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Player Ratings And Reviews: vs Newcastle (away)
The Wilf Andros front two was much less effective against their tactics of more at the back. We couldn’t stretch them. Lascalles looked to have the....
Who brings home food to the office for lunch?
---Quote (Originally by PeterH)--- And arrogance. LOL. Anyone remember Alf at his finest or James. I met James just the once. Maybe at the Torquay....
Carshalton Athletic
4-2 home win over Ashford yesterday. At home to Greenwich Borough tomorrow night :p.
Catalonia Independence Referendum
---Quote (Originally by El Aguila)--- Remember the right will always unite to defeat you . ---End Quote--- I like this..
Noel Gallagher
There is an opened hornets nest there. I would go as far as wishing to see a democratic government banning public religious worship completely.....
MLB & Fantasy Baseball 2017
That would have been Cubs Yankees. Most of us (I would imagine) find the Dodgers less annoying than the Cubs. Anyway the really great news is....
Match Updates: 20th/21st/22nd October
It is amusing to hear Chilean news commentators struggle to pronounce Huddersfield and any other team they have never heard of BTW..
Things that annoy you
Companies offering premium products in their range. Especially food. What does that say about your regular products. Shit you have been selling....
Spurs (A) Sunday 5th November 12 noon Live on BT Sport 1 - sold out
They get slightly smaller crowds for some higher profile oppo fixtures where deal made about playing there means police can order them to restrict....
Steve Parish discussion
Who is he?.
Labour with 6% lead in poll
6% ahead now doesnt matter a jot when it isnt election year, does it. The same sheep will be voting Tory when they think about their houses and....
Fifa 18
I managed to pack Sakho too. Right after I bought IF Zaha for 71k.
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by cockneyrebel)--- They are commonwealth citizens so they get a vote if they are. ---End Quote--- Yet i didn't as British....
Donald Trump
---Quote (Originally by oz_da II)--- Not sure where you got that info. Have you read about The Central Park 5, his casinos in Atlantic City and....
Foods intolerance?
---Quote (Originally by mroakley9)--- And I like to think humans should respect themselves enough to not justify their eating habits based on what....
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Former Arsenal and Tottenham forward Emmanuel Adebayor calls his short stint at Crystal Palace the biggest mistake ...
The Sun
EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR has deepened the gloom at Crystal Palace... branding his move to Selhurst Park the worst decision of his career. The Togo striker spent ten seasons with Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham. Emmanuel Adebayor has called his ...

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The Sun

Mel Gibson's link to Crystal Palace as stake in South London club is ...
The Sun
Gibson's producer pal, and partner of his production company, has expressed an interest in buying a stake in Crystal Palace and has met with the club's ...
Matt Hughes: Braveheart producer Bruce Davey interested in buying ...The Times

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