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Funk Butter 12-06-2015 06:41 PM

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics
Just thought I'd start a thread for the Tokyo Olympics even though the Rio one is a year away.

Olympic Games: Bridge, chess & tug of war apply for 2020 inclusion


  • Tug of war
  • Baseball & softball
  • Bowls
  • Sumo
  • American football
  • Flying disc
  • Underwater sports
  • Roller sports
  • Floorball
  • Korfball
  • Netball
  • Chess
  • Waterski and wakeboard
  • Bowling
  • Karate
  • Wushu
  • Snooker
  • Surfing
  • Sport climbing
  • Polo
  • Air sports
  • Raquetball
  • Squash
  • Orienteering
  • Bridge
  • Dance sport

Twilko 12-06-2015 07:01 PM

Lots of debate about the olympic stadium plans at the moment. Originals plans were for a complicated retractable roof system which they now realise will go way over budget. Spending close to a billion does seem a bit much when the country already has huge debts.


As I missed 2012, I'd like to still be here for this. Although that would mean I'd been living here for 12 years by then which is a little scary.

maestro 12-06-2015 07:13 PM

squash should definately be in there

Less swimming, if one chap can win 7 gold medals then the events are too simular.

Funk Butter 07-08-2016 11:44 AM


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today agreed to add baseball/softball, karate, skateboard, sports climbing and surfing to the sports programme for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Halftime Gold 16-08-2016 02:08 PM

I'm guessing that's Karate Kid style point fighting rather than full contact Karate? with boxing moving closer to the pro sport there seems like there could be room for something like K-1 style kickboxing that would allow various Karate and Muay Thai fighters to face each other.

RobertCPFC 24-03-2020 05:11 PM

Postponed until next year.


Funk Butter 22-01-2021 08:35 PM



The major stakeholders in this year's Tokyo Olympics denied on Friday a news report that the Japanese government has privately concluded the games will have to be canceled due to the coronavirus and that the host nation is seeking to host them in 2032, the next available year.

Japan, the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee each issued a denial of a report in British daily The Times.

Funk Butter 03-03-2021 05:29 PM

Maybe I'll be able to get tickets.



TOKYO -- The new president of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee stopped short of saying there would be no foreign fans at this year's Games, but she certainly hinted at it Wednesday after online talks with IOC president Thomas Bach and others.

The Japanese newspaper Mainichi reported Wednesday that the decision had already been made to exclude foreign fans. It cited only unnamed sources "involved in the discussions.''

Funk Butter 12-06-2021 05:03 AM



The question of allowing any fans into Tokyo Olympic venues is still being debated with a decision unlikely to be announced before the end of the month.

This would be just a few weeks before the Olympics are to open on July 23. Fans from abroad have already been banned in what is shaping up as a largely made-for-television Olympics.

Tokyo and several prefectures are under a state of emergency until June 20. Infections have slowed recently, but the spread of variants is still a concern that could put pressure on already stressed medical facilities.

Dr. Nobuhiko Okabe, director general of the Kawasaki City Institute for Public Health, suggested on Friday he would lean toward few fans. He spoke on a panel put together by the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee.

legaleagle2 12-06-2021 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by Funk Butter (Post 15837672)

Its crazy enough just allowing all the competitors, back up people, sand media in from all over the shop into a country in the midst of a pandemic...

Funk Butter 21-06-2021 05:17 PM


Oh boy


The organizing committee also said it will not distribute condoms to participants during their stay in the village but on their departure

Funk Butter 21-07-2021 08:45 AM

The Tokyo Olympics kicked off today, will end up being the strangest Olympics after the St Louis one, I'm sure. If you guys want to have some side interest on the Games, head over to the Olympics Betting Masters comp. https://www.cpfc.org/forums/showthread.php?t=284247

bubbs11 22-07-2021 08:30 AM

Lovely to see the USA ladies finally put in their place.

SKATE 23-07-2021 11:42 AM

Brazil running riot in men's football against Germany! Richarlason hatrick in first half hour!

SKATE 23-07-2021 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by SKATE (Post 15916515)
Brazil running riot in men's football against Germany! Richarlason hatrick in first half hour!

3-2 now and Germans down to 10! Entertaining game

Funk Butter 23-07-2021 01:05 PM

Wow, you guys are on a big time delay, I guess.

Brett 23-07-2021 01:09 PM

Can't listen to Andrew Cotter now without picturing his dogs :D

SKATE 23-07-2021 01:33 PM

Gosh, this is dull!

CP-RJW 23-07-2021 02:46 PM

I thought I was going insane when I recognised final fantasy music in the ceremony. Then I heard chrono trigger, and as it turns out, there’s a whole set list of video game music.


meee 23-07-2021 03:10 PM

I love the athlete's parade but I forget how long it is every time! We will still be here in 2024 at this rate.

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