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29-01-2008, 07:18 PM

I need a bit of help peeps the 1st of which is, im a new web designer and im looking a web junior position somewhere if anyone knows of any positions that may turn up could you please let me know:p

Secondly im trying to upload my site to the net and im wondering who the best hosts are? im pretty sure there is a thread somewhere but i couldnt find it think it was dodge who started it. Been using netfirms but would like to know who else there that are recomended by you guys.

Cheers peeps:p

29-01-2008, 07:55 PM
Hi mate,

I'll have a word with a few contacts and see if anyone is after a junior developer. Can you php?? If so I'll have a word with a guy who offered me a job.

I use streamline.net for most of my hosting. use to use web-mania but they were utter utter shite. Streamline give oyu good control and very good support should you f-it all up.

If you have any problems then feel free to PM me. Im more of a designer but I've been working for a drama college lately so have had to pick up on some more technical things.