View Full Version : Just when you start to almost ******* hate supporting Palace

14-10-2017, 11:14 PM
You fall back in love with them again, just like that. It was only a tiff

Can't remember being that emotional after winning a home game, ******* amazing.

& Wilf! Fvck me I love that boy as much as I love the club.

Massive shout out to Andros for a tireless, dogged display. Milibojevic for being a classy bastard in every tight situation he got in. James MacArthur for being janes macarthhr and Not forgetting Azpiliquttqa for scoring our first goal for 14 years.

Sakho assist. Posture of a pissed up giraffe but what a player.

Love 'em all.
Love all you lot as well you *****, eaglesahhhhhhh

Dr Mags
15-10-2017, 05:21 AM
And you are forgetting the fans who were not capable of deserting Palace. Where else would you get supporters turning out in numbers to sing ‘Glad all over’ after the previous run and before a game most of us thought we would lose