View Full Version : Newcastle game - lift offered or sought from London

29-04-2016, 02:29 AM
Yep, I've got my Newcastle ticket all sorted, but the original plan to stay up there the night before went all wrong due to other commitments.

Then the price of the train tickets became stupidly expensive.

So now I can drive up in my own car from south London and drive back, or not go, or become a passenger in someone else's car.

Therefore does anyone want a lift to Newcastle and back? I can take 2 non-smoking adults as passengers in comfort. Very early start Saturday morning and come back after the game.

I have done this with fellow Palace fans to Cardiff City away on a Boxing Day, and Blackpool away on a Bank Holiday.

Or - if you can take a (non-smoking) passenger, and bring me back to London afterwards (no hurry), then can I come with you?

If you want to get a lift with me, then I can pick you up/drop you off anywhere within reason on route between London and Newcastle.

It is very short notice so please send me a PM asap.