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23-11-2003, 07:33 PM
Before i start my rant lent me write a few quotes taken from David Gill of Man Utd, and David Dein of Arsenal. They come from a meeting of the G14 clubs this week regarding compensation for clubs who send out players on international duty.

David Gill:

"Its not agreed"

"Its being sensible and reasonable.

"Very few other businesses around the world would lend their assets for free.

"We release our players for a long time over the course of a year - we have to do that.

"We have a great England team and the game in general benefits. At the same team they are getting our assets for free".

David Dein:

"We beleive Fifa make a lot of money at big tournaments like the World Cup, but who really makes the money for them? The players do - and the clubs are the ones who paytheir salaries and have to pay their insurance even when they are not with us"

"We don't want to pull the pin from the grenade, because its likely to explode. Everyone in football is making money execpt the clubs and it simply can't go on".

Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein also warned that the club may refuse to release players for next summers Euro 2004 championships.

More than anything else in football, the attitude of the so called big clubs on this subject makes me sick. Who remembers the days when it was an honour for a club to have an international at their club? Its just gone beyaond a joke now.

Take for example Gilberto Silva of Brazil and Arsenal. Won the World Cup in 2002, and Arsenal promptly snapped him up for the measley fee of around 4m. Not only do they get him on the cheap but now they want compensation of around 3500 per player per day they are away on international duty. They also want the right not to send him away for friendlies when selected for Brazil. Now if he were to be sold to say a club who have been promoted, mayebe Palace, what would be the main seeling point? I think i'd be write in saying, look, he's won the World Cup, and has ?? many international caps. What a player. He's going to cost you way over the odds purely because they say he's an international. it sounds hypercritical but i wouldn't mind betting its true.

Lets look at another one of David Deins arguements, "Everyone in football is making money except the clubs and it simply can't go on". I'm sorry but this is one of the most ridiculous things i've heard in years. I'm sorry Mr Dein but i for one have no sympathy at all for your finanicla situation. If you decide to pay the likes of Henry, Pires, Vieria, Campbell, Wiltord, tens of thousands of pounds you simply CANNOT afford, its YOUR problem Do not come cap in hand to the FA, Fifa or Uefa pleeding poverty. Can't build a new stadium because we don't have the money. Why don't we have the money? Because we play our players to much money. Ah, ok, don't lets not pay our players so much money. Can't do that. They'll simply go elswhere to earn the corn they think they are worth. Lets borrow money from the bank on the proviso we'll qualify for the Champions League for the next, lets say 10, 15, 20 years? Sounds like a story from a club who's sitting at the bottom of the table to me!

So, lets say Gilberto Silva costs Arsenal 4m in a transfer fee, and at a guess 8m over a four year contract. Hmmmm, thats 12m plus intrest over four years. Lets say Arsenal didn't buy Gilberto. Just think of the facilities you could build with that sort of money. A top quality academy maybe, with an indoor and outdoor pitch or two maybe. Let alone the revenue to pay the best coaches in the world and even bigger pool of players/ youngsters to coach. Sound like a very familiar story to me. Maybe a team who's won eight tiles in eleven years?

This really is showing what a Micky Mouse set-up the so-called second biggest club in the country is. I for one cannot wait for the day that Arsenal, and in particular David Dein fall flat on their faces.

This is a case of clubs getting way to big for their boots. Reading between the lines you could easily see this being the clearest sign yet that the money hungry clubs are moving ever closer to a European Super League. The simple fact is they simply wouldn't be able to sustain the finacial costs involved. In short Arsenal and Man Utd can't live without the likes of Palace and Bristol City.

23-11-2003, 08:56 PM
Interesting post and I agree with much that has been said (though I detest manure far more than the arse). It's all about greed for those clubs and for football in general but the impact is a money go round that benefits a tiny minority.

23-11-2003, 09:00 PM
What happens in other sports ? I know that Rugby Union has not stopped playing despite key playors being in Aus surely this gives an advanatge to the smaller clubs without as many international players. Its the same with cricket whenever there is a test the Cricket season does not stop for county teams

23-11-2003, 09:06 PM
What would be really nice is if they all choke to death on their prawn sandwiches and everyone forgets that football attracts shit loads of money and it becomes a sport again.... :(

23-11-2003, 11:34 PM
Originally posted by redandblue
What happens in other sports ? I know that Rugby Union has not stopped playing despite key playors being in Aus surely this gives an advanatge to the smaller clubs without as many international players. Its the same with cricket whenever there is a test the Cricket season does not stop for county teams

Yes and the poorer unions had leave players behind as they could not afford to prise them away from their clubs.

The IRB is now looking at a football style system where the internationals are given set timings.

In football my own prefernce would be that national teams get priority for certain number of days per season- as is happening now. It is also wise that the internationals are clubbed together more and more (2 games in a week is very sensible).

As for compensation, FIFA should look at an insurance system whereby players injured on international duty are paid. Were it to be left to individual nations then the poorer countries would not be able to afford to play their star players and that would be bad.

I would also like to see a system whereby world leagues restrict the number of games they play- in Englsih Rugby for instance it is agreed that the top players play no more than 32 games per season. This is more difficult in football but the principle is good.