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Malarkey 02-01-2018 09:43 PM

Luka Milivojević

That is all.

Johnny Byrne 02-01-2018 09:46 PM

What a lad!

brunocrosier 02-01-2018 09:49 PM

Full time whistle, you could hear him scream YEAHHHHHH on the live stream. Passionate.

AJ's right boot 02-01-2018 09:50 PM

Love that guy

Zohar's Penalty 02-01-2018 09:50 PM

I can imagine that he feels as though he owed us one for the penalty.

He didn’t of course, but seems like that sort of player. Love him.

cybais 02-01-2018 09:51 PM

Glad all over. COYP!

Isle of Wight 02-01-2018 09:51 PM

Brilliant passion and that scream drowned out the Southampton boos :)

HurstpierPalace 02-01-2018 09:51 PM

Favourite player. Even with the pen miss he’s been massive the past 3 games.

Polak 02-01-2018 09:51 PM

Wonderful stuff

regal_eagle 02-01-2018 09:53 PM

Captain material.

Twilko 02-01-2018 09:53 PM

So happy he scored after the penalty miss. Reminds me of Puncheon scoring the game after that penalty miss against Spurs.

Unrelated, but this was the first win in the black kit I think. Maybe not so unlucky after all?

SeanPalace84 02-01-2018 09:55 PM

Legend, love the passion.

alexcpfc 02-01-2018 09:56 PM

Oh Luka...

Originally Posted by regal_eagle (Post 14028543)
Captain material.

Well he had the armband on for the goal. What a hero. We all knew the moment he signed for us he was a proper Palace player. Love the man

Skiddo 02-01-2018 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by Zohar's Penalty (Post 14028508)
I can imagine that he feels as though he owed us one for the penalty.

He didnít of course, but seems like that sort of player. Love him.

Spot on.

He has his flaws, but he is a brilliant player for us and one we should do everything we can to keep hold of for the foreseeable future.

glaziers fan 02-01-2018 09:57 PM

He can strike a football. He should be on all the free-kicks/corners. Great technique.

thomasbroad 02-01-2018 09:57 PM

Football is weird.
If he 'had' to miss that penalty to then score that worldie tonight...

PALACEWU 02-01-2018 09:57 PM

Is he our first and only Serbian? I love him.

kark 02-01-2018 09:58 PM

What a cool hwhip of a finish

Biggineagle 02-01-2018 09:59 PM

Top man Loves the club and fans.

alanlee11 02-01-2018 10:01 PM

got the passion we need in the middle of the pitch and that was a beautiful goal! Loved hearing him scream like i did at the full time whistle.

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