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Many things but for me the most compelling is how crucial to success the role of the coach is to outcome.

The role of the coach is a specialised position requiring very special and unique skill sets in order to get the very best out of your performers.

Football seems to think that the most important factor is:

1) are you an ex pro
2) Do you need a job....and do you know a mate who has a job in football

Yes The FA run Football training courses but do they really prepare our Nations game coaches for the complexities of the role?

Football pays a premium to its coaches....but does not value the qualities that are actually required to be a succesful coach....if it did recognise the complexities of the role in order to be succesful a great deal fewer ex pros would be in the pro game.

I remember very clearly my time as a coach working for the FA on what was then a FA preliminary coaching course award....

The undergraduate teachers who attended the course had to reach exacting standards to pass and only approx 30% did pass first time.....

Several weeks later I was selected alongside 2 other coaches to deliver the course to current footballers at 4 local teams 3 league and one at the time non league....we were told ALL participants were to pass despite the quailty of their coaching over the 8 days.......!!!!!Jobs for the boys

Is it any real surprise our Nations game has not moved on....and we have wasted Millions on oversea coaches and failed to compete at any major champs (including London 2012)

What must David Brailsford et al who really know what it takes to be a great coach think of our hughly paid, hugely overrated and over hyped football coaches?

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Good post SWE :p

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See my post on the other thread, footballers can learn about being good loders, putting 100% effort in, respecting opponents and fans and reducing the crazy money they ask for

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Footballers won't learn much, the majority of them are imbeciles.