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15-05-2002, 04:53 PM
The full schedule for TV coverage of the 2002 World Cup has been unveiled; Digital Spy has the details.

Friday 31 May
12:30 - France vs. Senegal (ITV)

Saturday 1 June
07:30 - Ireland vs. Cameroon (BBC)
10:00 - Uruguay vs. Denmark (ITV)
12:30 - Germany vs. Saudi Arabia (BBC)

Sunday 2 June
06:30 - Argentina vs. Nigeria (BBC)
08:30 - Paraguay vs. South Africa (ITV)
10:30 - England vs. Sweden (ITV)
12:30 - Spain vs. Solvenia (BBC)

Monday 3 June
07:30 - Croatia vs. Mexico (BBC)
10:00 - Brazil vs. Turkey (BBC)
12:30 - Italy vs. Ecuador (ITV)

Tuesday 4 June
07:30 - China vs. Costa Rica (BBC)
10:00 - Japan vs. Belgium (ITV)
12:30 - South Korea vs. Poland (BBC)

Wednesday 5 June
07:30 - Russia vs. Tunisia (ITV)
10:00 - USA vs. Portugal (BBC)
12:30 - Germany vs. Ireland (ITV)

Thursday 6 June
07:30 - Denmark vs. Senegal (BBC)
10:00 - Cameroon vs. Saudi Arabia (ITV)
12:30 - France vs. Uruguay (BBC)

Friday 7 June
07:30 - Sweden vs. Nigeria (ITV)
10:00 - Spain vs. Paraguay (ITV)
12:30 - Argentina vs. England (BBC)

Saturday 8 June
07:30 - South Africa vs. Slovenia (ITV)
10:00 - Italy vs. Croatia (BBC)
12:30 - Brazil vs. China (ITV)

Sunday 9 June
07:30 - Mexico vs. Ecuador (BBC)
10:00 - Costa Rica vs. Turkey (ITV)
12:30 - Japan vs. Russia (BBC)

Monday 10 June
07:30 - South Korea vs. USA (ITV)
10:00 - Tunisia vs. Belgium (BBC)
12:30 - Portugal vs. Poland (BBC)

Tuesday 11 June
07:30 - Denmark vs. France/Senegal vs. Uruguay (ITV)
12:30 - Saudi Arabia vs. Ireland/Cameroon vs. Germany (ITV)

Wednesday 12 June
07:30 - Nigeria vs. England/Sweden vs. Argentina (BBC)
12:30 - South Africa vs. Spain/Slovenia vs. Paraguay (ITV)

Thursday 13 June
07:30 - Costa Rica vs. Brazil/Turkey vs. China (BBC)
12:30 - Mexico vs. Italy/Ecuador vs. Croatia (BBC)

Friday 14 June
07:30 - Tunisia vs. Japan/Belgium vs. Russia (BBC)
12:30 - Portugal vs. South Korea/Poland vs. USA (ITV)

Saturday 15 June - Sunday 30 June
If England or the Republic of Ireland progress to the Round of 16 knockout stage of the tournament, both broadcasters will screen each of their matches live, with the BBC having first choice of the remaining games. If they do not, live coverage of the eight matches in this stage will be split, with the BBC retaining first choice of game.

In the quarter finals of the tournament, with eight teams remaining, the pattern of live coverage is reversed with ITV having first choice of match outside of shared live coverage if England or the Republic of Ireland qualify. If England and/or the Republic of Ireland qualify for the semi-finals, both broadcasters would screen both matches live. If neither team qualifies, a toss of a coin would decide which broadcaster has first choice of semi-finals, which would be broadcast live.

At Round of 16, quarter-final and semi-final stages, in addition to screening live coverage of any England and/or the Republic of Ireland games, ITV would have first-repeat, same-day transmission of those matches. Both broadcasters may show extensive highlights of World Cup fixtures on a daily basis.

ITV and the BBC will screen the World Cup Final live on Sunday 30 June.