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01-05-2001, 07:13 PM
Joe Kinnear 7/2 Fav
Arguably, there was nothing the former Wimbledon boss could do to
prevent Luton being relegated to Division Two and a return to his
old Wimbledon stamping ground may do Kinnear the world of good.
Certainly the calibre of manager that Jordan should be looking
for, his track record for turning base metals into gold will work
in his favour.

Bruce Rioch 4/1

Since being fired in mysterious circumstances by Wigan Athletic
with the club in the Division Two play-offs, Bruce Rioch has been
keeping a low profile, but he'll be eager to find another club to
prove his worth. However, having clashed with eccentric Latics
chairman Dave Whelan, he might not be too keen on the equally
unpredictable Jordan.

Steve Perryman 5/1

Currently helping out at Exeter City while he ponders his next
career move, the Spurs legend is definitely looking for a new job
and has plenty of managerial experience at Brentford, Watford and
more recently in the Japanese J-League. Passed over for the job at
QPR, he still should be a decent prospect for a club in trouble.

Iain Dowie 6/1

Passed over - perhaps unfairly - for the QPR job, Dowie has since
left Loftus Road to lick his wounds. Certain to be after a new
management job, the Hatfield-born forward only spent eight months
at Selhurst Park as a player, but fared well enough. Now that he's
hungry for work, he might see the Palace job as a great
opportunity rather than a living hell.

Steve Kember 8/1

The current chief scout has been put in temporary charge of
first-team affairs, but as Sheffield Wednesday's Peter Shreeves
has proved, it only takes a good run to make a caretaker into a
permanent choice. Long service as a player will count in his
favour and, if he can save them from the drop, he'll have earned
his appointment.

Alan Pardew 8/1

The current Reading boss did four years' service in the Selhurst
Park midfield in the late 80s and drifted in and out of the
backroom staff at Charlton before taking a permanent job at
Reading. With the Royals hoping for promotion to Division One via
the play-offs while Palace head the other way, much will depend
upon whether the Eagles can survive.

Gerry Francis 10/1

Crestfallen but available, the former QPR boss will be going
through a long night of the soul after his old side's relegation to
Division Two and may have come to doubt his own abilities after
successive failures. However, there's no doubt that he has the
potential to rise again and his solitary season as a player at
Selhurst Park may buy him some good will.

Paul Jewell 10/1

One for the lovers of impossible causes, Jewell earned some kudos
by keeping Bradford in the Premiership for a season and promptly
lost it by sending penniless Sheffield Wednesday spinning towards
relegation. Sure to be hungry for a new challenge, perhaps he
would not be best suited to another dogfight but at least he's

John Aldridge 12/1

His time at Tranmere earned Aldridge the requisite battling
reputation but the club's disastrous season and his resignation
will not necessarily recommend him to Jordan. However, if he wants
to break back into management, his enthusiasm and passion should
earn him a job like the one at Palace.

Roy Evans 15/1

Since falling from grace as director of football at Fulham, the
former Liverpool manager has been doing a bit of TV punditry and a
lot of sitting around waiting for phone calls. If he wants a last
shot at glory, here's an opportunity for a miraculous return, but
perhaps too much time has passed to recommend Evans to such an
ambitious club.

Stuart Pearce 20/1

With his contract up for renewal at the end of the season and his
legs not getting any springier, Pearce must be thinking about
management. Now 38, he's already been player-manager at Nottingham
Forest and is the kind of player who inspires awe among fellow
professionals. However, even if his playing career is over, he may
feel he could do better.

Gianluca Vialli 25/1

The announcement of the vacancy at Selhurst Park may have led
Vialli to delay signing on with Watford. Palace have the potential
to be a significantly bigger club than the Hornets, but the current
situation may be a bit too unstable for a manager who wants time
and space to prove his credentials. It's probably his if he wants
it, but he may prefer to take a pass.

George Graham 25/1

Surprisingly a favourite among Palace fans, as long as George
Graham remains unemployed he'll be being excitedly linked with
every job going. Palace are much too small a club for a man of his
ambitions (especially if there is any truth in rumours linking him
to Rangers) but if he is desperate to prove himself again, it's
certainly a challenge.

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Personally I do not think that Joe Kinnear is such a bad choice?! http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/smile.gif

01-05-2001, 07:17 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing him here either. He's proven at all levels.

01-05-2001, 07:28 PM
I'm virtually Steve Perryman's neighbour so he gets my vote.

01-05-2001, 07:30 PM
Originally posted by zonin2000:
I'm virtually Steve Perryman's neighbour so he gets my vote.

At least you could get a lift every week? http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/smile.gif

Worthing Eagle
01-05-2001, 07:55 PM
Originally posted by zonin2000:
I'm virtually Steve Perryman's neighbour so he gets my vote.

virtually, surely he's either your neighbour or he isnt! http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/wink.gif

01-05-2001, 08:21 PM
Originally posted by SKILLS:
I wouldn't mind seeing him here either. He's proven at all levels.

What levels are these???

Spirit level maybe.

01-05-2001, 08:53 PM
I think the choice needs to be made depending on which division we are in.

Steve Coppell (bless his heart) was at his best when he had a bare bones squad and little money to spend. Most (ok all) of his best purchases were for low fees: Ian Wright - Free, Andy Gray(first time around) - nearly free, Geoff Thomas -50k, Mark Bright - 75k. Once he was given money to spend, most of the purchases were total crap. Gabbidini 1.6m,
Paul Mortimer 500k, Zohar 1.3m and so on.

My point is that we need the type of Manager who is best suited to the task in hand.

If as a 2nd Division side, Jordan will not invest any money in the side, we need a manager who can do wonders with the players we already have.
If we are in the First Division, with money to spend, we need a Manager who will spend wisely and improve the side, so, that we can finish near the top.

I think for the 2nd, we need to look at Managers, who have gained (or nearly) promotion on a limited budget, while getting the team to play as a team and attractivily. Is this case Alan Pardews and Bruce Riochs may be the anwser.
If in the 1st, then maybe it's a George Graham, Gerry Francis or Vialli type, who would be able to attract good (expensive) players to the club, knowing that Palace will have a good shot at Premeirship football.

That's my view and I'm sticking to it!

01-05-2001, 08:58 PM
Bruce Rioch did a s**t job at Wigan. Loads of money but his team was useless.

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01-05-2001, 10:41 PM
As I have stated before,Brian Little has worked wonders at Hull.He took over the reigns at the tail end of last season (April) and the club finished in 14th place.This season has been extremely traumatic for Hull off the pitch - No money,locked out of their ground at one stage and players not being paid for weeks.Basically,the club almost went to the wall and might still be in grave danger.Despite all these traumas,Brian Little has hoisted his club into the play-off places and spent pittance on new players.
He really has done a truly remarkable job and deserves all the credit.He could just be the man for our club.

PalaceFan in Alabama
01-05-2001, 10:48 PM
Originally posted by Trolley:
As I have stated before,Brian Little has worked wonders at Hull

Trolley we need a BIG( http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/smile.gif ) MAN to deal with the Bros. Grim http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/frown.gif