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Rumour: Khouma Babacar
---Quote (Originally by The Drive Man)--- Benteke at 30 m plus is not worth that sort of money. Good player but not at that price! ---End Quote---....
Jeremy Corbyn announces shadow cabinet (split thread)
---Quote (Originally by cdm61)--- Chilcot is the desperation driving Blairs aires and those who voted for the Iraq slaughter and against the....
The Home Shirt Referendum
---Quote (Originally by Latvian Eagle)--- Dislike QPR, but this new company called Dry World who have made their new kits have done a pretty good....
European Union referendum thread (23 June 2016)
Image: .
Rumour: Andros Townsend
Have West Ham gazumped us with a bid yet.
Things that annoy you
My pan handle conducts immense heat..
Palace On Film Database 1968/69-1980/81
One of the biggest 'miracles' in Palace's history. Needing to win by two clear goals, being two up, seemingly chucking it down the pan letting them....
EU and the cliff edge
---Quote (Originally by delboy01)--- The leaders of the EU really do need to take a good look at their policies, direction and decisions. This rise....
Rumour: Davide Santon
---Quote (Originally by Jim Cannon)--- Can play both sides, though I think he prefers left ---End Quote--- He's a right footed left back which I....
Tory leadership election
---Quote (Originally by Mat ov CPFC)--- Not so sure. From what I understand then up until 10.30pm last night, Goves people were actively pushing for....
Rumour: Mandanda
Pretty exciting this. Seems much faster, more agile, and more acrobatic than Hennessey..
Post Brexit mortgage advice please?
My 2 year fixed rate is up in October, quite good timing for me..
Rumour: Dominic Iorfa & Kortney Hause
---Quote (Originally by Crunchie)--- I wonder if Pardew might have a pop? A Palace orgy ---End Quote--- Clearly his coaching skills taking the....
Your Personal England Disaster-ometer
---Quote (Originally by Vince Hilaire's Afro)--- We say this every time, but a radical shake up is required. Let's hope whatever ****wit makes the....
Rumour: Dwight Gayle bid - Split, split thread FFS!
---Quote (Originally by RDSdaEAGLE)--- I think Palace will be quite confident about signing another striker if they're letting Dwight Gayle go.....
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