View Full Version : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi (again!)

Latvian Eagle
08-07-2016, 03:43 AM
I wasn't sure whether to put this in World of Football or here but as it sort of is to do with the Euros I settled for this.

Obviously two great players, people like different ones based on preference etc. Many think Messi is better, both have won a lot of titles domestically and in Europe... But with Portugal in the Euro 2016 final it got me thinking about Messi throwing his toys out of the pram having never won a title for Argentina, is that going to be his ever lasting legacy... Great club player but never quite done it on the World stage, but if Ronaldo wins the Euros will he be seen by future generations as the greater player based on International success?

I really hate and despise Portugal, but I have this really nagging feeling that somehow they are going to fluke their way to winning the whole bloody thing. :sob: