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Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by Hpalace)--- The former Territorial Army recruit is also a bona fide magician. ‘People are often surprised when they find out....
Clattenburg quits Premier League for Saudi job
You just know the ref will come down with something now..
Crystal Ball vs Baggies
I'm in Milan for the Leicester game so here's my predictions , Palace 1 Leicester 0 Ac 1 inter 2 :p.
Things that annoy you
The timed levels in candy crush saga..
Boro team coach vandalised?
---Quote (Originally by Nigelbrag)--- Senseless morons, no different to the Millwall lot WE call scum. ---End Quote--- struggling to work out if....
MLB & Fantasy Baseball 2017
Round 2 1. Sheffield Feathers (Feath) - Joey Votto, 1B, Cin 2. Scarlett Uehara (Benzhiyi - Edwin Encarnacion, 1B, Cle 3. Stealing Home (Mr T) –....
---Quote (Originally by Maz)--- Not really. Poor Biggot is confusing voter percentages with actual numbers. Turnout for the European election was....
Southern Railway bastards
---Quote (Originally by racehorse-80s)---....
Christian Benteke discussion
---Quote (Originally by Billyd)--- Im no fan of Townsend and im a big one of Benteke..... however that is piss poor from Benteke. Imagine it was the....
The HF were truly magnificent
---Quote (Originally by SilentAssassin)--- If you so wish Les. :supergrin: Our whole point from now is uniting the fanbase and tapping into what....
Can Leicester Go Down?
Bit weird but... Image: .
Who else is resigned to relegation?
---Quote (Originally by Penstone Eagle)--- Leicester didn't let them settle. Brilliant from them. Doubt we can achieve that against Liverpool.....
Fixture Information Palace TV Games 2016/17
---Quote (Originally by CJ PLUM)--- I am really am surprised by some of the picks. Once Chelsea v Man Utd was 6th round draw was always going to....
Philip Davies MP - King of the filibusterers?
---Quote (Originally by DryRubber)--- I am pleased we can agree on this to. See hope is much nicer than hate :love: ---End Quote--- The 'hope' of....
Slow BBS?
---Quote (Originally by mroakley9)--- Is it just me who's found the glorious BBS to be a wee bit slow since Saturday? Every other site I visit....
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