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100% Palace
28-07-2006, 07:39 PM
What are your views on Carl Fletcher.

Seems to be a lot of good write ups about him on KUMB, have we got a steal?

Gav The Hamster
03-08-2006, 12:10 PM
just seen this.

To be honest, i quite liked him. He's never going to set the Premiership alight but at the same time from the games i saw which wasnt many as he didnt play that often, he gave everything and didnt look out of place in the team.

Yes he has shortcomings, but he's strong in the tackle, has a good shot on him (see goal against Spuds last game of season) and generally does the midfield enforcer role very well.

For 400k i think you have a snip as i thought he was great back up for Mullins and Reo Coker in the middle. I can only assume that we have someone lined up or otherwise if we have a couple of injuries the depth is no longer there.

Good luck to him, i think he will do well for you.