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Things that Maidstoned Eagle does....
Desperately seeks attention.
Rumour: Mama Sakho 2017 Summer Transfer Saga
It would be great to generally have more firepower across the front three. We really don't have many options and one injury - as we've seen with Wilf....
---Quote (Originally by Sleeping Giant)--- He is clever enough to get out of a situation which is good obviously but when you are this "football....
Rumour: Oliver Burke
is this a possible sign that Townsend is on his way out ?.
Things to do when out of work
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by eaglejez)--- I really don't. So you actually believe we can't leave the EU due to people with racist views might be....
Nintendo NX Console (March 2017)
---Quote (Originally by PeterH)--- Perhaps he decided that once Zelda was played the machine is currently offering very little else. Nintendo might....
Discussion: No signings
---Quote (Originally by GreatGonzo)--- Cabaye, McArthur, Sako, Ward, Hennessey, Kelly, Lee, Delaney, Boateng, Speroni and Ladapo are all out of....
Things to do at work with a hangover & no motivation
Wank slowly.
Things your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband do that irritate you
---Quote (Originally by Maidstoned Eagle)--- Wanks me off badly. ---End Quote--- The main problem is their inability to know when to stop..
Things not to say at boss at a job interview.
(Push a piece of paper over) "That's my number".
Things can only get better!
things notot do when driving
Things you kinda miss
Biggus....and not wanking.
Things you have eaten and wish you hadn't
---Quote (Originally by fang)--- :supergrin: What splendid news! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. ---End Quote--- My pleasure :p I....
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