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Big Blue Eagle
10-08-2012, 10:45 AM
Now, I know that not all the spectators in the Olympic venues have been Brits supporting Team GB, (and huge respect to the Irish at the boxing yesterday) but the vast majority have, and it appears that they have given a huge lift to our athletes and their performances (well - perhaps not the Men's Hockey Team....:eek: ) Look at the roar for Mo & Jess, the performance of Gemili in the 100m or the young lad in the 800m last night. The atmosphere in the Velodrome seemed to crackle and fire out of the TV screen, and the rowers all talked about the roar from the stands at the end of their races.

But its not just been British performances being cheered, everyone has raved about the atmosphere at the Copper Box, ExCel, etc etc where we have cheered wonderful performances like the Dutch guy on the bar in the gymnastics.

At the start of the games, Jacques Rogge said that we in Britain had "invented" competitive sports and that the games could have been said to be coming home.

"In a sense, the Olympic Games are coming home tonight.
This great, sports-loving country is widely recognised as the birthplace of modern sport.
It was here that the concepts of sportsmanship and fair play were first codified into clear rules and regulations.
It was here that sport was included as an educational tool in the school curriculum"

So - do we have the best all round sports fans in the world? It certainly seems we will turn up to a tiddly winks match.

Personally, I think our passion for all things sporting has been one of the things that has made these Games (and hopefully the Paras as well) such a huge success.

10-08-2012, 10:58 AM
Honestly, I always believed there would be huge crowds for pretty much everything at the Olympics. I didn’t always think that everything would be finished, but I was always confident that the public would turn up and on the whole where there are empty seats it isn’t because people didn’t want to go but because the system wasn’t as efficient as it could have been. I also think you would be hard pushed to find another country where the supporters are so supportive of everyone.

not sure whether that makes us the best 'sports' fans, or just a group of people that love an occaision full of pomp and ceremony and a chance to queue

Budgie Byrne
10-08-2012, 11:27 AM
In general sports events in this country do attract better crowds that the majority of other countries.

You only need compare football attendances across all levels, including Internationals and European Club games. Some of the attendances in Europe's "Big" football nations are way below the levels we see here.

In addition we have huge numbers participating in sport.

All this is despite our lack of investment and facilities.

We have always had a wide cross section of participants in the Olympics, even the Winter Olympics. It is only recently due to the lottery money and more focus on what the media would call fringe sports have we seen success in so many sports.

For a smaller nation the range across sports and success is amazing.

We also know how to put on the big events. Wimbledon every year is the yard stick for tennis, Euro 96 was a big success. The Commonwealth games in Manchester, just a few. Even when the venues have not been the most up to date -Silverstone for example until recently- the fans turn up in huge numbers.

The other key thing is that we tend to support and take to our hearts sports people and teams from other nations. Ali, Borg, McEnroe, Michael Johnson and many many more

Heb 7:4
10-08-2012, 11:32 AM