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Humour: Zaha to Spurs??
---Quote (Originally by eastend eagle)--- Can't see the logic of selling Wilf at all (unless for the kind of figures we spent on Benteke), so....
Rumour: Lucas Lima
---Quote (Originally by RisZero)--- Time for some internet scouting. Video is from season before last, seems he played less last season but I dont....
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by Adlerhorst)--- It want to see Mat in a direct action campaign, just for the hilarity of it ---End Quote--- It might be....
What has happened to the BBS?
Connor and Monty last week Image: .
Discussion: Replacing Bolasie?
---Quote (Originally by aj4england)--- Too slow now really for a winger ---End Quote--- Agree but not creative enough either to play as a number....
Pardew has to go now
---Quote (Originally by switchboard)--- It is obvious something is up, the exodus of our core players must mean something. ---End Quote--- Hardly.....
Jeremy Corbyn Leadership Challenge. Split thread
from facetwat.
The best restaurant...................
---Quote (Originally by bhcp)--- Sportsman last week out of this world again. ---End Quote--- Any suggestions as to somewhere nearby to stay? ....
"Official" F1 Predictions & Gossip 2016
PP Rosberg FL Rosberg 1. Rosberg 2. Vestappen 3. Ricardio 4. Hamilton 5. Vettel.
Wilf Zaha is Pony
Wow wilf to spurs? Please say it is not so.
This is a bit rum.
---Quote (Originally by Blind_Eagle)--- Not bat an eyelid? the only time I can ever recall seeing a non-muslim wearing a Burkina it was front page....
Rumour: Loic Remy
---Quote (Originally by PHIL BARBER)--- No point pertaining to the doubters with the neg rep, insults and sarcasm.. ---End Quote--- Red leader to....
Crystal Ball: Bournemouth (H)
CPFC 2 - 1 to win. Afobe for Bournemouth (scores first) Benteke, Zaha for us. 25,001.
---Quote (Originally by anti-addick)--- Just away from the beach. They are where water exits after hitting the beach and can be seen from the shore.....
Song for Mandanda
To the Eastenders theme: Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve, Mandanda! Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve, Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve.....
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Crystal Palace v Middlesbrough 25-02-2017 15:00
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