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Schlupp doesn't look quite so expensive compared to this..
Rumour: Ins and out this week
---Quote (Originally by Thefunkymonk)--- This is the alleged agent. Basically made up....
Rumour: Carl Jenkinson
---Quote (Originally by Eaglefoz)--- Are you not aware of his past? ---End Quote--- What are you referring to? Injuries?.
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by maestro)--- IMF raises UK's growth forecast ---End Quote--- Have not left....
Southern Railway bastards
That was the delayed train from platform 15. Short formation. I waited for the 6.38, we have 8 carriages. Currently at purley oaks..
Losing our identity
We did what we always said we wouldn't, we got above our station..
Joel Ward
His only position is RB. If we sign jenkinson he'll be on the bench.
Bolton (h) Tuesday 17th January 8pm
We'll be lucky to get nil.
Rumour: townsend back to newcastle
I have no doubt he has ability, but for me he is too predictable and lightweight for the Premier League, he might get away with it in a flying team..
Moved posts
---Quote (Originally by Maz)--- :lux::lux::lux: :D :D :D :moo: ---End Quote--- Mazturbation! :jerkit:.
Wayne Hennessey
None of our keepers are good, that's the problem..
Press Conference Live: Pre-Bolton replay Monday 1pm
---Quote (Originally by philsick)--- Cant even be arsed to watch his conferences now just like his football he's dull as dishwater. He is....
Rumour: Christian Benteke: Crystal Palace striker subject of 40m bid
Remember the season when we had Chris Martin upfront and Murray coming off the bench and they both looked shit. They were top championship players in....
Cinema help
---Quote (Originally by Il Padrino)--- That's the plan :afro: ---End Quote--- This is obviously what you're looking for.....
Graham Taylor RIP
1st post on this forum, Rip Graham amazing what he achieved at Watford, a true Gent. 6 pages on this forum Liverpool fc has only 14 people paying....
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