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21-06-2005, 10:59 AM
Johnny Haynes believes that there is no room for loyalty in modern football - as proved by Andy Johnson's decision to quit Crystal Palace.

Loyalty is now a thing of the past in football. Players can make a fortune from moving to a different club, so itís hard to see anyone staying in one place for any great length of time Ė unless theyíre very well paid.

I stayed at Fulham for the entire duration of my career but I donít think itís very fair to compare the two ages.

Football is a completely different game to what it was when I was playing. For instance, today agents hold a huge amount of power. When I was at Fulham, I had an agent but he only looked after my off-field activities Ė he had no say over whether I stayed or left the club.

I used to negotiate my own contracts with the chairman, although to be honest I didnít have to do much negotiating after I got put on £100-a-week. My wages didnít change from that moment on so I was quite easy as far as the chairman was concerned.

I never really had the urge to leave Fulham. I did get an offer from AC Milan in 1961 but that was at the time that the maximum-wage was being abolished, so I didnít want to go.

I never regretted not going: I know some players who are desperate to play abroad but it was never a big issue for me. I was happy at Fulham and getting good money for it so I chose to stay.

It is a pity that there is not more loyalty shown by players but you can hardly blame them for wanting to get the best deal they can.

21-06-2005, 08:00 PM
When the Maximum was enforced, Tommy Trinder the famous comedian and Chairman of Fulham FC.Had said he would pay Johnny Hayes £100 a week if he was allowed, so when it was lifted Johnny said to him, What about it then? Mr Trinder had no way of getting out of it so duly paid up!
This I read in the Jimmy Greaves auto, well worth a read.