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12-06-2001, 01:24 PM
As a travel agent, I can gain access to reduced price flights and have contact numbers for accomodation only companies. Anyone interested can ring me on 01633 487507 (Ask for Clive or Suzie) or e-mail me at Tony@gemstonetravel.com

I am not sure of the dates of the trip and different people may want to stay for different lengths of time so I haven't priced anything up yet. If anyone contacts me for prices on specific dates, I will collate the information and update this thread with details

Dorking .Eagle
12-06-2001, 03:08 PM
At the moment I am fairly interested in going to see the 2 games, but am waiting to see what CPFC come up with price wise in respect of the "cheapo" trip to spain.
I reckon we'd be very lucky to be offerred anything under £250 for coach there and back (2 days and nights each way) and cheap basic accom. (about £250 is the absolute most I am looking to spend having already forked out for a week in Devon)
I base my estimate at what Palace might charge on similar trips to England away games that I have done in recent seasons with independent companies to Luxemburg, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and France.
Would be interested if anyone has had the time to do research on which "low cost" airlines fly to which Spanish airports, what their prices are which days they fly on (and current availability). All I know is Easyjet go to Barcelona, but that is way too far North! I can drive, so would not rule out flying, then driving a hired car to Marbella, as long as it is not, say more than 5 hours from an airport if a small group could be put together. Also, does Spain have motorway tolls?, cos they can add up.
I'm not totally committing to going yet, as I will only do something if firstly, the cost is right, and if so, then I will try and get the time off work.

Dorking .Eagle
12-06-2001, 07:42 PM
Progress update....
done some research -
I can get time off work (yippee!)
Flights fairly reasonable, eg Easyjet do Luton to Malaga (50km from match venue - the nearest airport)

OUTBOUND Tues 10 July dep 9am £72 (web fare)
RETURN Sun 15 July dep 01.45 am £77.50 (web fare)

(ie £149.50 for flights)

Hire Car for that duration £105 (4 door Polo with air con)
However that puts me over my wee budget of £250 before I've got any accommodation...(which would be 4 nights worth)or petrol (let alone spending money)

so however tempting it appears, I'll have to hold on (checking the CPFC website regularly) to see what price the Palace coach option costs. It might be quite an economy trip.

Also, I have seen the Marfaput Training centre website, and it suggests very strongly that any games that take place are "behind closed doors" affairs i.e. closed to the public. This could be a problem, though the message on CPFC's website does not discourage independent travelling fans....some clarity needed on that one.

12-06-2001, 08:07 PM
I would love to take in the trip to Spain, but it makes me wonder if paying that sort of money is worth it for a pre-season trip. Of course it would be nice to take in Palace abroad but I'm still not sure at this moment in time.
I've seen flights to Gibraltar on www.lastminute.com at around £180 return flying from Heathrow. Does anyone know how long it will take to travel from Malaga to Gibraltar by car??
I may just settle for the West Country trip

12-06-2001, 08:12 PM
Easy jet do car rental for about £12 per day from just out side the terminal( malaga apt).
used them last year no probs at all, all mercs class A.

Dorking .Eagle
12-06-2001, 09:18 PM
The car rental at £105 was through the easyjet website from a company called Connect car rental. Presumably not the same as Easyjet car rental then?
Despite my earlier comments, if there are 3 other Palace fans seriously interested in doing the easyjet flights as described above (ie £149.50 rtn) and would share the £105 car rental and petrol costs, plus share cheap rooms a budget hotel to keep the cost down, then get in touch with me via my personal message system (assuming it works - its never been used), and by sharing car and lodging expenses, it becomes a bit more affordable.
My maths (though a little dodgy) comes out at
Flights £149.50
Car hire £ 26.25 each
Petrol, say £15 each (guess)
Hotel (?????) £15 per person per night for 4 nights = £60
Total £250.25
(all assuming group of 4)

12-06-2001, 09:56 PM
Originally posted by Dorking .Eagle
Hotel (?????) £15 per person per night for 4 nights = £60
(all assuming group of 4)

This is July we are talking about, I'd expect about £20 at least. Will PM you shortly regarding this.

13-06-2001, 03:22 AM
Now I've got the dates (10th-17July) I'll do some research in work tomorrow. Subject to availability I can get Gibraltar flights down to about £174 and this should prove a cheaper option than Malaga and a car. Accomodation in Marbella probably won't be cheap but I don't want to be too pessimistic until I've actually priced it.

I'll post again tomorrow night

Dorking .Eagle
13-06-2001, 07:40 PM
Be interested in how a £174 flight to Gibraltar should be cheaper than £149 flight to Malaga, when Malaga is (according to the Marfaput site) the nearer airport....however all info gratefully received, thanks Mr Fatdawg!

14-06-2001, 02:20 AM
Ok here we go

FLIGHTS to malaga (AGP) which is about 30 miles or so from Marbella

O/B 10/7/01 LGW 1725 AGP 2105
I/B 17/7/01 AGP 2205 LGW 2345 PRICE £102

O/B 10/7/01 LGW 1530 AGP 1910
I/B 17/7/01 AGP 2010 LGW 2150 PRICE £111

O/B 10/7/01 LGW 0915 AGP 1310
I/B 17/7/01 AGP 1410 LGW 1545 PRICE £115

O/B 10/7/01 LGW 0800 AGP 1145
I/B 16/7/01 AGP 1245 LGW 1425 PRICE £133

CAR HIRE Collect from and return to Malaga airport

PEUGEOT 106 £86

Other vehicles available. You get what you pay for!


Playa Chica Apartments, 1 bedroom sleeping up to 4 people PRICE £489

Royal Romana Playa Bed and Breakfast 2 sharing £391, 3 sharing £535

Don Miguel 4* bed and breakfast £225 per person

The cheapest total I can see is for four people travelling as follows

Flights 4 x £102 = £408
Car £79
Playa Chica s/c £489

Total £976

Divided by 4 = £244 each

There, under £250. Phew

The flight prices are fluctuating daily as they do on charter flights, generally rising closer to departure unless there is low demand for any particular date. Flight prices and availability are therefore subject to change

As a travel agent, I should be able to get you a discount on just about anything you could get in the high street (except easyjet as they don't sell to agents) so if you find anything else, let me or Suzie know and we will check it out for you. We are open from 8.00 until 2100 but only Suzie and I are Palace fans so the other staff will not sell as cheaply. They are on commission and earn more money by bumping your price up!!! I'm the sales manager (On a salary) so I can do what I want!!!

14-06-2001, 04:15 PM
Good work.

Dorking .Eagle
14-06-2001, 05:56 PM
Great work Alex.
I am looking to be out there for as short a period as poss. rather tha a week, so will pass on the charter flights, however on the subject of flights, they keep fluctuating! If I take night flights, Easyjet can now get me there and back for £129.50 (plus tax). If the "Eagles Travel Clb" don't deliver though and I do go independently, then I will contact you for the car hire.

I have just sent the following e mail the the "Press Office" at CPFC which covers my concerns, and I will post any reply I receive. basically, it is a "when will the club announce the cheap trip" chaser.

I am extremely interested in travelling to Spain to watch the two games in Marbella. I am however on a faily tight budget, so will not be able to join the VIP trip!
Nonetheless, I will either be travelling independently, or on any "Eagles Travel Club" trip, if it within my budget. I believe that there are many other Palace fans in a similar position, as there have already been over 170 visitors to a topic on the Palace BBS (Bulletin Board) fans website entitled "For anyone wishing to travel to Spain" which shows the level of interest. I would however be grateful if someone at the club who is best placed to provide some information could help by clarifying the following points/queries :-

1) The official club website (cpfc.co.uk) states that "supporters wishing to go to the game independently on Wednesday 11th July and Saturday 14th July should know that the venue will be the state of the art Marpafut S.L. International High Performance Centre...."
I have visited the website for the venue (www.marpafut.com) and am very worried by some findings - this venue for training and games is "without any contact with the public". Also, within the rules of the training centre it states "on arrival the team leader will receive the passes for the exact number of people expected at the centre" "the centre will be completely closed to authorised personnel during the team's stay"
Firstly, can you confirm that all supporters who arrive at this training centre will be allowed in to watch the games? Also as ID passes will be needed, what arrangements would need to be made to ensure our entry? Is this training centre aware of the open invitation that has been made to fans who wish to come and watch the games and are they O.K. about our presence?

The training centre website mentions the "A7 Football Stadium" - I quote "The A7 Football Stadium is not part of the centre but may be used for holding tournaments........the cost is included in the initial package" Will the two matches actually be taking place at this venue, and if so can you advise on its location and how to get to it? (a map would be especially helpful!) Or if the matches are taking place at the training ground, assistance in finding that instead. It would also be very helpful (!) to announce kick off times (noon?,3pm?,7pm?,9pm?) or at least an indication (afternoon/evening) in the very near future.

I was very pleased to read that the club are exploring the possibility of an affordable trip to Spain. Please can you give a rough indication of
a)an approximation of the departure and return dates/times to and from Marbella (presumably from Selhurst Park, by coach)
b) an approximate idea of the anticipated cost based on your enquiries so far
c) an indication of when you anticipate this being available to be booked by supporters.

A number of fans like myself have explored the cost of flights (eg Easyjet to Malaga Wednesday to Sunday return from £129.50) car hire (from £79) and accommodation and are looking to book ASAP while the prices are low if the club is not going to offer any such trip, but an indictaion of the above would be helpful to those dithering between whether to book their own independent trip or hold on for imminent details of a club trip. Perhaps "Eagles Travel Club" could take advantage of the flight prices and make a group booking using Easyjet to Malaga? If such a club trip is not to be offerred after all, could this be announced as soon as it is known.

As a subscriber to the BBS website (a valuable pool of information between fans) I have posted a copy of the above, and I will be very happy to also post your reply, as your information can then be shared by many intersted fans in the same position as myself.

I feel it is a fantastic gsture to invite fans along to an occasion such as this, however a little more information is required very soon.
I look forward to your reply.
With grateful thanks
Yours faithfully,

(Any reply will be posted as soon as I get it folks)

17-06-2001, 07:05 PM
I too have tried to get confirmation from CPFC about access to the Spanish games. No reply yet, apart from keep watching the web site. If you have any further info please let us know. I have priced flights, car hire and accommodation as per rates indicated above but am reluctant to book until there is confirmation that we can have access to the games. The 'message' from Selhurst seems to indicate we can, eg "those fans travelling independently etc etc" and to give a list of recommended hotels. However, the Club seem either unable or very reluctant to provide confirmation of access and/or sell tickets for both matches. Would not choose Marbella in mid July without the added incentive of two Palace matches.

The Lion Tamer
17-06-2001, 07:43 PM
But what about beer money? can someone look into prices?

17-06-2001, 08:39 PM
Gibralter is about a 2/3 hour drive from Malaga on the coach. Went about 3 weeks ago.

22-06-2001, 03:17 AM
I would echo some of the prervious post's and warn any fan planning to travel to make 100% certain that they can gain access into the venue etc. Several people both inside and outside the club feel that Simon Jordan's original idea was to use the trip as a vehicle to attract potential corporate sponsors hence the cost of the exec' package. However the information got out to the general Palace public and rightly they wanted to be part of it.

My information is that the clubs travel section, managed by Dominc Riseboro has failed to make any real efforts to arrange an official trip for the supporters. This is of no surprise as we have seen in the past how our Dom' holds the Palace fans in contempt.

So be warned and make certain that if you make the trip you will get in to see the games.

I also have a prediction for the first home match, as Mr Riseboro is in charge of setting up the new smart card entry system, chaos will be the order of the day, so leave for the ground two hours early.

Dorking .Eagle
22-06-2001, 12:23 PM
I echo what you have said screamingalice.
A week on, no reply from CPFC.
To be honest, I have pretty much lost interest as the club cannot be bothered to even provide basic info.
The perfect example of this was the list of hotels that CPFC recommended - just a list of hotels and (Spanish) phone numbers. There was no info on location or address on any of them, typical prices eg budget, 3 star, 5 star etc.
As far as I can tell someone just got a guidebook on the region and copied them straight from it - they appear to have made no effort to do any research or provide useful information.
Same old Palace, taking the piss.

CPFC Cheerleader Observer
22-06-2001, 12:46 PM
Oh A*se...


22-06-2001, 08:45 PM
I managed to speak to a trustworthy source at the club today who assured me that there will be no problem for any supporters turning up for the games. They said that as a fair number of supporters were planning to attend, at this current stage the club could not afford the bad publicity if fans were prevented from getting in to see the matches. They could not tell me however what times the games started. I told my source that if fans did arrive and not be allowed in they could expect a few people to sue them in order to recover airfares and hotel cost's etc.

I think even at this stage if they turn around and tell us that fans will not be admitted, I know at least 20 people who have booked flights and they will be looking for compensation from CPFC.

Dorking .Eagle
22-06-2001, 08:52 PM
[ I know at least 20 people who have booked flights [/B]

Wow ! There is obviously bigger interest in it than I thought! Bid dodgy as to why they can't produce kick off times for a cup tournament at this late stage though.
A very "wierd set up" to quote Neil the Eagle

22-06-2001, 09:24 PM
Phew! I was just about to say "Now you tell us!!!"

Luckily - we have booked a flight for less than the prices quoted, which was nice. :D

Viva Espana!

22-06-2001, 09:44 PM
After e-mailing and going to Selhurst (have only just got back) all we could get from them was the immortal words of Manuel 'I know nutting' (Spanish accent ;)

I agree with your view that the club seem very reluctanct for us pleb supporters to go to Spain. What is the point then in them providing Spanish hotel details, albeit they are very vague, and what was the point in putting a 'thank-you' notice on the official site aimed at those supporters travelling to Spain.

These are very confused messages. It could be that they are either completely and totally incompetent or they have changed their mind. They need to get their act together, everyone in the club 'on message' and then COMMUNICATE to the fans.

We have priced our trip up but are unwilling to book until we get confirmation of venue, times and access to the games. We would not choose to go the Marbella in July without the added incentive of seeing Palace play two games.

Anyone know Jordan's email address so I can ask him direct please?

And BTW don't expect your season ticket until a few days before the first HOME game. :( :hmph:

24-06-2001, 12:51 AM
Travelling by car from Malaga airport to the San Pedro/Neuva Andalucia area can take about one & a half hours if you travel on the coast road. This is because you have to go through the centres of Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Marbella. There is however a very fast motorway which goes up in the hills and by passes all these towns. If you take the motorway it will only take about half an hour. The second half of this motorway is a toll road, and there are 2 stops, each about £1.50/£2.00.

Coming from Gib is different as a lot of the road is single lane, and it will depend on the time of day. Could take half an hour to an hour. But be warned if you are hiring a car from Gib. It could take you up to an hour, maybe more, to get over the border. The pile up can be incredible with workers & tourists flocking in or out.

Oh and by the way, beer is about £1.50 a pint. Remember San Pedro and Nueva Andalucia (where the ground is) are part of the "golden mile" so some bars and restaurants in the area can be very expensive.

Fags are about £1.60 a packet and the last time I went to Gib they were 75p and a litre bottle of Smirnoff was £4.50.

Dorking .Eagle
25-06-2001, 08:40 PM
And BTW don't expect your season ticket until a few days before the first HOME game. :

If you are right, then it is gonna be chaos -
People who bought a season ticket will get a £10 club shop voucher, whilst those who upgraded to Eagles Gold get £30 vouchers. Those people will want to buy their new shirt as soon as it is in the club shop, so will not be too happy to wait til mid August.

Also, as the season ticket doubles up as a loyalty card, people are not going to want to spend in the club shop, knowing that if they hold on a week or so, they can earn points (which adds up to future season ticket discounts)

Finally, it is imperative that the season tickets come out early, because Eagle Gold upgradres get 25% off coach travel. Many coachloads will go to Rotherham on the first day of the season, but you will need your details too save that 25%.

27-06-2001, 07:06 PM
I've tried emailing the Marpafut club directly and as yet no reply. I might go down there are have a look and make enquires if no one gets any sense out of Palace.

02-07-2001, 08:03 PM
Why is anyone remotely surprised at the breath-taking incompetence of CPFC? :rolleyes:

East-End Eagle
03-07-2001, 05:19 PM
So, anyone going? I've seen a flight for about 140, but have no idea where to stay or how much. Nto even sure about getting tim eoff work yet. Any tips/useful info?

Addo Eagle
03-07-2001, 05:43 PM
Originally posted by Monty
Phew! I was just about to say "Now you tell us!!!"

Luckily - we have booked a flight for less than the prices quoted, which was nice. :D

Viva Espana!

How much ??
Where did you get it from ? Help your fellow fan

07-07-2001, 03:56 PM
I've visited the Marpafut Centre and it's a real b*gger to find. There are no road signs, it's out in the sticks by a motorway, and you can only access it by a long dirt-track.

So for those of you who are not going with the club, and are driving yourself, your best bet is to go to the Hotel Guadalmina in San Pedro where the players are staying, and ask for directions there. It's not far from the hotel, but as I said is very difficult to find considering there are also 2 other football centres in the same area (take no notice of any orange signs saying Campo de Futbol, they are directions for one of the other grounds. Even when I found the place it took me a 5 minutes to figure out how to actually get in there. But I must say the complex is very nice and the pitches look perfect. A difficult job for the groundsmen in this climate.

Thank you and God Bless.

Pat of the Palace
07-07-2001, 04:36 PM
chocky, if you get 5 mins. perhaps you could draw a little sketch of where the ground is? :)
I might still make it for next weekend's game but I can't get the week off.:blue:

09-07-2001, 10:55 PM
I hope this helps.

Pat of the Palace
09-07-2001, 11:07 PM
thanks Chocky:)

10-07-2001, 01:48 AM
Also thanks Chocky, see U there !

12-07-2001, 03:37 PM
I'm just wondering how many fans didn't make it there because of the place's location. We saw some lads getting out of a car to go to San Pedro's home ground 10 minutes before kick off, and they turned up at the right place, just a mile away, half an hour later.

Al From Bromley
13-07-2001, 03:18 PM
It truly was in the back of beyond, but thanks to Chocky´s reconnaisance we got there in time despite the heavy traffic in Marbella. The pitch was like a billiard table and the facilities were excellent (despite the lack of a bar). There was even a rooftop upper tier complete with barbeque facilities.