View Full Version : Steve Sidwell

15-01-2003, 07:51 PM
According to the BBC website, Reading have agreed a deal with Arsenal for Steve Sidwell. The initial fee is just 75,000, with additional amounts linked to appearances and promotion. Am I the only one on these boards who thinks that we should be trying to sign him ?. He looked the part in Division 2 last year with Brentford (on loan), and has apparently been very impressive in the first division on loan at Brighton this season. Also,at 20 years old he's only going to get better. Specifically,I believe he would make a good replacement for Mullins if Hayden were to go. Obviously, I hope Mullins stays, but if he does go (esp for as little as around 1m as seems possible), it will be for financial reasons. In this scenario, any replacement will have to be a "bargain basement" signing, and I think Sidwell is a better bet than any other realistic option.

Better still would be if Mullins stayed, and Sidwell was signed to strengthen the squad. While he wouldn't be an utomatic choice if Hayden stays, i think that he would still add a lot to the squad overall, and at a price we can surely afford even in this climate.

What do people think on this one ?