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07-10-2017, 07:43 PM
Is there anyone that enjoys them?

If us fans had a referendum Brexit style, would you vote to keep them or get rid?

Just find international football has more or less had its day and have hardly any interest in it anymore. Just disrupts and ruins the momentum of the domestic game. Hear FIFA are wanting to introduce more international weekends!

Isn't it time we either went back to the old system of midweek internationals only or just abolish the whole Qualifying stages for European and World Cup Championships; just have every country at the finals in the summer with an early seeded knock out stage leading to groups once the dross have been aliminated?

Worksop Palace
07-10-2017, 07:45 PM
No. Boring as shit

07-10-2017, 07:45 PM
Generally I absolutely hate them but right now I'm loving not being in a terrible mood

07-10-2017, 07:47 PM
I'm an Ireland fan, so still enjoy it.

Can well understand why England fans want them to FO though.

Also, it's a weekend where palace are guaranteed not to lose.

That's worth raising a glass to, if nothing else.

07-10-2017, 08:07 PM
The World cup used to be a showcase for all the best players in the world and where the top national teams were better than the top club teams. Now we are treated to the world's best players knackered after a long season and where a good number of club sides are far better than the top national teams. it is no longer the tournament it once was. same goes for the euros. Make it an amateur event as quite frankly the top stars cannot be expected to perform at their best at both club and national level.

07-10-2017, 08:14 PM
Not quite correct. FIFA are looking to have fewer, but longer breaks. Instead of 4 this season / we would have 2 but a three week break between domestic games.

Better idea I think. Players can take a break, injuries can have time to recover. And as fans we can plan little holidays ourselves. Might be good if they coincide with school half terms - can perhaps take the family away for a half decent break.

Nth Kent Eagle
07-10-2017, 08:53 PM
Not a bad idea Peter.

07-10-2017, 08:59 PM
Not a bad idea Peter.

Then perhaps we can quit all this talk of taking a winter or Christmas break as well.

Scrap the league cup as well and then the likes of Mourhino and Klopp can stop fecking moaning.

07-10-2017, 09:21 PM
Hasn't the concept of internationals become somewhat diluted? The world has moved on thankfully and the idea of identifying with a country is becoming more and more something from a nationalistic bygone age.

Big Gav
07-10-2017, 09:30 PM
This one has worked well for us as gives a chance to get players fit and back from injury and the coaching team to work on tactics. If you are on a good run of results though they are a pain in the artse

jimmy the gent
07-10-2017, 09:34 PM
Hasn't the concept of internationals become somewhat diluted? The world has moved on thankfully and the idea of identifying with a country is becoming more and more something from a nationalistic bygone age.

Yeah why on earth would people identify with people of shared culture, geography language and history. Good grief.... FWIW i find international football a purer and more fun version than club football these days. The players play not for money and contracts, and most proper fans come from grass roots and small teams support. It’s an antidote to top four wankyness in a lot of ways.

07-10-2017, 09:36 PM
We need them, with the amount of managers we go through they are vital!

Big Gav
07-10-2017, 09:40 PM
There would be a lot more interest back in the national team if the fans saw passion and energy from the players. Any time I watch England its as though the players don't want to be there and watching most other countries play no matter what the size of the country they play with passion and look as though they are trying. Look at Scotland, Ireland and Wales

08-10-2017, 03:43 AM
Longer but fewer sounds a better idea, but not in September and October. Just as the season starts to get going there's a break.. and then another.

It might also allow other leagues - looking at the MLS which is now close to the end of its season, and the Aussie A-League which started this weekend - to align itself better and allow teams to keep the national team players for league matches.

08-10-2017, 03:09 PM
I dislike these international weekends immensely, mainly because it's a Palace free weekend but this one has been refreshing because I've not had my mood affected between the hours of kick off til about an hour after full time. Plus I've got a few bits done without getting sidetracked by the footy, which has been useful.

08-10-2017, 03:22 PM
I hate these breaks, but maybe my opinion would change if we had a decent England team with a couple of our players in it.

08-10-2017, 03:48 PM
The only advantage of the breaks is giving our ever injured players more time to recover, other than that I do not enjoy watching England play, even less so under Southgate as he's so dull and boring and his team reflect his personality.