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RDSdaEAGLE 23-05-2009 10:04 PM

While it may not be the most tactically astute league in the world, I would argue that it is quite possibly the most entertaining. I'm a huge fan of the competition.

VfL Wolfsburg today won the Championship for the first time in their history, with the help of a fantastic forward partnership in Bosnian Edin Džeko and Brazilian Grafite. The two of them scored 54 goals between them, Grafite with 28 and Džeko with 26. Both have been ridiculously good - I could see either of them impressing in the Premiership.

The Championship wasn't decided until today, the last day of the season. Up until two weeks ago, four teams were still in with a chance of winning the title. Today, three teams still had a chance - Bayern, Stuttgart and VfL Wolfsburg.

The relegation battle was equally as close - with the bottom six divided by only five points. The escapees, Borussia Mönchengladbach, made an impressive recovery after looking relegation certs during the Christmas break, due to being rooted at the bottom of the table.

I realise Ruediger's thread is popular, but does anyone else enjoy the delights of the Bundesliga? I don't have a team as such, although I would probably choose VfB Stuttgart, as it is where I was born :D

A great website for German football (and football generally) is www.kicker.de - definitely worth a look if you're interested in what is going on in Germany :)

leicester1 23-05-2009 10:15 PM

I had a German mate who regularly used to send me the magazine Kicker,other bits and pieces and lots of VFB Stuttgart programmes.
Unfortunately we lost touch and iv'e not been paying much attention to the Bundesliga the past few years,so its about time i reawakened the interest.

GodstoneEagle 23-05-2009 10:32 PM

I have been keeping an eye this year, very close indeed.

jookbeard 23-05-2009 10:39 PM

good news that , pleased for Wolfsburg, keeping Brian Munich out, cant see Munich ever bothering the top sides in Europe for many years , how the mighty fall

Mr C 23-05-2009 10:50 PM

Wolfburg's home record this season P 17 W 16 D 1 L 0 F 51 A 13 not the worst I've ever seen

RDSdaEAGLE 23-05-2009 10:53 PM

Unfortunately for VfL Wolfsburg, their manager Felix Magath is off to Schalke - with the man Stuttgart sacked, Armin Veh, lined up to replace him.

Magath leaving could see them losing a few of their best players too.

BelfastEagle 23-05-2009 11:19 PM

Im an HSV man myself, after this season looked promising it ended up bitter sweet, always next year

kabbott 24-05-2009 09:11 AM

Werder Bremen for me. I was an assistant in Bremerhaven (about an hour's drive up the Autobahn) in 1981-1982 so I took in a few of their games.
I also went down to Frankfurt for their UEFA Cup quarter final against Spurs with a Spurs friend (sorry) who came over for a week. Hoddle got the qualifying goal. It was naughty before and after the game. We made it back to the town centre where we had to spend the night in bars (our train back was the following morning!). We found a nice little one where the locals were watching recorded highlights of the match we'd just been to. They obviously sussed out we were English but there was no hassle. We talked footy and had a few beers paid for too.

Tony 24-05-2009 08:17 PM

I don't get to see German football now, although I used to enjoy it when I had cable tv access to Sat1 several years ago.

I've always kept tabs on Fortuna Dusseldorf, partly for the name and partly because of their Cup Winners' Cup final against Barcelona in the early 80s, which they lost 4-3.

Having been a top flight regular, Fortuna fell on very hard times and found themselves down in the regional leagues, as far a division four level. They have however just regained their place in Bundesliga2 having won their final third division match in front of a sell out crowd of just over 50,000. I can hardly claim to be a fan but it's great to see them on the way back.

glayzier 24-05-2009 08:40 PM

Eintracht Frankfurt...The Eagles actually bring an Eagle onto the pitch pre-match to whip up their ultras just a little more.
The guy who conducts the fans during the game actually runs the club shop in Frankfurt before the game.
Been out to a couple of games this season, well worth a visit even though they have struggled again this year.

Roadblock 24-05-2009 08:52 PM

Used to enjoy watching German football on Sky a few years ago. And I like the stadia and atmosphere - similar to the English game. Was lucky enough to see Hertha Berlin play Galatasaray in the Champions League about 10 years ago and the atmosphere was pretty special.

What's Bayern's financial status like these days? Is it still the situation where they buy the best talent from any team who does better/finishes higher than them (like they did with Bayer Leverkusen a few years ago)?

leicester1 24-05-2009 08:55 PM

I used to have trouble trying to drum up some interest for a 4 hour or so journey to Newcastle to see Leicester play,hats off when i found out its about a 10 hour coach trip for Stuttgart fans to an away game at Hamburg.:eek:

chav_hater 24-05-2009 09:56 PM

The Bundesliga is great. Went to go and see Eintracht Frankfurt a few times when I was over there - full stadium, great fans. Puts the Premiership to shame.

RDSdaEAGLE 25-05-2009 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by Roadblock
What's Bayern's financial status like these days? Is it still the situation where they buy the best talent from any team who does better/finishes higher than them (like they did with Bayer Leverkusen a few years ago)?

Unfortunately, yes. Hamburger SV have just lost Ivica Olic, one of their top performers, to Bayern. They are also after Stuttgart's Mario Gomez, which will be utterly disappointing if he does leave.

It's a real shame that Bayern qualified for the Champions League again this season, as had they failed, their financial grip on the league might not have been so great.

hughff 25-05-2009 09:16 AM

Louis van Gaal has taken over as Bayern Munich manager, having lead AZ to the title in Holland.

At the risk of highjacking the thread, AZ's title was the first time in 28 years that a team outside the big three (Ajaz, Feyenord, PSV) didn't win the Dutch title and they did it at a canter. Only their second ever title too - almost as pleasing as Wolfsburg's first.

Latvian Eagle 26-05-2009 04:50 PM

Leverkusen for me! :o Started off well and fell away miserably in the end! :(

RDSdaEAGLE 26-05-2009 05:17 PM

Hamburger SV have now lost Martin Jol to Ajax. What a quick, unexpected move that was! http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2...erland-manager

Ribery is apparently leaving Bayern, Toni is likely to be on the move too if they sign Gomez; which according to Rafael Honigstein from The Guardian is becoming increasingly likely. Gomez was also being touted to Manchester United in December I believe.

The good news for VfL Volfsburg is that Grafite is likely to sign a new contract. The bad news is that Misimovic and Dzeko are likely to move on.

Diego has signed for Juventus for £21m pounds from Werder Bremen.

RDSdaEAGLE 29-05-2009 06:19 AM

Looks like Energie Cottbus will be playing Bundesliga II football next season, after losing the first leg of their play-off 3-0 at home to 1. FC Nürnberg.

Bojan Prasnika will probably get the boot should they go down. They've really been quite unimpressive - can't help but think Karlsruhe or Arminia Bielefeld would have put up a better fight.

Latvian Eagle 29-05-2009 07:51 AM

Good! I quite like Nurnberg.

Not quite sure what went wrong when they went down last year!

East-End Eagle 29-05-2009 07:58 AM

Was talking about this last night. I predicted that the Bundersleague might be the next big thing (It may take about 10 years or so) but they have the crowds, the stadiums and the fans. I think it would be great.

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