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Discussion: Are we going to leave it too late again?
---Quote (Originally by Vince Hilaire's Afro)--- It never closes. *taps nose* ---End Quote--- Surely : Taps up ? :).
Things You Don't Like Admitting.
---Quote (Originally by spunky)--- That I once owned a Manchester United shirt :( ---End Quote--- Be careful. PTSD is nothing to sniff at..
and the referee for this years FA Cup Final Is..... Mark Clattenburg
Don't you dare bring logic into this..
Post a Picture Please - The Sequel
Says it all really... Image: Probably name a stand after him in time.
Horse & Greyhound Betting tips
---Quote (Originally by Mabs)--- The form of the race Dream Of Dreams ran 2nd in on debut looks very strong and the way he finished that 5f contest....
Southern Railway bastards
---Quote (Originally by keltic eagle)--- Bit silly though if they laid into him. They will be sacked and prosecuted. Reasonable force only ---End....
Question Time.
---Quote (Originally by Harry Bassett)--- Ian Duncan Smith a Palace supporter. ---End Quote--- Are we his third team after Tottenham and Villa....
Eddie Izzard abuse
---Quote (Originally by Super Mabbutt)--- I also get it. Make provocative comment. Check Derail thread topic. Check When in corner make....
Steven Caulker moved from Transfer Forum.
He is slow to react and gets the wrong side of opposition players ...not made any progress from his Spurs days. So NO.
Rumour: Asmir Begovic
Only 28 so would potentially be our number 1 for the next 4/5 years. Great keeper. Would be a fantastic signing tbf..
AFL 2016
Too many spectators, all our old blokes have been poo tonight..
Are the Tories the most unpopular Newly elected UK goverment ever and will they last?
So borrowing came down?.
Pro Evolution Soccer 16
The keepers perform better on a higher difficulty and the easier difficulty levels are really just for learning how to play. Remember that many....
Cricket Thread
---Quote (Originally by art malice)--- Oh dear. Straight outta Compton's top edge of the bat. ---End Quote--- He just survived the run out....
BBS Trolls / multi usernames / return of the previously banned ...
---Quote (Originally by danpalace07)--- this could be fun why is it? ---End Quote--- Do you read it?.
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