View Full Version : Players, management and chairman

11-09-2017, 05:25 PM
What do we all make of how FDB's reign has fallen apart, with respect to how different parts of the club gel together?

Two articles (BBC, Independent) report that players quickly didn't warm to Frank, with those on the fringes bypassing him and going to Steve Parish. Personally, I think that is a big problem in the long term. The chairman should not be have such an open door that players can do this. The chairman who appoints a manager after a month long process to find him, should back that manager and trust them. I appreciate Steve needs to understand how things are working on the training ground, but FDB is not supposed to be friends with the players, cracking jokes like Pardew, he's there to do a job - if players don't like his manner, then tough.

If the reports are correct, and very important to say that they very well may not be, but if they are, what do you make of senior professionals almost immediately deciding they don't like a manager and going to the chairman?

I've got no doubt Wilf will be a total pro because we know he loves Palace and right now, he's the best thing about our club. But how is he going to feel with Roy in charge, after Roy snubbed him. What happens if the players don't respect Roy and go whinging to Steve again? Parish has got to take himself out of the equation. We'd all be tempted, being Palace fans but he must let the manager take control. I also respect that if FDB made promises or agreements to Steve, but then failed to stick to them, then yes that needs answering too. But by bringing in Dougie Freedman (a very average manager at best) to take part in a reported meeting to evaluate the tough start at a Premier League club, what is that about?!?

I sure hope Sammy Lee sticks around.