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Latvian Eagle 17-10-2016 06:46 AM

Italian Football Thread
Been meaning to start this thread for a couple of weeks. Was always a fan of Serie A then sort of died out on it for a bit, but recently been taking a big interest in it again. As many will know on here my Italian team has always been Inter since way back in the early 90s... Football Italia on C4 and all that.

Also taking an interest in the lower leagues, especially as on the Lega Pro (formerly Serie C) website you can view highlights from all of the 30 games over the weekend. :p Don't get me wrong the standard looks pretty shocking but worth a view, especially as I counted about 15 teams in the 3 Divisions who have played in Serie A in the years that I have followed it, including the likes of Parma.

I appreciate Italian football has a bit of a tarnished reputation but hopefully there are a few others on here who follow and fancy a bit of discussion. :lux:

Latvian Eagle 17-10-2016 06:48 AM

This is the site that shows all the Highlights. Already watched the Highlights from Venezia vs Teramo and Cremonese vs Olbia from this weekend. :moo:


palacea 17-10-2016 08:11 AM

As you say, I used to follow it in those days of ch.4 coverage. Just shows how football never stands still, and how a league can go to the undisputed best to become a releative backwater.

CedarEagle 17-10-2016 12:27 PM

With my late father being Italian I've always followed Italian football. Thanks for the link Latvian Eagle.

Latvian Eagle 17-10-2016 06:39 PM

I have watched a few Lega Pro highlights and their goals are odd. Really small nets that make the whole goal look tiny.

Some of the stadia look proper run down too. There was one I watched earlier... Something like Caserata (?) who played Reggina and the stadium was huge with about 70 people in it. :eek:

petertaylor11 17-10-2016 07:09 PM

I keep an eye on this lot for obvious reasons... http://www.laquilacalcio.com/

E-mailed them about a shirt. Never heard back.

Dorking .Eagle 17-10-2016 07:18 PM

Been to games at the obvious famous grounds of Milan, Rome and Genoa. Went to Venice and came across a fantastically tatty old ground that they played at. Sadly no game on then though. Always been meaning to combine a sightseeing trip to Pisa with a game at their ground which is literally next door to the leaning tower, but alas never got round to it yet. Maybe one day Palace might visit?!

Latvian Eagle 17-10-2016 07:21 PM

The Stadio Pierluigi Penzo in Venice looks a proper slum... Would love to go though. I quite like Venezia, they play in Black, Orange and Green.

East-End Eagle 17-10-2016 08:46 PM

Have followed Genoa ever since they knocked Liverpool out of the uefa cup in about 1990. Then the whole channel 4 thing took over. Everyone had an Italian team at school, and everyone knew all the players. There was interesting quirks, only three overseas players allowed. Milan had the Dutch trio of van basten, gullit, rikyard, inter went for the Germans of kinsman, brame, and mouller (I think cant remember the spelling). Most expensive player was lentini, who barely played. The English trio going there after the World Cup, platt, Des walker, and later on gazza of course. Happy days.

Still follow Genoa to this day. They had some tough times and dropped to serie c at one point.

Latvian Eagle 18-10-2016 04:44 AM

Was Lothar Matthews that Inter had. ;)

Always liked the Genoa kit and that was how I wanted our half and half kit to look. Didn't quite work with the royal blue that we use. The Navy looks classy.

jjeagle 18-10-2016 06:08 AM


Originally Posted by Latvian Eagle (Post 13273501)
The Stadio Pierluigi Penzo in Venice looks a proper slum... Would love to go though. I quite like Venezia, they play in Black, Orange and Green.

I went in the early 90 's vs Bari. Getting the water bus to the ground beats jumping on the old number 75 bus from Penge to S, Norwood.

Galedin Eagle 18-10-2016 12:19 PM

Thanks for the link. I've always kept an eye on Atalanta since I was in my teens and have been regularly watching Serie A on the internet these days.

I found out a few years back where my great grandfather came from and as a coincidence Atalanta appear to be the closest professional team to the small town in Lombardy where he came from.

I watched a few games on the link (there are so many ex-Serie A teams playing that low these days) and I think comparing it to a similar English level, the technique is arguably a little better, and more games are played at a slower pace with more patient, probing passing than the often hectic "blood and thunder" of the English equivalent. Obviously this is not an blanket absolute.

switchboard 18-10-2016 02:27 PM

Cheers for the highlights link, growing up as a kid I was more into Italian Football than English thanks to Football Italia, I think being different made it so much more enjoyable. I never really chose a team as such, it was the thrill just watching different football and I loved every game. My first shirt was a Ronaldo shirt from Inter followed by a Totti one before getting my first Palace kit. I remember the happiness of Championship Manager 97/98 and managing every Serie A team. Certainly my happiest times of being a football fan. Slowly though with Football Italia gone, going to a real stadium and being old enough to start going to games on my own Palace took over and the past decade or so I haven't seen much Italian football.

I loved Sampdoria's kit, Lazio's crowd, Juventus being mesmerising, the colours of the stands and the kits, the pink newspapers and the coffee. I feel sad for the next generation of football fans who grew up without it.

I took on Verona as my team to look out for after reading Tim Park's book - A season with Verona (a must read!) but I think my love affair with Italian football was with just that, Italian Football.

I'm going to have a crack at these highlights and see if the magic comes back. I am still hopeful one day of doing a season on tour around Italy taking in the games and towns.

Latvian Eagle 18-10-2016 03:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I still want to know why all the Lower Leagues have such small nets. :D I can't find anything online but they make the whole goal look really small in the highlights.

Am Phibian 18-10-2016 04:20 PM

Seria A was the best league quality wise for decades then it all went awry for some reason. Strange seeing attendances at the San Siro and Olympic Stadium in the less than 45,000 these days. Those Italians loved their football as much as us.

Latvian Eagle 18-10-2016 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by Am Phibian (Post 13274567)
Seria A was the best league quality wise for decades then it all went awry for some reason. Strange seeing attendances at the San Siro and Olympic Stadium in the less than 45,000 these days. Those Italians loved their football as much as us.

Funny you say this. I was thinking about an article I read a couple of weeks back. Apparently the FIGC are in talks to reduce Serie A to 16 teams as they feel the leagues quality has been compromised since it was expanded to 20 teams in 2004.

I think eventually they want to Streamline Serie B into 20 teams rather than 24 that it is now and then keep the three Lega Pro Divisions as 3 groups of 20.

Be interesting to see how they get on and if it ever happens. I always remember the days of the smaller League format. I am sure the article said 16 not 18.

MFBias 18-10-2016 05:27 PM

I saw Cagliari beat the Brescia last season 6 nil, although it was a Serie B match, it was a fulfilment of my youth watching Football Italia seeing all these exotic grounds with basking warm sunlight. Cagliari's stadium looks over the sea, its stunning. I felt like a nine year old at the match with excitement, then they banged six in.

Latvian Eagle 18-10-2016 08:15 PM

Thought I would try and do the fixtures and results in Italy then those who don't want to see highlights don't have to keep looking for the webpage link. going to highlight the teams in the lower leagues particularly in Lega Pro who have played in Serie A in the years since I started following Italian football. As I say it's actually quite a few.

So... This weekends up coming fixtures:

Serie A:
Sampdoria v Genoa - Big Derby to kick off the weekend! :p
AC Milan v Juventus - Two excellent games this Saturday.
Udinese v Pescara
Atalanta v Inter
Cagliari v Fiorentina
Crotone v Napoli
Empoli v Chievo
Torino v Lazio
Bologna v Sassuolo - Another local derby.
Roma v Palermo

Serie B:
Cittadella v Ascoli
Spezia v Brescia
Bari v Trapani
Benevento v Perugia
Latina v Pisa
Novara v Avellino
Salernitana v Virtus Entella - Interesting fact, well I think so anyway. Salerno was for a short period in the early 20th Century the Capital of Italy. :eek:
SPAL v Carpi
Ternana v Cesena
Verona v Pro Vercelli
Vicenza v Frosinone

Lega Pro - Group A:
Lucchese v Prato
Lupa Roma v Giana Erminio
Olbia v Alessandria
Pro Piacenza v Viterbese
Renate v Pontedera
Tuttocuoio v Cremonese
Pistoiese v Como
Racing Roma v Carrarese
Robur Siena v Piacenza
Livorno v Arezzo

Lega Pro - Group B:
Lumezzane v Forli
Sudtirol v Pordenone
Teramo v Albinoleffe
Reggiana v Maceratese
Santarcangelo v Padova
Ancona v Gubbio
Bassano Virtus v Sambenedettese
FeralpiSalo v Fano
Modena v Venezia
Parma v Mantova

Lega Pro - Group C:
Akragas v Taranto
Catania v Lecce
Catanzaro v Melfi
Fondi v Siracusa
Virtus Francavilla v Vibonese
Messina v Casertana
Paganese v Juve Stabia
Reggina v Matera
Fidelis Andria v Cosenza
Foggia v Monopoli

16 clubs in the third tier who have been in Serie A in the last 23-24 years.

switchboard 21-10-2016 01:10 PM


Latvian Eagle 21-10-2016 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by switchboard (Post 13278330)

As a fan of Inter I actually agree with him in a sense. Trouble is economically Italy is so weak that there probably isn't anyone willing to invest.

I liked Massimo Moratti as the President but apparently the guy put 1.5bn of his own fortune into the club. Eventually it paid off, but I guess there is only so much you can do after that. He won the treble in 2010 and then the World Club Championship after that. Nothing else to win.

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