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14-12-2011, 02:03 AM
Right, that time of year again, starts on Thursday night. Any fancies?

Draw can be seen here

Taylor once again the strong favourite, has looked in good nick but has a very tough draw. To win he'll probably have to beat (after v easy first round)

Chisnall (who if hitting his doubles can push Taylor close without question)
Hamilton (blows hot and cold but unlikely to be intimidated)
Barney / Nicholson
King / Anderson
Webster / Wade / Newton

A much tougher draw than he's had for a long time, I would be amazed if he doesn't find problems in the earlier rounds and hit a decent price on the outright in running and would certainly be a layer at 2.02 rather than a backer at 2.0 but during the Grand Slam of Darts he was imperious, averaging well over 100 in each of the knockout rounds.

Anderson is one to swerve, has had personal problems recently (his brother died of a heart attack in September) and looks like he would rather be anywhere than playing darts, understandably

Wade is as inconsistent as ever and I wouldn't touch him

Lewis has been poor all year, capable of raising his game but not for me

Ones I like (one from each quarter) are as follows, my stakes (for p/l purposes) are 10 per point as that's pretty much how I bet

Nicholson, had a great year, is getting more and more comfortable against the big players, has beaten Taylor on tv before though suffered a thrashing last time they played. Preparation will be spot on

Nicholson to win 1st quarter
2pts at 16/1 with Sportingbet

2nd quarter is not the strongest, Anderson a short fav to win the 1/4 at 1.62 but I'll be looking to lay him on Betfair. Merv King worth a small interest.

King to win 2nd quarter
1pt at 10/1 with Sportingbet

5pt lay of Anderson to win the quarter on Betfair (request put in at 1.6, if not matched before his 1st round match then bet void). 3pts risked

The 3rd quarter has Lewis as a short fav who I think is certainly worth opposing. Wes Newton looks to be improving and was very impressive in the grand slam of darts qualifying until getting taken apart by Taylor.

Newton to win the 3rd quarter
2pts at 6/1 with Sportingbet

3pt lay of Lewis to win the 3rd quarter (request put in at 1.66, if not matched before his 1st round match then bet void). 2pts risked

The 4th quarter looks to be between Webster and James Wade, though Painter won at the weekend and Mark Walsh is underrated. I think this is a big chance though for Wesbter

Webster to win 3rd quarter
3pts at 4/1 with Sportingbet

2pts double on Newton and Webster to win their quarters with Sportingbet at 35.0

The two e/w fancies for the outright am picking are from the bottom half of the draw, Newton and Webster. Both struggle against Taylor but neither can play him till the final by when he may well not be there anyway.

Webster to win the Worlds
2pts e/w at 28/1 with Stan James

Newton to win the Worlds
1pt e/w at 40/1 with William Hills

Will look at 1st round matches as and when I can, will certainly be logging into the Betfair forums and reading happyhibbee's previews, usually very good and well thought out tips, I also follow him on Twitter

29-12-2011, 03:08 PM
Can't believe Farmer just hit a 180 when he was on 176 and then celebrated :o fecking idiot