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Eastern Boy 05-12-2021 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by theCoach (Post 16125924)
can the mods please give consideration to removing this thread please as its existence is adding to the trouble.
as i understand it anecdotidally this all started as a non palace , non footballing matter between 2 groups of lads .
by continuing ths thread you adding fuel to the situation where said 2 groups are backing up their mates.

this is not unique - southampton have their issues with groups from different parts of the city and remeber all too well in the 70's being a Brixton boy being caught up with some nonsense between rival chelsea fans (stockwell et al) .

It was started by me because of stories I'd heard about 2 sets of Palace fans fighting before, during and after a game and asking it to stop so that kids, families etc wouldn't be put off travelling.

Or sre we just going to ignore that element?

mrs eagle 09-12-2021 09:14 AM

Those fans who were involved in the fighting might be wise to stay somewhere other than at home the night before the Millwall game, as they could otherwise expect a knock on their door very early on the morning of the game.

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