View Full Version : SSL (https) servers - do I need one

04-01-2006, 12:04 PM
I know we have some technical wizards here on the bbs. Maybe you can help me here.

I have started a company in China and have pretty much completed my website, at least the English version. One thing the company does is help foreign students come to study in China, and it has an application form to allow them to apply online.

When I went to advertise the site through Google Adwords I found out I need a secure server (SSL) to meet their listing requirements.

After a bit of thought it sounded reasonable - people are sending pretty detailed personal information (although not including credit card details etc.) I can't afford to get delisted from Google so I have to sort this problem out urgently.

My current webhoster in China cannot provide a secure server. Does anyone have any suggestions of the best places to get one, how much to pay etc.? Cheers