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Glaws Eagle
16-12-2000, 01:46 PM
I think I'm correct in saying that it was on this day day in 1972 that we hammered the "mighty" Moan Utd 5-0.

I shall be having a lager on the memory today.

Steve C
16-12-2000, 06:23 PM
Unfortunatly I,m old enough to remember it!!!

Guten Tag!ex Basingstoke lad!

interested in sydney.
17-12-2000, 02:56 AM
This topic has come up before, but seeing the date , has made me feel old.Iwas a good looking 21 year old then .Course I 'm still good looking , but not...........!

Cornish Exile
17-12-2000, 03:07 AM
Cheers to Don, Paddy and Alan for the goals. Good to see some of you are as old as me. I was 20 young free and single. Oh, how times change. :cool

17-12-2000, 05:05 AM
i was fourteen years old and was dragged off to my sisters wedding, missing my first home game in two years,thankfully the marriage has lasted as long as the memory of that great result!



Barney Gumble
17-12-2000, 05:58 AM
I'll drink to that. http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/cool.gif CHEERS

Jack Regan
27-12-2000, 06:47 PM
May I be bold enough to suggest that this was the 2nd greatest result in our clubs entire history?

27-12-2000, 06:55 PM
Jack Regan - Someone will have to ask: "what was the greatest?"
I hate to disappoint all of you but I was not even born on this day in 1972!!
GREAT STUFF you old gits!! (Only joking guys!!)

Jack Regan
27-12-2000, 07:26 PM
You cheeky whippersnapper Danish!

The greatest result ever was obviously at Villa Park in April 1990.

I trust you were alive for that one otherwise I've got you down as still being in Junior School!

Kevin T
27-12-2000, 07:30 PM
I was at the greatest then, and watched the second greatest on a coach on the way to the final! Private one mind, not a supporters coach, organised by Gordon Lucking ex(?) Palace Director.