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Polish Prancer
29-05-2002, 09:51 AM
I am 90percent certain I wish to sell a Ticket for England v Argentina and England v Nigeria to a member of this site.It is with a heavy heart that I offer these as i really really want to go,but it is looking very likely looking at recent press coverage that I will be refused entry to Japan.Thus these tickets offer the chance for someone to go to THE game of the world cup first stage.I have spent money on Internal flights in Japan from Tokyo to Sapporo and then to Osaka starting 6th June I can look at getting the name on these changed if possible.
I need to recoup money I have spent getting this far so best offer will be accepted.I hope that the moderators do not delete this post as some form of ticket touting but leave it on as i am desperate and the Interest of the game,It could go unsold otherwise.
N.b You will be able to collect and pay for the tickets in the U.K. Please p.m if interested.

29-05-2002, 02:24 PM
Bad luck PP, why don't you think they'll let you in?