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glaziers fan
23-05-2017, 07:59 AM
I'm sure I will leave some out by accident, but let's kick this off:

Mandanda 5 There were mistakes and he didn't live up to the hype. Then injury, and rumours about being unsettled. Not a huge miss if he goes back to Marseilles

Henessey 5.5 The odd decent performance punctuated by errors, most of which have gone unpunished. Improved after losing a stone. Will be lucky to start as No1 next season

Fryers 4 Completely out of his depth

Schlupp 7 Has defended solidly (decent in the tackle) and used his pace to good effect, breaking forward with serious pace. Still raw, but an excellent addition to the squad, and with such incredible power and pace he is fairly versatile.

Van Aanholt 6.5 Crucial goal at home to Boro. He is a solid pro, highly rated by Allardyce. I don't think we've seen the best of him in an attacking sense, but he has defended reasonably well.

Delaney 5 Winding down now

Dann 7 I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Whilst some of the performances were not anywhere near the 8/10 we've seen in seasons gone by, he still scored some goals. The one away to Bournemouth turned our season around, hence the higher score than most will give him. Would like him to get fit, stay fit and then it'll be interesting to see how he can do under Big Sam. Because I feel he is suited to our new style of play (he was excellent under Pulis).

Tomkins 7 Showed terrific form under Big Sam. A quality player who is beginning to settle in after a rocky start.

Sakho 8 Oozes class. He also can be credited for an unbelievable contribution to our survival.

Kelly 6 A solid pro, he was decent in some games at centre back, but lacks the mobility, physical strength and aerial ability to be anything other than a squad player.

Ward 7 I'm not a fan of him as going forward he lacks composure, pace and is weak at crossing. He's also not the perfect defender. But credit where it is due, he is professional, always gives it 100% and is definitely up to Premiership level. He's had a fairly good season actually. Hopefully will remain a valuable member of the squad.

Ledley 4 He's finished at this level I'm afraid. Hopefully released

Flamini 5 Legs have gone I'm afraid. Hopefully released

Puncheon 5.5 Gets a bonus for doing well as captain, but the performances have led a lot to be desired. Still gives the ball away too much, doesn't contribute enough defensively, slows the play down and the goals have dried up. That said he has Palace in his heart, and decent technical ability so i think he still has a part to play from the subs bench.

McArthur 6 His score boosted by the goals earlier in the season, he doesn't look the same player, and his score for 2017 would be a 5 at best. He simply doesn't have the quality required to be anything more than a squad player going forward.

Milivojevic 7 Has had a big influence on the team, he can break up play, but he's more than that. He's a very clever midfielder, reads the game well, and can pass pretty well for a defensive mid. His penalties have been fantastic, and his free-kicks pretty good too. I wonder if he could take the corners? I think we haven't seen the best of him; he understandably tired towards the end of the season - he will come on for a rest and a pre-season.

Cabaye 7 Has been crucial recently. Luka has helped him play his natural game. Sadly, I think he will be sold, but would be really happy for him to sign a new contract here as although he can only last 65 mins he oozes class, is technically superb and can press/tackle.

Townsend 7 A poor start, but has done well under Big Sam. Full of energy and running, I don't think we've seen the best of him yet either. I think once he has settled he could score 10 and assist 10 on a regular basis. Has the end product.

Sako 5 Limited opportunities, but I think Big Sam likes him and that he will stay for another season. Not sure he has the mobility to make it in this league, but happy for him to be a squad player if only for us to see his rocket of a shot again.

Wickham 6 Played ok at the start of the season, and was looking sharper than ever just before his bad injury. Hope he is back soon, he'd be great cover.

Benteke 7.5 Terrific start, 15 goals and numerous others that have come back off the woodwork. And all this despite poor deliveries into the box, and being isolated for huge chunks of matches. He is technically excellent for such a big guy, and the best in the air in the Premiership. What a player. Can't wait to see him with a strike partner or Zaha slightly closer

Zaha 8.5 Our Player of the Year was absolutely superb yet again. Incredible workrate, skill and now goals and assists. He improves every season. Love him on the left - most of his goals have come from this side. If we can keep him I think he could be devastating closer to Benteke if we don't sign another first XI striker. We need to get the fouls in and around the penalty area not 30 yards further back, but big credit to Big Sam for playing him higher up, closer to Benteke on occasion and leaving him up when defending corners. The scary thing is he might do even better next season!

Big Sam 8 Signings were superb, style of play totally suited to this group. Could be one of our greatest ever managers if he harnesses the talent in the group and is allowed to add to it. One good window and Top 8 is what we should be aiming for.

23-05-2017, 12:32 PM
You forgot after Sam:
Pardew 0:bash::bash:

23-05-2017, 12:47 PM
I think you're pretty spot on except I'd give Luka an 8 for the way that he has changed the balance of the team and made others around him better.

Elephant with mouse gyp
23-05-2017, 01:29 PM
Glad you gave Ward a cheer. I've been a bit harsh on him over the years, but to play in every league game is an achievement in itself.

WH 5, SM 5

PVA 6, JS 6, PS 5
JT 5, MK 5, SD 4, DD 5, MS 9
JW 6

AT 6
JP 8, YC 7, JM 6, JL 5, LM 8
WZ 9

CB 7

23-05-2017, 02:36 PM
Agree with most of what gf said bit harsh giving puncheon 5 .5 and sako 5 ok punch was not the player of 2 years ago he never scored a goal but he was fit all season never hid on pitch even when struggling for form contributed some assist and as captain seem to get the squad more together.to give sako half a point less for realy doing not much more then mutch is not right maybe punch 6. Sako 4

The Vicar
23-05-2017, 03:28 PM
Too high for Dann, too low for Luka and Punch.

23-05-2017, 03:37 PM
You can't give Cabaye the same rating as Dann,Ward and Townsend.That's just barmy.He's easily an 8.5 on that scale.