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Old 31-10-2017, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Levski View Post
I vaguely remember listening to that game on the radio. Wasn't that the opening game of the season, when refs were told to religiously keep adding minutes on for almost any stoppage, e.g. a goal is one extra minute, a direct free kick is another minute, or something like that?

I remember the commentators being bemused and said it was like when a rule is slightly changed before say a World Cup when refs have been told to 'clamp down' on diving or somesuch, which is then heavily policed in the first couple of games then quietly dropped. That seemed to be what happened here.

Did it really involve a 2nd party timekeeper? I can't remember.

Gotta admit I quite like the randomness/drama/outrage of added time. It is kind of wrong, but is one of those quite interesting, old-skool and illogical features of football. Obviously being on the wrong end of dodgy timekeeping is horrible, but I quite like the unvarnished element of it.

If it was up to me I'd get rid of goalline technology, third and fourth officials, the works. As for TV replays, not for me. No way.

Too much in this world is 'objectively' measured and I like the analogue / judgment element.

Unless it goes against Palace, in which case the ref is corrupt, of course.
That just sounds like the the idea was poorly excuted, it needs a time keeper and shortening the game to a reduced lenght, rather than arbitrarily adding minutes for incidents.

It would improve the quality of football. The ball will be in play and teams will have to keep the ball rather than waste time.
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