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Watching in Mumbai
They always show at least 3 matches on TV in Mumbai. I doubt they will show Palace though as it is a meaningless match and all matches are on at the....
The Golf Thread
[QUOTE=Worksop Palace;12398625] ---Quote (Originally by Golf Boy)--- There's a castle there and I think the course is in the grounds ? Was....
Rumour: Jonjo Shelvey - summer 2015 transfer window thread
---Quote (Originally by Gooders)--- Apparently our squad is way too handsome and we have to sign a couple of geezers with faces only a mother could....
Rumour: Gayle to Bournemouth
Top scorer in both seasons he's been here, in spite of hardly any game time. Haven't checked the stats but i think our results have been good with....
Pictures from your childhood
Reminds me of listening to Two Way Family Favourites in Berlin on a Sunday. For my 8th bithday my dad requested the Dam Busters March. Still have the....
Hatton Garden raid.
---Quote (Originally by west country boy)--- dan is a 20 year old Rick from The Young Ones wannabe. ---End Quote--- You spelled Dick wrong WCB.
Matched betting
Looks good :p Only works for people without an existing account with the relevant bookies I think..
Suggested Team and Formation For: Swansea (home)
Same as Liverpool please. If we win, we could go up 2 places and that's more money in the transfer budget..
Memberships 2015/16
No digital programme with the international membership?? Was included this year and makes it all worth it..
Dutch Eredivisie
---Quote (Originally by NorthCurveEagle)--- Promotion/Relegation Playoffs "Semi-finals"/Second Round First Leg Results: (ED) VBV De Graafschap....
Haven't been to Penge for years....
Beirut West!.
---Quote (Originally by Martin H)--- Not sure I should stick my head above the parapet here. I think the problem is more that the posts become more....
Dig deep CPFC2010
rather than a free pint I'd like to see a big donation to: A) Palace ladies. B) Palace Disability C) Sports coaching at local primary schools.
The final Crystal Ball: Will the Eagles sing a Swan song?
Palace 2 Swindon 2 23,376.
Movie review thread(about the last film you saw)
Just watched Good Kill on iTunes US apparently it still on cinema release in the U.S. Really good film based on true facts about a U.S. Drone....

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