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South Norwood high st-days gone by
Anyone know if the old white wicket is still painted on the wall in the lower playground of cypress juniors?.
Ethernet sockets.
I recently bought 30 metres of cat7 cable from Amazon for less than 13...also they have ethernet splitter box with 6 inputs for 6...cat7 is....
Are the Tories the most unpopular Newly elected UK goverment ever and will they last?
---Quote (Originally by racehorse-80s)--- I suspect this Imposing of New NHS contracts is to reduce the NHS wage bill before privatisation . ---End....
EU as it stands now in or out Poll
---Quote (Originally by willcpfc)--- Top sneering. I guess you are a socialist. ---End Quote--- Ha ha great satirical post of a stick in the mud....
Watford (h) Saturday 13th February 3pm
If empty seats belong to season ticket holders then the club cannot sell them unless the season ticket holder tells the club that they will not be....
Press Conference Live: Pre-Watford (h) Thursday 1pm
---Quote (Originally by Mr Palace)--- Fully agree. I've had a season ticket for 27/28 consecutive years and don't remember our home form being as....
Spurs (a) FA Cup Sunday 21st February 3pm
---Quote (Originally by old git)--- Which is their block? ---End Quote--- I was told by box office they were back of block 41..
Prem Survival AND Top 7 Finish Calculators (2015/16): Keep Track Of Progress Here
Palace may have been on a bad run but so have many other teams with less players missing and as a result Palace are 3 points behind 8th place and 7....
REMF Challenge Match 2016
Don't suppose you need any players for this? I'd be very interested..
Does anyone give anything up for Lent anymore?
---Quote (Originally by WLYWLYAWYPWF)--- I've given up alcohol. Day 2 and I'm struggling. I've got nothing but admiration for Jesus lasting it out....
Southern Railway bastards
Anyone know what the reasoning was behind the demolition of the waiting room at Sanderstead Station?.
2017 European Union referendum thread.
---Quote (Originally by SE25 exile)--- Have to hand it to the BBC, that is a very good account of the history of the EU and our relationship with....
CPFC Foundation Disability Power Chair Football
Fantastic work by all. Good to see some recognition too. :p PS can i have a go as well???.
Speroni - Faith in Football evening
Bloody love Jules. My fave all time player..
---Quote (Originally by Jules)--- And it wasn't, was it? Nor will it be next time, or the time after that. That's worth bearing in mind, if you're....
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