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DUTCH 31-05-2001 02:58 PM


[B]Footballunlimited claims that Sheff Wed can't afford to offer Des Walker a new contract, so
he's being released.[/]
You may well be right, but I think it was Sky Sport that had a quote (or supposed) from Sheff. saying they couldn't offer a contract that was of interest to Des Walker. This could mean they couldn't afford him, or that he turned them down. I expect I just chose the wrong meaning.

Eagles Fan 31-05-2001 03:24 PM

If Ravanelli can move to Derby then anything is possible.

PS. Cool new format. But BRING BACK THE STARS!!! :blue:

Little Matt 31-05-2001 03:31 PM

Is Irwin out of contract at Man U then? Would his wages be astronomical? How old is he?

Feather 31-05-2001 03:56 PM

My concern is that we will spend huge amounts of money on someone who is not worth that much. I have heard from a Huddersfield supporter and it has been said on other threads that Bruce was a bit careless at Huddersfield and spent too much on players and wages. With SJ giving him 9million what could he be like then?

Philr_99 31-05-2001 04:29 PM


Originally posted by Popester
Gary Pallister and ...
Steve Bruce, back out of retirement!!!

HaHa! yeah, with Paul Parker and Clayton Blackmore!!!:)

Belly 31-05-2001 05:06 PM

Just wondering if Mark Hughes has hung his boot's up yet.
I would imagine him and bruce are quite pally.
Even though he's knocking on a bit, i would think he could do a job for us.

RobbieB 31-05-2001 05:32 PM

Brian Robson will probably be free on Saturday afternoons shortly too...;)

Ralph 31-05-2001 05:49 PM

Quinton Fortune is on the transfer list at Man Utd for 3,000,000!!!


Palace 31-05-2001 06:00 PM

One thing surely that is good to come from Bruce is his United connections. Fortune and Irwin???

skyrocket6 31-05-2001 10:01 PM

norman whiteside and Gary Bailey :clown:

yorkshire eagle 31-05-2001 10:06 PM

what about
fortune 3 million
irwin 1 million (i know but hes old)
gus poyet 2.5 million
dennis wise 2 million
and forsell 3.million

there u go 11.5 million over spent already

stevie bruces red'n'blue army:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Oisin 31-05-2001 10:08 PM

Irwin's on a free but i doubt he'll move the family south which is a pity.

pedro 01-06-2001 12:40 AM

I do not believe they have actually found the two players yet. Let's face it when has the club ever kept quiet over a deal ? Asaba perhaps, Koumas maybe ! or could it be that they have learnt from their past mistakes ? Now that would be a turn up wouldn't it.

arussell 01-06-2001 04:02 AM

Well I certainly hope Wise AIN'T coming ! :(

I'd be very very surprised if Tony Adams joined Palace (but
happy) whilst it sounds like Des Walker is off to Watford
(thankfully !).

Certainly (when he's fit again) I could see Bruce moving for
Wijnhard, who won't play in the second division. I still think that
Chris Lucketti will be a target too, and here's hoping (as I'm
fond of harping on about !!) that we can get someone like
Jonathan Greening who would be absolutely perfect as that
"attacking central midfielder" that we're crying out for !!

Oh - maybe Nico Vaesen will be a target as well .... I realise that
most of these don't qualify as big signings, but I can see SB being
interested in them. Apparently he's also a fan of Paul Evans
(central midfielder) at Brentford and I can also see Terry B
recommending a couple of their players now that we have a

Spikemeister 01-06-2001 04:18 AM

Lets hope that we have one final effort to get Forsell.....might need Chelsea to sign another forward first.
An go to Tranmere, try for Koumas and Parkinson.

Skid Row 01-06-2001 04:23 AM

I cant see Adams coming. I'm sure I've heard that this is to be his last season so why would he spend it at Palace when he has the opportunity to play his whole career out at Arsenal? Would be an amazing feat in this day and age.

Gladys Allover 01-06-2001 12:30 PM


Originally posted by Feather
My concern is that we will spend huge amounts of money on someone who is not worth that much. I have heard from a Huddersfield supporter and it has been said on other threads that Bruce was a bit careless at Huddersfield and spent too much on players and wages. With SJ giving him 9million what could he be like then?
It depends on whether Jordan has learnt from last season's transfer dealings, but it would seem that he did most of them last year and although he will give Bruce the financial backing there is no way that he won't have the last word.

From glimpses of last year it would look like the squad is strong enough to put in some good performances and therefore it seems pointless to rush out and sign players for the sake of it. I would give Bruce, Kember and Bullivant a couple of months to settle down, allow the players to prove themselves and then see what the situation is.

There is enough quality in the current squad to get in to contention for the play-offs so come on Brucie show us what you can so........what do points make?!

eagleDAN 01-06-2001 01:20 PM

Re: 2 Major Signings This Week

jaybee 01-06-2001 04:30 PM

Just in from CP FRIS,


There is fresh speculation that 30-year old Huddersfield Town keeper
Nico Vaesen has been the subject of a 1million bid from newly
appointed Crystal Palace boss Steve Bruce - and that this initial
bid was immediately rejected. The Belgium born goalkeeper has had
rave reviews since joining the West Yorkshire club in July 1998,
and is a firm fans favourite but the Terriers recent relegation to
Division Two is thought to have cost the club in the region of 4m
in lost revenue and this ultimately may force its hand.

The London First Division club surprised the bookies by beating the
drop on the last game of the 2000/2001 season - by a twist of fate
sending Huddersfield down in the process and it is thought that
Bruce, who was only appointed Eagles boss this week, has a transfer
kitty in the region of 10m. The rejection of the initial 1m offer
may increase interest from a string of other clubs and it is thought
that newly relegated outfit Bradford City are also preparing a bid,
as they too are reported to be in the market for a proven

It is by no means the first time that the 80,000 Peter Jackson buy
has attracted interest from other clubs and during his time at the
McAlpine, there has been regular calls that the player should be
included in the Belgium national squad. The club itself refused to
comment on the recent reports but sources suggest that should the
player decide that he would prefer to play elsewhere, then an
increased offer may be seriously considered, as keeping an unhappy
player would benefit neither party.

spt1978 01-06-2001 04:41 PM

Irwin and Koumas, thats what im praying for.

Nico Vaesen - NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, where have those sleeping pills gone.

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