View Full Version : Ireland World Cup Tickets

16-04-2002, 12:40 AM
A while ago,whilst a little bit drunk,I purchased via the internet
a ticket for each of Irelands group games in the forthcoming World Cup.
I had a romantic idea that i could book an early flight and sort cheap accomodation and basically watch world class football on the other side of the planet and enjoy the craic.Circumstance has now overtaken this drunken daydream and having shelled out 150 I will soon be the owner of three tickets that I cannot possibly use.The application proccess means the tickets are apparently not transferrable so what do i do
1] keep them as a memento and maybe sell them on at a later date
as some auction sites do a roaring trade in unused tickets and stubs etc.
2]try and sell them now and risk a loony being nicked whilst using a ticket with my name and passport number on it
3]Swear never to use the net whilst drunk,happy and in possession of a healthy credit card again.

your helpful suggestions are most welcome.

16-04-2002, 11:26 PM
I would suggest selling them to someone very very sensible. Like me - pm me to arrange a meet in Purley so you can see how sensible I am