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12-04-2013, 01:19 PM
Am just wondering if anyone here has ever had a job within sports trading?

I've been unemployed for a little over a year since losing my finance job in the public sector and it's been pretty hellish out there, just can't seem to get anything so saw the following role and have thought about applying but was wondering if anyone here had been involved in anything similar and whether or not I would be suitable? Also what is it like working at these types of places - the whole alpha male city trading environment isn't really me so are these places similar?

I obviously have a betfair account and know how to trade but am probably down overall although not by a huge amount. Most of my trades would be things like pre-match football trading or seeing a favourite go behind in a game and trading out when they got back into the game. Excel wise probably intermediate skills up to pivot table/vlookup level. The job advert lists sports like basketball, hockey, etc and I don't really follow those sports although would have no problem watching them and getting into them, football is obviously the sport I would know most about but have an interest in tennis and golf.

In-Play Sports Traders

The Background

Sporting Index Group (SPIN) is one of the UK’s pre-eminent sports betting businesses, incorporating the undisputed world leading sports spread betting company as well as a rapidly growing wholesale business which supplies other sportsbook operators around the world. At SPIN we currently have centres of excellence in our trading; technology; finance; customer and client services; HR; marketing; and facilities teams which make up our 200 employees.

With a relaxed, friendly and intelligent culture we have a keen eye for quality and client services.

This is an opportunity to expand the in-play trading team for the benefit of wholesale clients and core business. The immediate justification will be to enhance current sports/league coverage but the expansion of the team will allow for additional sports as well as full coverage of special events. (European Basketball, Handball, Volleyball and Ice Hockey)

The Person

Ideally we would like someone with;
Excellent attention to detail
Be a strongly motivated self-starter able to work reliably without supervision
Knowledge and use of Microsoft applications and Excel in particular.
Experience is not necessary, so this could be your opportunity to forge a career within the business industry! You will be fully trained by our excellent traders.

The role

The lifecycle of a sports event generally follows the following sequence:

Event creation > Pre-match pricing > Market Monitoring > In-play trading > Settlement > Post event analysis/database records.

This role is specifically targeted at ‘in-play trading’ and ‘market monitoring’ but encompasses all stages of the market life-cycle including quality assurance at each stage of the process.

We need someone to;
Administer a personal trading schedule to maximise availability for in-play events
Prepare trading models for in-play events and accurate entry of pricing variables using the underlying market as a basis
Accurate manipulation of trading models and monitoring of market conditions to maintain pricing pre-match for both in-play and non-live events
Accurate entry of in-play match data for in-play events
Accurate entry of settlement criteria
Have awareness of wholesale client requirements depending on sport/jurisdiction/market liquidity
Analyse and record trading performance for future reference and performance management
What we’re looking for
Passion for sports and betting
Excellent Communication skills
Ability to work a rota of shifts flexible to the business requirements.
Extra marks if you have
Knowledge of spread betting (and the relationship between spread and fixed odds trading)
Knowledge of fixed odds market and the principles involved in pricing and trading sports events