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20-07-2004, 11:14 AM
A couple of days after palace had won promotion at cardiff i remeber a phil alexander qoute saying that they had a plan which was being put into action as we speak. Obviously, i expect that this plan is far more reaching than just the transfer market but can we already see what seems like definitive plan?

I think so and here is my idea of what palace have decided to do.

1. spend around 2m on a highly rated young talent from division one. evidence can be seen in the bids for cahill, ashton, kyle and now those have fallen through carrick.

2. strenghten squad, esp. defence with some cheaper buys. i think boyce, speroni and even hudson fall into this one and i also expect that we will see some more players arrive for relatively cheap.

3. attempt to loan a young star from man u etc. as we seem to be trying with richardson.

4. finally, target the foriegn leagues and try and get players with high level experience. example kiraly, torghelle, kollka (sp) and also jordans qoute about "3 champion league players".

anyone else have any views on wehter there is a specific plan or blue print which the club are following or are they just getting players they think they need when they can.

brb rule
20-07-2004, 11:30 AM
You forgot about spending 1000's on prawn sandwich boxes.

20-07-2004, 11:54 AM
sorry essential i forgot!

Jim Cannon
20-07-2004, 11:59 AM
I think they do intend to invest in new players, but have got to be sensible so if we get relegated we don't go down the administration road again - especially now with promises of points deductions etc. I personally think that our best chance of survival is to get at least one maybe two experienced pros with proven premiership experience around 29-30 years old. But theirein lies the problem - at the moment it is almost impossible for the club to atrract this type of player as whether you like it or not, to big name players Palace are just not attractive enough. So loan signings and a gamble on a few overseas players/and Div 1 players looks on the cards.

andy m
20-07-2004, 02:05 PM
I'm not sure I necessarily agree that Palace aren't attractive to big name experienced players. We're a London Premiership Club with a sought after manager. Our location alone makes us much more attractive than the likes of West Brom ad Norwich. If we wanted to bring in Kanu, Keown, Sheringham and the like, then we could. In actual fact I think Dowie is sending a clear message that actually these AREN'T the sort of players we want at Palace, and I think the idea of a plan suggested at the start of the thread is much more evident. We could have had Mhyre, instead we've got two goalkeepers virtually unknown in this country. One of them is an established international, another being touted as a future keeper for one of the best footballing nations in the world. We could, by all acounts, have had Keown, instead we've got two of the brightest defensive prospects in the Country, to play alongside, and to be coached by (don't forget Kit) the experience we already possess. We could have had a left winger with no top level experience, and little commitment to the club, instead it looks like we've got a seasoned international who's played in the Champions League for one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

If thats not planned then we're the most fortunate club in the world - and I've hurt enough in the past to know thats not true.

20-07-2004, 02:17 PM
Plan A - build a young and hungry team which will be able to stay in the Premiership, if only just this season. Use much of the money to stabalise the finances. Then kick on developing the side with second seasons Sky money.

Plan B - if we fail to stay up, having stabalised the finances, use the parachute payment to keep the young and hungry team together to have the strongest possible team in The Championship next season to maximise the chance of doing a West Brom.

20-07-2004, 03:00 PM
you say young and hungry, dont you mean young from hungary???

I think that the signings we have made are the best possible with regards to their wages. i think that in light of leeds possibly being the next sheffield wednesday, all the signings will have relatively low wages so should we go down, which i dont think we will, we will not only have potentially a strong experienced side to bounce back up, but we will also have a manageable wage bill.

20-07-2004, 03:05 PM
what with dowie being of the new generation of young managers with new ideas, the whole Jordan selling up issue, Hughes contract, cahill's agent, delayed signings could all be a part of the plan... make out the clubs in jeapardy, yet behind the scenes play like Arsenal until Norwich get hammered 6-0 on their own turf... mind gamesssssssss i tellll youuuuu