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  1. MEMBERSHIP QUESTION - Someone Help!
  2. How fair is this? CPFC 2010 can you help
  3. Travel Information B******* train for Wembley! 8.58am May 21st All Aboard!!
  4. Anyone a Club Wembley member?
  5. Pre Season North America Tour - Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Vancouver
  6. Pre Season Beckenham Town Friday 15 July. 7pm
  7. Pre Season Sutton - 23rd July
  8. Pubs for: Southampton
  9. Ticketless Wembley experience
  10. Pre Season Bromley - Tuesday 2nd August 7pm ALL TICKET
  11. FA Cup ticket competitions
  12. Pre Season Dulwich Hamlet 26th July
  13. Four Cup Final Tickets Found on The Train
  14. Last Minute panic - Coaches
  15. post match
  16. Monday evening
  17. Pre Season European Friendly?
  18. Pre Season Fixtures 2016
  19. Fixture Information Premier League 2016-17 fixtures
  20. Pre Season Metropolitan Police - Tue 26 July 2016
  22. Pre Season Valencia (H) Saturday 6th August 3pm
  23. Pre Season Colchester (Away) 25th July
  24. Box Office Booking Problems
  25. Pre Season AFC Wimbledon Wednesday 27th July 7pm
  26. Fixture Information Palace TV Games 2016/17
  27. Spurs (a) Saturday 20th August 3pm - sold out
  28. Pre Season Fulham (A) - 30th July
  29. Boro Away Saturday 10th September 3pm
  30. Pubs for: Middlesbrough
  31. Travel Information Coaches next season
  32. Away season tickets
  33. Concessions. how ?
  34. Europa Cup 16/17
  35. Pre Season Barnet (A) 16 July 10:30am
  36. When will season tickets arrive?
  37. Travel Information Southern Rail! The Palace Fans based in B*******,Sussex,Hampshire thread!
  38. Pre Season Chipstead v Palace 'development squad' 29 July - CANCELLED
  39. Sunderland Away Saturday 24th September 3pm
  40. Online ticket help
  41. You must bring photo ID with this ticket
  42. Home game Pubs
  43. Pre Season Farnborough (A) 8th August - 7pm
  44. Programme Vouchers
  45. 2016/17 League Cup 2nd Round - Blackpool home
  46. Southampton away to be 20...
  47. West Brom (h) Saturday 13th August 3pm - sold out
  48. Blackpool (h) Tuesday 23rd August 7:30pm EFL Cup
  49. Stoke (h) Sunday 18th September 2:15pm Live on Sky Sports
  50. Burnley away Saturday 5th November 3pm
  51. Pubs for: spurs game
  52. West ham London stadium
  53. Liverpool (h) Saturday 29th October 5:30pm Live on BT Sport - sold out
  54. League Cup 3rd round - Southampton away
  55. Bournemouth (h) Saturday 27th August 3pm
  56. Southampton (a) Wednesday 21st September 7:45pm EFL Cup
  57. Travel Information Buses replace trains Epsom/Epsom Downs/Sutton to West Croydon Sat 27th Aug
  58. Swansea (a) Saturday 26th November 3pm
  59. Everton (a) Friday 30th September 8pm Live on Sky Sports 2
  60. Box Office - season ticket buy back
  61. Pubs for: Sunderland
  62. Travel Information Boro Away - Virgin East Coast disruption til Sunday
  63. Leicester (a) Saturday 22nd October 3pm - sold out
  64. Do you know need to pay to support Palace?!
  65. Hull (A) Saturday 10th December 3pm
  66. Watford (a) Boxing Day 12:30pm Live on Sky Sports - sold out
  67. Pubs for: Everton (Watchin in Brighton)
  68. Pubs for: Everton
  69. West Ham (h) Saturday 15th October 5:30pm Live on BT Sport - sold out
  70. Pubs for: Burnley
  71. Adult reuse of concession ticket
  72. Man City (h) Saturday 19th November 3pm
  73. Over 1500 accounts used by ticket touts blocked by CPFC
  74. Upper tier restricted view seats
  75. Millwall v cpfc under 23
  76. Pubs for: Leicester
  77. Croydon accomodation
  78. Fixtures wallpaper
  79. Help getting tickets to Leicester
  80. Southampton (h) Saturday 3rd December 3pm
  81. Man Utd (h) Wednesday 14th December 8pm Live on BT Sport 1 - sold out
  82. Bundle For Man U and Swansea
  83. Pubs for: Swansea
  84. Chelsea (h) Saturday 17th December 12:30pm Live on Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports Mix
  85. Pubs for: Hull
  86. Left Luggage
  87. Match Ticket Information Man U @ Home - Aussie desperate for ticket.
  88. Travel Information Southern Rail strike called for 13th/14th December Man United game 14th December
  89. F.A. Cup 3rd round draw - Bolton (A)
  90. Arsenal (away) Sunday 1st January 4pm Live on Sky Sports - sold out
  91. Bolton (a) Saturday 7th January 3pm
  92. Match Ticket Information Reached Allocation
  93. Man Utd away (21st May)
  94. West Ham United (a) Saturday 14th January 3pm - sold out
  95. Pubs for: Arsenal
  96. Pubs for: West Ham
  97. Watching the Watford game on Bangkok.
  98. Bournemouth (a) Tuesday 31st January 7:45pm - sold out
  99. Swansea (h) Tuesday 3rd January 8pm
  100. Bournemouth coach
  101. Pubs for: Bolton
  102. When will Steve P talk next years season ticket prices?
  103. Everton (h) Saturday 21st January 3pm
  104. Stoke (away) Saturday 11th February 3pm - POTD
  105. FA Cup 4th Round Draw - Man City (H)
  106. to CPFC 2010... An idea too logical to work
  107. Ticket prices in the AW
  108. West Brom (A) Saturday 4th March 3pm
  109. Bolton (h) Tuesday 17th January 8pm
  110. Pubs for: Bournemouth
  111. Man City (h) FA Cup Saturday 28th January 3pm
  113. Pubs for Away Fans - Everton
  114. Spurs (H) Wednesday 26th April 8pm Live on Sky Sports - sold out
  115. Pubs for: West Brom
  116. Pubs in Central London showing the Bournemouth game
  117. Travel Information Travel problems on South West Trains RE:Bournemouth Away.
  118. Choosing seats 'requires flash' Online ticket help please!
  119. Sunderland (h) Saturday 4th February 3pm - sold out
  120. Travel Information Severe disruption for those using East Coast mainline tomorrow
  121. Pubs for: Stoke
  122. Watford (H) Saturday 18th March 3pm
  123. U23 v Cardiff today
  124. Middlesbrough (h) Saturday 25th February 3pm - sold out
  125. Travel Information Engineering works Saturday effecting thos traveling via West Croydon to the Boro game
  126. REMF Friday 5th May @ Lewes FC KO 19:45
  128. Match Ticket Information Chelsea and Southampton games
  129. Travel Information Liverpool & Manchester away-days
  130. Chelsea Boat trip on the Mv Royalty
  131. Chelsea (A) Saturday 1st April 3pm - sold out
  132. Southampton (A) Wednesday 5th April 7:45pm - sold out
  133. Leicester (H) Saturday 15th April 3pm - sold out
  134. Pubs for: Southampton
  135. Travel Information FREE COACH TRAVEL TO LIVERPOOL
  136. Liverpool (A) Sunday 23rd April 4:30pm Live on Sky Sports - sold out
  137. Man Utd (A) Sunday 21st May 3pm - sold out after club takes reduced allocation
  138. season ticket changing seat
  139. Arsenal (H) Monday 10th April 8pm Live on Sky Sports - sold out
  140. Pubs for: Chelsea
  142. Man City (A) Saturday 6th May 12:30pm Live on Sky Sports
  143. Pre Season Limerick vs CPFC (cancelled)
  144. Hull (H) Sunday 14th May 12 noon Live on Sky Sports - sold out
  145. Replacement bus service between Epsom Downs/Sutton and West Croydon on Easter saturda
  146. Liverpool parking
  147. Entry after kick off
  148. Pubs for: Liverpool
  149. season ticket rules
  150. Twickets
  151. Burnley (H) Saturday 29th April 5:30pm Live on BT Sport 1 - sold out
  152. Junior Season Ticket
  153. Pubs for: Man City
  154. Season tickets loyalty points
  155. Pubs for: Man Utd
  156. Pre Season Premier League Asia Trophy in Hong Kong
  157. Spurs away next season - do we give it the usual full Red & Blue Wembley treatment?
  158. Anyone travelling from East Anglia to the match on Sunday?
  159. Pre Season CANCELLED - Basingstoke Town vs CPFC XI 15th July 2017
  160. Pre Season CPFC V FC Schalke 04 - Saturday 5th August 3pm Confirmed
  161. Pre Season Dulwich Hamlet Tue 25 July
  162. Fixture Information 2017/18 fixtures
  163. Pre Season Bromley - Sat 29 July - 3pm - Club XI
  164. Pre Season Club XI Fixtures
  165. Pre Season CANCELLED - Beckenham Town Sat 29 July 12 noon
  166. Pre Season Maidstone v Palace Sat 15th July 1pm - sold out
  167. FSF - CPFC Supporters Trust
  168. Visiting from abroad - What do I need to buy 4 tickets?
  169. Fixture Information Palace TV Games 2017/18
  170. Pre Season Fixtures 2017
  171. Ajax (away)
  172. Advice on buying a season ticket
  173. I have to get tickets to Palace opener vs Huddersfield: How do i do this from US?
  174. Match Ticket Information Buying on line
  175. Pre Season Glenavon - Monday 17th July
  176. Pre Season Merstham v Palace U23 Tuesday 8th August [old 2017 thread]
  177. Season ticket proof of age
  178. Liverpool Away Saturday 19th August 3pm
  179. Newcastle Away Sat 21/10 3pm - sold out (reduced allocation)
  180. Chelsea home - 50 😮😡
  181. Divorce just before Xmas.
  182. Pre Season Metz Away - Sat 29th July 3pm (2pm BST)
  183. Man City (A) Saturday 23rd September 3pm
  184. Away Season ticket
  185. Spurs Home and Man U at Home
  186. Pre Season Farleigh Rovers V CPFC - Sat 29 July - 3pm
  187. Upgrading junior ticket to adult ticket
  188. Southampton (H) Saturday 16th September 12:30pm Live on Sky Sports
  189. Burnley (A) Sunday 10th September 1:30pm Live on Sky Sports
  190. Season Ticket Renewal
  191. Choosing seats (Requires flash)
  192. Huddersfield Town (H) Saturday 12th August 3pm - sold out
  193. EFL Cup 2nd round draw - it's Ipswich at home
  194. Ipswich Town (H) Tuesday 22nd August 7:30pm
  195. Going to my first game tomorrow- what should I know?
  196. Went to my first game today- how do I get my refund?
  197. Pubs for: Liverpool
  198. Home Game Classification A or B
  199. Swansea (H) Saturday 26th August 3pm
  200. Carabao Cup 3rd Round Draw, 04.15 (!!!!) Thursday 24th August - home to Huddersfield
  201. Watford (h) Tuesday 12th December 8pm - CATEGORY A
  202. Huddersfield Town (H) Tuesday 19th September 7:45pm
  203. Travel Information Manchester United away - boat cruise from city centre
  204. Man United away (Sat 30 Sept, 3pm) - sold out
  205. Train back from Liverpool Away
  206. Pubs for: Burnley
  207. Pubs for: Saints Home 16/9/17 12.30pm
  208. Fixture Information No Upper Holmesdale hor Huddersfield Cup Game
  209. Are our fixtures kickoffs etc. for November now confirmed?
  210. Travel Information London Overground vs. Southampton
  211. Brighton Away Tuesday 28th November 7:45pm - sold out
  212. Match Ticket Information Tottenham away (WEMBLEY) Sun 5 Nov 12 noon HOME END TICKETS
  213. Carabao Cup 4th Round Draw - Bristol City away
  214. Pubs for: Bristol City
  215. Bristol City (A) Tuesday 24th October 7:45pm
  216. Under 23 millwall game
  217. Xmas fixtures
  218. Spurs (A) Sunday 5th November 12 noon Live on BT Sport 1 - sold out
  219. Pubs for: Newcastle
  220. West Ham (Home) 28th October
  221. Travel Information Train works 18/11 Everton - no trains at Selhurst or Thornton Heath
  222. No points, no goals yet Everton category A?
  223. Season ticket auto renewal - where is it?
  224. Pubs for: Spurs (Wembley)
  225. Stoke (H) Saturday 25th November 3pm
  226. Swansea (A) Saturday 23rd December 3pm
  227. Id for spurs
  228. WBA away Saturday 2nd December 3pm
  229. Pubs for: West Brom
  230. Fixture Information Match Arrangements: Brighton & Hove Albion
  231. Leicester (A) Saturday 16th December 12:30pm Live on Sky Sports
  232. Fixture Information F A Youth Cup Third round 2017/18
  233. Fixture Information U23 Matches at the Training Ground Behind Closed Doors 2017-18
  234. Pubs for: Brighton
  235. Qpr v palace under 23s 27 11 17 at 1 pm
  236. FA Cup draw - who do you want? It's Brighton away!
  237. Brighton away FA Cup Monday 8th January 7:45pm Live on BT Sport
  238. Southampton (A) Tuesday 2nd January 7.45pm - TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE NIGHT
  239. Arsenal (H) Thursday 28th December 8pm Live on Sky Sports - sold out
  240. Moving season tickets
  241. Arsenal Away Saturday 20th Jan 2018 3pm - sold out
  242. Fixture Information FA Youth Cup Fourth Round: Newcastle (H) Fri 19th Jan 7pm
  243. Pubs for: Swansea
  244. Everton (A) Saturday 10th February 3pm
  245. Man City (H) Sunday 31st December 12 noon Live on BT Sport - sold out
  246. West Ham (A) Tuesday 30th January 7:45pm - sold out
  247. Brighton home Saturday 14th April 3pm - sold out
  248. Help box office saying its closed
  249. Pubs for: Southampton
  250. Twickets Refund