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Originally Posted by Johnybegood View Post
A good question.
The short term outlook for me is that Boris will be exposed as the liar/chancer that he is. The failure to clamp down earlier on the virus has caused not only unnecessary deaths but also a longer economic disaster. It has also shown up how key workers (nhs, shop assistants, bus drivers, care providers etc) have been undervalued by successive governments but particularly since 2010 austerity which froze wages of key workers but reduced Corp tax (increased dividends) from 28% to 18%....doesn't look very nice now does it.
More money for the NHS and a fair living wage for all workers, with affordable housing and better public services will be demanded by those impacted by this I.e. nearly everyone
Medium term will inevitably see income tax rises, wealth taxes, higher Corp tax etc but also huge bond issuance to pay to rebuild the economy. I would also not be surprised to see windfall taxes on banks and a financial transaction tax on the city. It will slowly dawn on people that austerity and right wing capitalism is a busted flush.......enter Kier Starmer....
The right wing populist governments (Trump, Boris, Bolsanaro, Erdogan etc) will fall back onto the same divisive, nationalistic, populist old bollocks they have been using to hold power, but game show hosts and scurrilous journos are going to have a light shone on them by the likes of Starmer as they try to divert away ....look there's a Chinese squirrel!
The future is more socialist values and hopefully fairer, more responsible government
Ideally yes but there are some issues with this.Firstly,once people are attracted to these right wing populists they tend to do everything they can to double down their support.They could all implement the most left wing policies you have ever seen,some of the policies you mention or a set of nationalistic policies and these people will lap it up as some kind of triumph of the right.This doesn't apply to everyone,everyone has their own personal opinion but there are a large number of people I know that will double down on Brexit no matter what the outcome,as an example.

The other issue is that someone like Starmer may or may not push those "socialist values" that could be so successful at a time like this.I get the sense he is not Tony Blair but I also get the sense from where his support is coming from(and the lack of openness about his funding)that he is going to be pushed towards the "centre" in a way that Corbyn would never have been.Now that seems to be great for some,a large amount of people on here seem to want that,but my opinion is that the sacrifice will be the progressive policies that we really need.
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