View Full Version : Warnock: Experience Isn't A Factor For Run-in

11-04-2008, 06:56 PM
People say my experience will be key from now until the end of the season - but I honestly don't worry about that.

The lads know that they just have to play the best they can.

Without a shadow of a doubt this Saturday against Scunthorpe will be the hardest game of the run.

It looks easy on paper - but you have to lift yourself after a night like Stoke to get the right result.

I don't think experience is going to be terribly important - though of course it helps.

But what is important is to not put any pressure on the lads.

The young lads are looking good, so what we want them to do now is go out there and express themselves.

I didn't come out and publicly say it - but I thought the Stoke game was a must win for us if we were to stand any chance of getting into the play-offs.

And now the same goes for the Scunthorpe game this weekend.

I think we need three wins from our remaining four games to make the play-offs.

But no matter what happens, I must say that I've enjoyed every minute of this climax to the season. The remaining games are going to be great occasions - and the thing is we are getting a lot better as a team.

Now we've got the pace up front in Victor (Moses) and Scott (Sinclair) we look a lot more dangerous going forward - which is obviously a major plus.

To get where we are today and with what we've got is a great achievement.

We are eight games unbeaten - but I don't look at the situation like that.

I just look at every game as a new challenge but in saying that I think we probably have to remain unbeaten from now until the end of the season to have any chance of getting in the play-offs

I still think Wolves and Ipswich are in the box seat and it's in their hands.

The supporters have been brilliant during our previous two home games and I want more of the same against Scunthorpe this coming Saturday.

That makes Selhurst Park intimidating for our final two home games and our supporters can be our twelfth man from now until the end of the season.

I would have to sell se25 to get Henry

My son William asked me this week why I've not tried to sign Thierry Henry from Barcelona. I told him that we would probably have to sell Selhurst Park to bring him here.

But it seems Henry could be leaving Spain and many people have linked him with a move back to England.

But personally, I don't think he will be back.

I think his game is more suited to playing football abroad and I do not think he would return to this country unless he could go back to Arsenal - and I don't think they would have him back now.

I don't think he has played particularly badly over in Spain, I actually watched him the other night with William and he looked pretty good to me.

I think the problem is that people got used to seeing him perform at the level he did here and expect him to do the same thing over in Spain and that's not always possible.

He has not turned into a bad player over night - he just hasn't hit the same dizzy heights that he did in England.

And the Henry case is not the first time a player has done brilliantly over here and not produced the same sort of form when moving abroad - and it's hard to pinpoint why.

Maybe certain players are just suited to certain styles and clubs.

But believe me, if you can make it over here, then you can make it anywhere in the world.