View Full Version : David Mellor - Football 'not a game' shock!

01-06-2004, 06:43 AM
I was listening to 5 Live yesterday eveing as they they were discussing 'Caio Claudio' and had the good fortune to hear dear David Mellor on the phone spewing forth some pearls of wisdom. One thing he did say was on the status of football - apparently 'it isn't a game you know'! For 50 years I've been under the impression that it was but now I'm that much wiser. All those years ago down the park pretending to be for instance Harry Gregg in goal against Bolton in the cup final and being bundled into the net by Nat (Tom Walsh) Lofthouse wasn't a game after all. It was big corporate business. Thank f*ck some smart c*nt has put me straight!