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le piddler
29-04-2003, 04:21 PM
There's a few of us out in Turin on the weekend of May 10th & we are thinking of taking in Juve V Perugia on the Sunday.
Does anyone know how to get tickets for it or where from???

29-04-2003, 04:28 PM
Come on Perugia! I know a little bar I get Perugia tickets in, but for Juve I expect there must be a booking line. Got any local contacts or speak any Italian? It would help! Or check their website...

The Omen
29-04-2003, 04:46 PM
Can't they win the title in that game? They must be close to doing it - I don't fancy your chances of getting a ticket. The after party will be great though.

29-04-2003, 05:30 PM
The Delle Alpi is apparently too big for Juve's support, I'm sure tickets will still be available.

29-04-2003, 06:50 PM
the delli alpi is always half empty for league games - they are even going to get rid of the atletics track and decrease the capacity

29-04-2003, 08:01 PM
Last season every time i watched a Juve game there was a dog barking like mad the whole time.