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Martin H
17-09-2000, 07:08 PM
Do us a favour and score the players for me - comments too if you have the time :-)

Crystal Palace:



2 Under
17-09-2000, 08:45 PM
I thought we played okay - probably should have won the game if we had a really decent striker. Not a bad result, though we were the better team and the game was there for the taking. Here are my ratings..

Taylor - 7. Made a couple of good early saves, and looked more comfortable with crosses.

Fan - 8. I thought he was excellent, and he often cleared up at the back as the last man.

Ruddock 7 Another solid game. Never looked troubled and distribution was quite good.

Austin - 6.5
6 for his passing, 7 for effort. His distribution was crap at times, but he often got his foot in the way, and defended quite well.

Harrison 7 Played really well for first 70 minutes, putting good tackles in, and passing it well. Last 20 lost a bit of confidence and some poor passing, but he is getting better.

Gray - 6. Not his best game. Didnt have many chances to put crosses in from left, but tracked back quite well.

Black -7 . First half superb, dropped off in the second. Quality player, although our midfield was over run at times in second half.

Mullins -6 . First half not in the game and nearly gave a goal away with a sloppy flick out of defense. Got more into it in second half, but not a good perfromance from him.

Pollock - 8 Superb. Great tackling, and simple passing. Always talking and encouraging the other players (and the fans). Should be captain.

Kitson - 6 - Not great. Held the ball up well sometimes, and did a coupleof good flicks. But missed 2 quite good chances, and his head went down too easily. Saying that i doubt he is match fit. Difficult to judge.

Morrison 5. Wasnt interested most of the time. Whinged at others if the ball was not absolutely perfect. Never bothered running into good positions to help teammates out though. Frustrating cos he did do some good things and i think he is a great player, but in my opinion was lazy today. He is not as good as he thinks he is.

McKenzie (sub for Gray) 7
Did twice the work Morrison did in 20 minutes. Ran at defenders, and put in 2 good crosses. Looked dangerous and had the ball in at the final whistle (was it cos ball had gone out of play, or final whistle - again after Forest).

There we go. Anyone agree??!!

17-09-2000, 08:48 PM
I think you're spot on 2under. Although i thought Mullins played a bit better than you thought.

Martin H
17-09-2000, 08:56 PM
2 under brilliant stuff. Thanks for that, it gives a much better idea of how we played than a generalised paper report by the professional hacks (no offence Tmjwat etc., you know I mean those of the big Sunday papers!)

With fan playing so well, we are going to miss him when he goes and plays for China.