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28-11-2000, 02:13 PM
I'd like to wish Terry Venables the very best of luck when he becomes the boss at Middlesboro. He has been out of the front line of football for far too long now since his misunderstood spell at Selhurst Park, and that is too long for a man of his genius.

I've just heard that Simon Paterson has booked his first class flight ticket to the North East...

28-11-2000, 02:23 PM
Yes, Terry you old tinker, good luck, enjoy the picturesque ICI factory and it's lovely emissions !

You'll be most welcome when you bring your lovely team down to Selhurst next year !

28-11-2000, 02:33 PM
May you drown in molten Gold.

Snorwood Eagle
28-11-2000, 02:44 PM
Yeah, Best Wishes Terry. I'm sure you'll take Middlesborough to places thier players and fans never dreamed they would see.....guess we'll be seeing all of you down at Selhurst next season then (to play Wimbledon, obviously.) http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/rolleyes.gif

John C
28-11-2000, 02:56 PM
Tel, you did so much for our club, I just don't know how we could repay you. You are now going to a world class team with a world class Manager who wants to move upstairs.

Apart from buying really good players you also were superb at leaving younf talent to fend for themselves...great work.

28-11-2000, 03:04 PM
Surely Middlesbrough must have learnt their lesson last time they almost went bankrupt?

I wonder how much the fat crook's going to fleece them for?

28-11-2000, 03:13 PM
OI, VEGTABLE,I've got a little bit of advise for you, the first player you've got to get rid of is ropey left back Gordon,I'll tell you what we'll take him off your hands for £100,000.Deal done.

28-11-2000, 03:19 PM
At least Craig Foster's assured of a job!

I wonder if he'll take Fenwick and his bag of sweets with him as well?

28-11-2000, 03:24 PM
Is Boro a bit too far north for Bradbury.

Clapham Grand
28-11-2000, 03:25 PM
If he's got any sense he won't touch that job with a bargepole!

28-11-2000, 03:38 PM
Do you really think thats he in it for the 'esteem'?


Chris K
28-11-2000, 03:39 PM
Chocky said:
I'd like to wish Terry Venables the very best of luck when he becomes the boss at Middlesboro.

I wouldn't.

28-11-2000, 03:41 PM
He's fat, he's round, here comes (yet another) million pounds.

28-11-2000, 03:51 PM
my UK geography is limited, but I believe Middlesbrough to be very 'up north'. It's not gonna do his tan any good is it.....

29-11-2000, 04:03 AM
Captain Marvel and Reggie Kray...

They deserve each other...

Celestial Empire
29-11-2000, 08:45 PM
I wrote to the Middlesbrough site telling them in a jocular way what they could expect from the chirpy cockney. They censored it.
They're lusting for the man - it's a minor tragedy (don't know who for yet).

29-11-2000, 08:53 PM
Boro are in the Northeast. That's far away.
Venables? Who cares?

29-11-2000, 09:53 PM
Sorry, but Boro deserve all that's coming to them. How they didn't sack Robson at least three years ago is beyond me, mates with the chairman or not.

He has spent £70m on players and their team is UTTER GARBAGE.

The only consolation is that Venables is sure to bugger things up even more with his "unique" style of non-management.

29-11-2000, 10:31 PM
I hope so Gaffer, I really do.

The way they have struggled and yo-yo'd with all the money Robson has spent is nothing short of criminal.

And how Vegetables has the gall to say "I'll think about it and get back to you in a few days" when there is anyone in football still mug enough to be interested in giving the ******* lazy **** a job, with his track record, is beyond me.

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29-11-2000, 10:52 PM
I understand Boro have already made plans to go into Administration, just so they're prepared.

Paul Stevens
29-11-2000, 11:40 PM
Can you image the b**l**king Terry Venerial will give Captain Marval.
TV " You spent £70m and did not got your wages up to £1.5m a year. Did I teach you nowt?"
BR "Sorry boss I thought we might win something and keep the fans happy"
TV "You still reading that Roy of the Rovers cr*p, I told you to stop buying those comics unless I write articles in them"
BR "Sorry boss. Tell me about your great financial success at Crystal Palace again"

Strathclyde Eagle
30-11-2000, 04:45 AM
Things which will definitely happen if Hel Tel goes to Boro':

1) Craig Foster will join them.
2) Lee Bradbury will join them.
3) Terry Fenwick will get a job there.
4) Hel Tel will spend more time working with ITV than he will in Middlebrough.
5) Hel Tel will sell a player for a vast fee. Somehow Boro' get a million pounds less than they were expecting.
6) Terry Fenwick will be in charge while Venables is off on ITV duty in Munich.
7) Boro will go down, but no-one will blame Venables.
8) They won't look like coming up the next year, people start to wise up to him.
9) Us Palace fans (along with the Pompey fans) look forward to playing Boro' at home.
10) Boro' are grossly hated by both Palace and Pompey, who laugh at everything which goes wrong on Teeside.
11) Hel Tel goes back into obscurity, having done nothing but with his reputation still somehow intact.

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Strathclyde Eagles homepage (http://www.crystal-palacefc.co.uk)

01-12-2000, 01:33 PM
Extracts from this morning's "Independent":

"Middlesbrough's negotiations with Terry Venables over becoming the club's manager, at least to the end of the season, have been delayed by the former England coach's insistence on bringing in his own back-room staff....Venables has told Middlesbrough that his joining the club is conditional upon Terry Fenwick being appointed as his assistant, and he is likely to want to make at least two other changes to the coaching staff.
The Middlesbrough chairman, Steve Gibson, is thought to be worried about the size and influence of Venables' entourage, and is reluctant to sack Bryan Robson's current assistants, Viv Anderson and Gordon McQueen. Fenwick would take a full-time role supervising the team, allowing Venables to take occasional days off to pursue his media and business interests."


Lee B
01-12-2000, 01:48 PM
And what will all the Vegetables fans say when he does to Boro what he did to us, 'Yeah, but he's such a good coach and such a top geezer, and he should be England manager.'

The man is a **** , a lucky **** , but a **** nonetheless. Oop north! I give it 3 months before he's back in Scribes with his tail between his legs sipping champagne with his mate Dennis 'the **** ' Wise, discussing how to get compensation for terminating his contract.

Well done Boro, I look forward to your demise. YOU WERE WARNED.

Spanish Dan
01-12-2000, 02:14 PM
I've never had any feelings either way for Boro - they're just one of those teams that just seem to plod along. But, I do think that they have a good bunch of fans and they've been through the same financial troubles as we have so I wouldn't begrudge them a bit of success at all. However, the signing of Venables will, I'm sure, be an unmitigated disaster and as many people have said, relegation is bound to follow.

It never ceases to amaze me how many intelligent, footballing people I know actually wanted Venables to be England manager. Maybe you have to be tainted by his curse before you can see through the charade.

01-12-2000, 03:18 PM
What Changes Will El Tel Make At The Riverside?

1) Players' bar to be turned into El Tel's Karaoke Emporium, with daily performances of Bye Bye Blackbird to restore flagging morale.
2) Venables to encourage agents to step up the amount of negotiating being done over contracts and bonuses. Special rates for those players employing Eric 'Monster Monster' Hall.

3) Venables to put an immediate stop to the policy of spending every red cent of Steve Gibson's dough on rubbish players, mainly by spending it all on wages and 'bonuses' for himself.

4) Darren Anderton to be drafted in immediately, irrespective of form or fitness.

5) Tel to work part time in his other role as director of football of the Bahamas, leading to a huge influx of ropey players from the tropical island paradise, all of whose contracts seem to have a Mr V Tenables on a ten percenter.

6) Club to be sponsored by that ridiculous hair dye stuff that El Tel has taken to using. It used to be grey, but now it's black… It's a miracle! No, it's just sad.

7) Tel to bring in a trusted old chum to help take care of the business side of the football club. Step forward, George Graham. Ah, Mr Fox, could you possibly guard this chicken coop for a while?

8) There's no point in getting a new job if you can't help out your old mates. Please welcome the new player-coach, Paul Gascoigne.

9) Tel to take personal charge of the club shop: special emphasis to be placed on selling official Middlesbrough VHS players, watches and motors.

10) On departure from club, Tel to be paid three years' salary a year for the rest of his life, to rise to five years' salary a year if he leaves within six months.

01-12-2000, 03:29 PM
Originally posted by PeterH:
What Changes Will El Tel Make At The Riverside?

1) Players' bar to be turned into El Tel's Karaoke Emporium, with daily performances of Bye Bye Blackbird to restore flagging morale


01-12-2000, 03:57 PM
Originally posted by Crate:
Extracts from this morning's "Independent"

The stuff in article just beggars belief. Has there EVER been a bigger spiv/crook/liar/thief than Venables? It seems the more outrageously he behaves, the more respect he commands.


01-12-2000, 05:51 PM
That Gibson bloke looks like a cretin, and this is proof that he is. While he's at it, why doesn't he go the whole hog and bring in Goldberk as financial advisor?

Oh well, at least we can look forward to all Boro's better young players (if they have any) being sold off for f*u*c*k all and loads of crappy players being drafted in on exorbitant wages.

Staunton....from the half way line!!

Gavin Axten
01-12-2000, 06:13 PM
At least Ted Buxton & Fenwank will be back in work then!!!!!

01-12-2000, 06:32 PM
When will Mr Venables come clean and admit
to the world that he is a fraud.

One would hope that the Boro fans are not
as mild mannered as us. I look forward to the first public lynching at The Riverside
and estimate that it should take place
around early April. Anyone willing to organise a coach or will the trains be running by then ?

01-12-2000, 06:40 PM
The Venables deal is off - Boro have seen the light.

01-12-2000, 08:06 PM
Gibson must browse this board.


Staunton....from the half way line!!

Chris K
02-12-2000, 04:11 AM
Further snippets but now from the Sun:

"Venables has drawn up a list of demands to be meet before he takes the job."

"He wants £50,000 a week" blah blah blah...
usual crap.

What a surprise. It all seems very familiar. I hope we get Boro in the cup. At home.

02-12-2000, 04:53 AM
Cheers Ricardo, can't take credit for it though. Someone in the office posted it to me.

Glaws Eagle
02-12-2000, 01:14 PM
And I quote from the Electronic Telegraph ........

"We have concluded that Terry's present and future television commitments were incompatible with the role we were offering," Lamb said. "We have now brought our discussions to a close, and we can assure our supporters that everyone at Boro will now continue to focus on the Premiership."

That was the official line, and certainly Venables' desire to assist Des Lynam in presenting Champions League and domestic football did trouble his potential employers. But it would seem the reasons for rejecting the 57-year-old were far more extensive, objections to his demands and further concerns over other business interests convincing Steve Gibson, the Middlesbrough chairman, to abort the plan to bring in Venables above Bryan Robson, who would then have been demoted to first-team coach".

And to continue .......

"Yet the message to Venables from the world of football would nevertheless appear to be loud and clear. For all his ability as a coach, he is in danger of becoming unemployable".


Gladys Allover
04-12-2000, 06:39 PM
Middlesborough have just called a press conference for 4.30pm this afternoon......Terry Fenwick may have a job to go to after all!! http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/biggrin.gif

04-12-2000, 11:56 PM
Seems like its back on.


Words cannot express how much I despise Venab***. I have the urge to throw things at the tv when he comes on it. Now, it looks like he'll be on even more.
http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/frown.gif http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/frown.gif http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/frown.gif

Staunton....from the half way line!!

Ted Rodgers
05-12-2000, 12:13 AM
I also did not like Venables i to enjoyed taking the mick out of him when he was on the champions league matches.

But then i heard he had Nick Barmby and Teddy Sheringham lined up for us for 4 MILLION but that **** Goldberg didn't have the money.

It is hard to believe isn't it.

andy the mad eagle
05-12-2000, 01:41 AM
Appears that the old crook has fallen on his feet again.

Whatever happens at Boro'(ie when they go down) the old b......d will come out of the s..t smelling of roses.

'It's not my fault I wasn't given sufficient resources to do the job. Only given a new Jag,a house in ther country, 30K to spend on players.

Boro' must be stark staring mad to even think of employing him. For the sake of genuine Boro' supporters don't let this man within 100 miles of your club.

Still I suppose Newcastle and Sunderland will be happy.

Ian of Chatham
05-12-2000, 10:00 PM
I can't wait till we play them next year once they get relegated this season ("going down going down going down!"). Just imagine the reception Venables would get when he takes Boro to Selhurst, especially if Terry F*ckwit (pardon my French) joins him, also he'll get the same at Fratton Park too.

05-12-2000, 10:14 PM
Originally posted by Ian of Chatham:
I can't wait till we play them next year once they get relegated this season ("going down going down going down!"). Just imagine the reception Venables would get when he takes Boro to Selhurst, especially if Terry F*ckwit (pardon my French) joins him, also he'll get the same at Fratton Park too.

Exactly what sort of reception would he get? and if it was a bad one can you imagine the stick the media would give us seeing as they practically suck Venables c**k at any opportunity!!

06-12-2000, 02:51 PM
Does anyone have the url of a Boro site simmilar to this. I would just like to send them my best regards http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/smile.gif

Ted Rodgers
07-12-2000, 04:26 AM
Has anyone actually heard of this:
That Terry Venables had Teddy Sheringham and Nicky Barmby linded up for a Palace switch.
but then Venebles heard that Goldberg never had the money http://www.cpfc.org/ubb/tongue.gif