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Skin Up
02-06-2002, 02:57 AM
OK so i've spent Saturday night watching BBC2 i'm a sad b@stard tell me something I don't know.

However this programe tonight showing our glory in 1966 and our decline untill 1986 was class, I noticed a few things that I never knew.

In the build up to Mexico 1970 they showed for half a second England fans walking to the ground. Now I am certain one of the English fans was wearing a 1970s Steve Kember style Palace shirt. I know replica shirts didn't come into fashion untill the late 80s but I am positive that is what I saw. Was it you?

During the 1982 world cup it showed England fans again outside the ground. There was a fella dressed in a Lion costume with a bit of paper taped to his/her back the bit of paper clearly said Crystal Palace I didn't have time to read the rest as it was only on screen for half a second. Was it you?

During the 1986 World Cup it showed a Union Jack in the stadium with the words CROYDON CHELSEA writen on it:veryangry :veryangry :veryangry

If you know who was responsible kill them now......and thats an order.

Great show lots of unknown stuff in it, the NF lads booing Barnes after he had scored that wonder goal against Brazil in 84......well out of order
:veryangry :veryangry

The Spainish blaming us for the Falklands in the 82 world cup:grrr:

Very educational for the younger England fan.

Granada allover
02-06-2002, 03:49 AM
That was a Kember 1970 Palace shirt all right. We'd just stayed up in the First Division (thanks to SK and that
God in green, John Jackson) so of course whoever it was was giving it large in Mex.

Yes, and it looked like 'Save Crystal Palace' on that 1982 clip. Was it that bad even then - or can we take cold comfort from the fact that some things never change?

The Croydon-Chelsea thing? Drumming up support for a new tram service, perhaps?