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Sp1Eagle 07-09-2018 02:19 PM

Battlefield V
Anyone played the open beta?

eagle mart 08-09-2018 10:22 AM

Downloading it now ..

Eaglezz 08-09-2018 09:05 PM

Dunno if I should get bo4 or battlefield v. Anyone got any ideas

hdeagle 09-09-2018 12:35 AM

The maps on conquest are huge and the game plays very well with the addition of vehicles making it a completely different gaming experience to COD WW2.

Looking forward to its full release.


Eaglezz 09-09-2018 03:39 PM

I heard the bf5 beta was awful...

eagle mart 10-09-2018 09:32 AM

Hmm.... the "bleeding out" thing. Annoying. I'd rather just re-spawn than beg for a team mate to revive me. And most of the time you're just ignored. And it even happens after being blown up by a tank.

Love Battlefield though, so much better than the COD series, which literally was finished after Modern Warfare.

brighton_eagle 10-09-2018 09:42 AM

Not played the open beta yet. Played the alpha, which was very limited but interesting.

squelchy18 10-09-2018 11:35 AM

If the beta is anything to go by, there is still A LOT of work that needs to be done.

Sadly, it's too late the make the 2 maps better.

hdeagle 09-11-2018 11:39 AM

10 hour trial is now available on EA Access

Install is 38.5gb on Xbox One

hdeagle 09-11-2018 12:06 PM

Video featuring the new game-play of the latest build


hdeagle 09-11-2018 01:39 PM

The trial plays really well and the multiplayer battles are very intense.

No problem finding games online and no lag.

The game is officially released on the 20th November but some modes are not being included at the launch of the game and are due out later.

squelchy18 10-11-2018 01:14 PM

Absolutely hated the beta. I was devastated as Battlefield is my favourite all time shooter.

Glad they made the much needed changes as the EA Access trial is ******* excellent!

bigend1 11-11-2018 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by squelchy18 (Post 14500766)
Absolutely hated the beta. I was devastated as Battlefield is my favourite all time shooter.

Glad they made the much needed changes as the EA Access trial is ******* excellent!

Thatís good to hear.

Same re battlefield, my all time favourite too.

Bf1 got boring quickly as the lack of helicopters and weak vehicles made it all very samey for me. The beta as you say didnít feel me with optimism I must say so fingers crossed for it being bf of old

hdeagle 17-11-2018 02:01 PM

Some of the battles have so many phases that I am soon going to use up my 10 hour EA Access Trial and it is lucky that I only have to wait until Tuesday 20th November for the game's official release.

One of the contenders for Game Of The Year without a doubt and the graphics and sound are a joy to behold.

Lombardarian 20-11-2018 06:24 AM

Release day for Battlefield 5! Have seen a few reviews now and seems that, following the initial concerns with the alpha and beta, the finished article is being received very well! I will be on the look out for the best deals to pick this up.

hdeagle 20-11-2018 01:43 PM

This superb game is a 50gb installation on Xbox One but if you already installed the EA Access trial then you already have it installed and can play it without any extra installation.

No lag on online multiplayer in spite of more playing the game now.

eagle mart 10-04-2019 09:57 AM

Firestorm - their Fortnight mode. That is pretty addictive... shooting down helicopters with an RPG. Good fun.

Lombardarian 11-04-2019 04:54 AM

Currently seems to be £23 for PS4 on Amazon so may finally get around to picking this up.

croydonexile 11-04-2019 06:53 AM

Campaign mode as a sniper is great fun

Lombardarian 11-04-2019 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by croydonexile (Post 14723562)
Campaign mode as a sniper is great fun

Cheers, order now placed!

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