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sydney eagle 03-12-2003 09:58 AM

Movie review thread(about the last film you saw)
ok,I just finished watching a horror movie called "wrong turn".It's about a guy who takes a short cut through a west virginia woods to try to get to a meeting,he accidently crashes into a car which has been run off the road,he totals both cars so he and the 5 occupants of the other car must try to find help......BUT there are 3 inbred hillbillys(who funnily enough look like a cross between Luke Chadwick & a Millwall fan;) ) who like to go around murdering people and cutting them up

Stars Eliza Dushku:love:

a 2003 version of deliverance pretty much with some icky murders


Maidstoned Eagle 03-12-2003 10:00 AM

Is that the one where he shouts "All we wanted was a nice quiet Christmas together!"?

christopher 03-12-2003 10:04 AM

Matrix Revoultions: shite.

Maidstoned Eagle 03-12-2003 10:05 AM


Originally posted by christopher
Matrix Revoultions: shite.
LOTR : Shite

sydney eagle 03-12-2003 10:05 AM

Nah,I don't think so...there were two of them bangin on about how they were engaged though.....luckily that didn't last long;)

sydney eagle 03-12-2003 10:07 AM


Originally posted by christopher
Matrix Revoultions: shite.
I had some stupid cow ruin the ending of this movie...she just blabbed it out despite a few of us saying we hadn't seen it yet....I could of smacked her one:grrr:

Son of Selhurst 03-12-2003 10:11 AM


Actually quite funny. The kids in the audience were in hysterics for most of it. Lots of Xmas trees being bounced on this year I feel......

christopher 03-12-2003 10:12 AM


Originally posted by Maidstoned Eagle
LOTR : Shite

Great David Wenham movie.

sydney eagle 03-12-2003 10:14 AM


Originally posted by Son of Selhurst

Will Ferrell cracks me up in all his movies:D

I'm dying to see elf,it looks great:p

Gooders 03-12-2003 10:24 AM

Young Adam.

Ewan McGregor hangs around on a canal boat in Scotland and shags a few women.

Mildly entertaining.

Maidstoned Eagle 03-12-2003 11:24 AM

Dog Soldiers

Great fun!

sunshine lucas 03-12-2003 11:38 AM

Master and the Commander - with dear old Russ Crowe and co.
Fab old fashioned seafaring yarn. Recommended m'hearties!

lauren_of_hove 03-12-2003 02:05 PM

I've seen Elf, it was fantastic! It was very sweet, silly and so funny :D

Sprite 03-12-2003 02:39 PM

I went to see 'Intermission' on Friday- was excellent! Colin Farrell is in it (who I hate) and that didn't manage to ruin it for me. Gritty but very funny - go see it!

brighton_eagle 03-12-2003 02:42 PM

Haven't been to the cinema in yonks but the last film I saw was Xmen 2 on DVD the other night.

My verdict: excellent entertainment. Nightcrawler was very very cool. I really enjoyed this film and hope they make a third.

SmithEagle 03-12-2003 02:43 PM

Scary Movie 3
Only 2 of the original cast is in it, and 1 of them dies halfway through!
They have dug up 2 of the 'old skool' spoof actors (Nielsen and Sheen) and although funny in their day, and probably still could be funny, the film didnt help them bring humour across to the viewer.
Not as good as the first 2, but does have its funny moments that you cant help but laugh at!


SmithEagle 03-12-2003 02:43 PM

Great Actors, Great Story, Great Film

Scoey9000 03-12-2003 02:56 PM

Just seen Terminator 3 - Poor

and Hulk
surprisingly ok , he was never my favourite Comic Book Character.It has some neat camera tricks and movement but the CGI Hulk is really poor , i mean really poor.

saw matrix revolutions last week and that was laughable .
They should have just let the whole idea lie after the first one.

Jonboy 03-12-2003 03:22 PM

Memoirs of Murder. Korean movie about a serial killer inthe 60s. Had Mrs Jonboy very scared. Should do the rounds of the cinema clubs in the UK.

Maidstoned Eagle 03-12-2003 05:13 PM

Texas Chainsaw massacre (the remake)

Bollox, would rather watch five minutes of LOTR! ....... on second thoughts, maybe it wasn't THAT bad!

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