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Originally posted by hugosabin
Your little comment about a certain Mr Heskey has completely made my point and confirmed that you clearly can not think or converse the least bit constructively. The only way I can comprehend the persistent nonsense that you spout is to think that you were doing it for your own amusement, in which case I have no complaints at all.
Perhaps you should stop trying the pundit and stick to Champ manager...

Not converse constructively? ha ha, is that a joke? If I hadn't added that boisterous remark on the end, you would have scratched your head and tried to offer a rebuttal the best you could. But you didn't, instead you took that example of subjective nonsense that I spieled, and used it as poor evidence for my supposed "lack" of argument in this pathetic debate. That's very prejudice and naive of you indeed. The point still remains, playing a person on the wing to do anything other than attack, is very boring and mostly futile. Oh and "This is getting very boring so I will make my last comment about all this", little liar, you've posted twice since =)
I think I will wait till the new Champs comes out instead, but thanks for the idea.

Originally posted by BUNGLE
What Derry did against West ham in the play off final was play left midfield, not left wing and dare I say it he did it very succesfully and made our midfield very solid. That is an example of a left midfielder influencing a game in a way a winger can't.

Don't get me wrong, playing 4 Midfielders who are very strong and competent Footballers will make for a very solid Midfield indeed, but it just screams negativity in the long run. Most teams (especially promoted teams, such as Palace) play to not get beat. What the hell is with that? EVERY game (even against the Man Uniteds etc) should be played to win. Or you will always be the same poor team.
People don't take chances. Fergie took a chance, and sold Beckham, now he has Christiano Ronaldo who is much better and isn't married to a snob who will cause him career troubles. THAT, is positive Management. Hats off.
People don't always tell you what they're thinking...
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