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Flappy Chicken 04-07-2002 01:24 PM

CPFC Shirt Spotting
Ok folks as usual with my posts probably been done before but here goes.

I use Staffords Gym in Caterham and I keep spotting a geezer wearing the devine shirt - last spotted Wed 3rd July. Anybody want to own up to this spot?

Lets carry on in the same manner any more spots and claimants??

Let's put a 200 mile exclusion zone from Selhurst Park on this thread!!!!!!

Tony 04-07-2002 01:51 PM

My wife saw a Palace fan in the Airfield Estate Tesco's near Hornchurch about two weeks ago. Must be a pretty rare sighting. I thought I was the only Palace fan round here, surrounded as I am by squid-brained West Ham supporters and fat Arsenal fans.

as216 04-07-2002 03:04 PM

Oi, Flappy I work there and was there last night - the guy in question in the Palace shirt often spends up to four hours!! in the gym.

If you're in tonight say hello, I'm on reception.

The Omen 04-07-2002 03:19 PM

I've seen a Palace fan in Grantham, Lincolnshire - he was quite short, black, a bit tubby!

Also met a Palace fan at the Ireland v Germany game - I had my shirt on and he came over. He lives in Dublin and has never been to Selhurst!

Samo* 04-07-2002 03:22 PM


ukservechilled 04-07-2002 03:22 PM

Last night there was a very drunk bloke walking down the oxford road in Reading wearing the churchill white slash top singing 'my old man said be a brighton fan'

Oppps that was me:p

I cant help it. After listening all night to how the Royals are gona take an easy six points off the palace:rolleyes:

CK 04-07-2002 03:49 PM

Bumped into a bloke wearing the White Churchill shirt in March on the way back from Los Christianos in Tenerife.

18 months ago met a geezer in Red and Blue in the high street in Protarus, Cyprus.

6 months ago saw courier leaving our building, in Chiswell st in the city, wearing the Brazil shirt.

C'mon, one of you must be out there.

sevsxp 04-07-2002 03:57 PM

Last year I happened to be in Chicago while the MLS cup final was on between Chicago Fire and Dallas Burn, and lo and behold 2 seats behind me a fellow Palace season ticket holder from the Lower holmesdale......

also once met a fellow fan on top of the CN tower in toronto a few years ago.

The Lion Tamer 04-07-2002 04:01 PM

I often see a bloke wearing a palace shirt playing 5 a side football at Finsbury Leisure centre. Also saw a car on Tuesday with several palace stickers proudly on display parked in a road just off of Old St opposite the Ravza kebab shop.


Skin Up 04-07-2002 04:05 PM

I used to work in Reigate and on my route to work every morning I walked past a car with a couple of Palace stickers, it was always parked on Bell Street just a bit down from the Castle pub.

biggus mickus 04-07-2002 04:22 PM

I have met Palace fans in, Bombey, Moscow, Negril(JA), Kingston(JA), Spain, Haarlem, Bordeux, and South London.:D
What fine people they were, and are.

Infact, I met one last night called Barry, owns a bar in Arroya.

AJ1969 04-07-2002 04:30 PM

I've seen a couple in malaysia for some obscure reason and met a bloke in a pub in the hague, holland who had a red / blue on

TAK 04-07-2002 04:33 PM

Noosa, New South Wales is the furthest afield.

See at least one a day around Kenninton, there's also this fat bloke who rides his bike home past out office at about 5:30, huffing and puffing down Kennington Road heading to Brixton Road, could it be you?

bald-eagle 04-07-2002 06:01 PM


Originally posted by The Omen
Also met a Palace fan at the Ireland v Germany game - I had my shirt on and he came over. He lives in Dublin and has never been to Selhurst!

Don't you just hate glory hunters:D

Jimbo ? 04-07-2002 08:03 PM

Queensland -Oz is the furthest i haveseen a palace fan

Justy C 04-07-2002 09:27 PM

3 years ago I met a Palace fan in Chitwan national park in Nepal.

Strathclyde Eagle 04-07-2002 09:34 PM

Have seen some on Glasgow's Sauchiehall Street... not recently though. :(

Who Cares? 04-07-2002 10:26 PM

International Drive, Orlando about 4 weeks ago.

eaglejez 04-07-2002 10:42 PM


Originally posted by Who Cares?
International Drive, Orlando about 4 weeks ago.
that might have been me (I was there 16/5 - 30/5)

John.K 04-07-2002 10:46 PM

Any other Palace fans in Wadhurst and surrounding area except Pete Eagle!? Because I have seen a couple of Palace shirts and a primary school kid with a palace coat on? :rolleyes:

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