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Metropolitan Police failing London?
---Quote (Originally by in-exile)--- Target moped gangs we have enough CCTV and numberplate recognition to catch cars not Paying the congestion....
Live Com and Updates: Palace U23s vs Barnsley U23s
James "General" McArthur
---Quote (Originally by RDSdaEAGLE)--- I think there's an image rights element to the Benteke thing! :) ---End Quote--- You mean he's got an....
The 51,801 Club
was in the Holmesdale with me dad and friends i was 10 at the time, dont think i saw much of the match, dad would not let me out of his site to go to....
Christian Benteke Discussion
---Quote (Originally by Mr Palace)--- It just gets worse. Horrific suits :supergrin: ---End Quote--- Not just me then, but they all look a bit....
Following palace in poor weather
---Quote (Originally by Le Trapper)--- Cliff Holton... remember him scoring from inside own half away to Watford who had Pat Jennings in goal .....
South London VfB
---Quote (Originally by Blackson)--- 4 mins footage ---End Quote--- Not a bad debut!.
Daily Palace Quiz Question
Really tough one this. I am guessing it was an International and Palace were in league 1 at the time. Gillingham were in league 1 between 2000 and....
1895 Crystal Palace FC v Aston Villa programme sold at auction
Anybody else noticed that our CF was called A.N. Guy? :supergrin: Perhaps they picked up any guy from the street to play up there; after all, it's....
Russian Spy Shenanigans in Salisbury
---Quote (Originally by dogstar721)--- I think its pretty clear that Russians are behind it. But that's not the same as saying that its the work of....
Stoke (a) Saturday 5th May
---Quote (Originally by liberal clubber)--- Steve parish is selling tickets early and thus gauging demand for himself. Is he thinking of fans who....
Living in Warlingham - any experience?
I've lived in Warlingham for 11 years and love it. I'm an Addiscombe boy by birth but knew Warlingham from the mid 80s as I played football for Noble....
Boxing Thread
---Quote (Originally by Big Fella)--- So Whyte v Browne tomorrow, or drugs cheat v drugs cheat. Wonder if Sky will have Bellew co-commentating given....
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by El Aguila)--- Let's see how this one plays out, shall we? ---End Quote--- Itíll end up being unilateral action, or maybe....
Scammed by Beckenham Tradesman? You Decide.
---Quote (Originally by A Wooden Fish On Wheels)--- Did you get them in Morrisons? ---End Quote--- Keymarkets* perhaps ? *note to the young....
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