorry I just think the UK newspapers are shit. ---End Quote--- I might have....
Steve Parish Discussion
---Quote (Originally by CPFC31)--- This is fantastic. While we have crumbling cowsheds that needs taking care of and Sakhos to sign on a perm, we....
Mandanda refuses to return
---Quote (Originally by in-exile)--- Don't know....but how he played under Sam and how he celebrated that goal against Arsenal....we cannot let him....
Champions league qualifying
---Quote (Originally by Latvian Eagle)--- Surely just best all around to avoid any trouble? ---End Quote--- The games on the 14th so 'orangefest'....
Edgar Davids
I think Reading beat us 3-0 shortly after that, then we beat Portsmouth (Vaughan hat-trick & Danns pen I think). Portsmouth goal was calamitous....
Frank de Boer discussion
---Quote (Originally by palacea)--- www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/3875326/crystal-palace-chairman-steve-parish-raps-in-st-tropez/amp/ Honestly....
New Manager Discussion
---Quote (Originally by Eddie McGoldrick's tash)--- Richard Harris? ---End Quote--- That's the fella.
Advice on buying a season ticket
Is there still a waiting list in operation?.
Pokemon Go
Ive only seen 2 types of eggs. A Pink one and a yellow one. Pink ones are easy being 1 or 2 rating and yellow is hard being 3 and 4 rating. A 5th....
Brexit - the economic and social impact
I'm not sure how spending all of our time and resources on Brexit for the next decade is going to help us in any way. We'll just be adding to our....
West London tower block fire
---Quote (Originally by Biggineagle)--- Maz ?? :eek: ---End Quote--- I don't even buy, and rarely read, the Guardian. But, unlike you it would....
Official" F1 Predictions & Gossip 2017
Good quali. I am sure Seb will be in front of Kimi, by turn one.:rolleyes:.
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