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SP on the season ahead
I thought he seemed really enthusiastic and genuinely looking forward to the near future but definitely looked tired around the 2 minute mark.
Rumour: Yohan Cabaye
I found that talk sport interview very reassuring. I wish we heard him speak more often. It calms me down after the hysteria on here. Completely....
Trialist: Daniel Agyei
---Quote (Originally by JAS78)--- yc70OIKue6c ---End Quote--- Bolaise? or Wright? can see both their games in his style..
Rumour: Dani Osvaldo..
---Quote (Originally by spt1978)--- Another reason not to sign him, players have to be willing to fight for their place and cannot expect to be....
Pictures from your childhood
---Quote (Originally by KYLIE MINEAGLE)--- I had a yellow one with a white roof. That did not have the thingy on the roof either, ---End Quote--- ....
Which parts of South London will be on the rise ?
---Quote (Originally by Malaga Eagle)--- Ok fair enough. Maple tree, don't you mean Elm Tree? ---End Quote--- I do indeed..
Zivimo Hajduk !
Typical Purgeri bastards :veryangry.
Social media when being off sick
---Quote (Originally by cpfc4evandeva)--- Thanks, very solid points. The only part I would argue with is the last sentence. I'm in a job where....
Nathaniel Clyne
Good luck to him a great pro and decent lad. Well deserved his success for club and country and taken a good route to making it to the top. ....
Cricket Thread
Just seen again Andy Bichel claim an outrageous caught and bowled at Adelaide in 02/03. Proper cheating. Good to see..
Apple Music
Only service I've used that comes close to Spotify. The playlists really are great.
Norwich away
---Quote (Originally by Nth Kent Eagle)--- Isn't the Complete Angler the designated away pub? One of the benefits of getting older is that you can....
Copa America 2015
---Quote (Originally by Duffle Coat)--- Sanchez is an outrageously good player. Ok, he didn't score from play but what a penalty! Messi would have....
Chaining up our little Lions ?
Locked up? **** that. I hope someone slits a lesser artery or decent vein and lets them slowly/painfully bleed to death..
Women's World Cup 2015
---Quote (Originally by SmokeyStover7)--- Here in America the commentators kept calling it a very controversial pen. I have no idea what they were....

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