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Horse & Greyhound Betting tips
Mullins asked for an extra 5 per day per horse. He also said he had never increased the price over the last 10 years. Considering Ryanair's fees,....
Remy injury
In the starting line up for Friday lol.
Pardew (Was) favorite to replace Allardyce as England manager
---Quote (Originally by Kai)--- Why does the manager have to be English? With next to no English managers left in the Premiership, why does the FA....
How much have you spent today?
Is this thread for tax purposes?.
Harris and Blitzer enter e-sports
Funny how clear the divide is on this thread. Gaming has been a good route to money for a while but the last ~ 5 years have been crazy. Kids....
Are there any actually funny jokes out there about all this? I've seen all the 100% win record stuff, but there has been a distinct lack of humour....
Burnley away Saturday 5th November 3pm
But 1 o'clock at the Burnley Miners Club is a sight to behold Clubber..
What age were you (and your children) when you attended your first Palace match?
---Quote (Originally by andyocpfc)--- Sounds great DE (although I'd want to be able to watch the match with my daughter ideally). Why was it....
Everton (a) Friday 30th September 8pm Live on Sky Sports
how many have we sold-anyone? Someone on here said we would sell out, but I reckon 1500 tops.
Another malaysian airlines boeing 777 crashes in Ukraine
---Quote (Originally by wavey)--- I suspect Putin knows. ---End Quote--- TBh I suspect that deep down Elgin does as well.
Brexit - the economic and social impact
A work colleague highlighted one little thing I hadn't previously been aware of today. Currently the official languages of the EU are English &....
USA TV Coverage
---Quote (Originally by jimos_uk)--- As someone who leeches a friend in the US's Verizon log in to be able to catch matches on the NBC app, I've....
Brexit spillover name calling (Autism)
20% of the posts are his. And yet he has said...nothing. :).
Betting Masters CLC 18
Bet 3 Tennis Challenger Rome Mager to beat Fucsovics 2.56 Betfair.
September Betting Masters - 154
Bet 10 Tennis Challenger Rome Mager to beat Fucsovics 2.56 Betfair.
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