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Christian Benteke Discussion
Good luck to him . I say.
Unsubstantiated rumour: Everton Reportedly in for Wilf
---Quote (Originally by FMH57)--- Expect much more of this crap over the next few months. ---End Quote--- Imagine how much worse it would be if....
Jeremy Corbyn discussion thread
---Quote (Originally by Spindle)--- We don't need new ideas. We just need to do the right thing for the people and the country with a long term....
Yohan Cabaye Discussion
---Quote (Originally by ebyeeckeagle)--- Until the later stages, not sure there is much enthusiasm for the bloated Europa from any player, young or....
Are there any Palace supporting vicars on the BBS?
I know a Palace supporting vicar (who is a friend of Adrenalin John's) but no idea if he's on here..
Discussion: Assuming RLC isn't gettable...
---Quote (Originally by Spindle)--- Are we seriously looking at Bristol City for RLC replacements? They just re-signed Tammy Abraham on another....
Southern Railway bastards
Had to get Thameslink as Virgin (soon to be publicly owned) East Coast was really late. Numb backside but nicely cooled and on time..
Rumour: Fresh terms offered to Julian Speroni
On Wednesday last week Jules was at a golf day and told people openly he was 'considering a contract offer to be 3rd choice keeper'.
Chelsea FC are wankers - discuss
Get it right, they are not wankers, they are *****..
Rumour: Joe Allen
---Quote (Originally by glaziers fan)--- The problem is whilst he might be in his prime (and he is a good player I will give you that) he only has....
Things that annoy you
---Quote (Originally by KYLIE MINEAGLE)--- :wallbash: Had that the other day two fat chicks going through the motions while yaking and looking at....
Where do Palace fans live?
Currently living n Kingswood, East Yorkshire. Previously, Croydon, Merstham and Smallfield Surrey..
Managerial Comings and Goings 18/19
QPR and West Brom naming McLaren and Moore respectively today..
Roman Abramovich not at the Cup Final
---Quote (Originally by Celestial Empire)--- Mini-me Boris on the make, looking for a cause to make him look important. So far, May has provoked....
Congratulations Celtic
---Quote (Originally by Oli28)--- Current squad id say about 14th-17th. No real incentive for them to improve their squad at the moment though. ....
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