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Interesting thoughts looking at their forum. They seem very level headed on the whole. If we go into this game underestimating them and get knocked out due to disrespecting them, I'll be furious. Not that I think we will.

This is the OP from their pre match thoughts thread....

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A big test in front of a sell out crowd, and a large national TV audience, and against the ultimate test a Premiership team led by an ex England manager. Only playing a top six side away would be seen as a bigger test by the football media, most of whom will give us little chance of progressing, and really will not want us to do anyway, wanting the competition to revert to norm being the property of the top teams in the country in their eyes.
Can we pass the test and progress? a big question,but after the way we destroyed Southend last night, in my mind not impossible if Crystal Palace take us lightly.
They have big name players, international players who's names are known all over the world, and to be fair not a bad player on their books being a premiership team. If they play well they should win, But will they? even the best teams can only play as well as the opposition let them.
If we play as well as last night, they will have to play well to beat us, Our clever players in midfield all being on it together, and the rest of the team responding to their promptings.
It is a chance for all our players to showcase their ability to a wide audience, in a game that nationally is the biggest in our clubs history. John, Ben, Herbie, and all the other players having a chance to advertise to the football world how good a player they are, and old man Coppinger show just how good a player he has been, overlooked by many big sides who would have benefited from his undoubted ability.
Do you think like me we have a fighters chance?
Will Palace play their strongest side ?
Will Roy let his precious premiership players change in our changing rooms? apparently he didn't at Notts County some years back when taking Fulham, whose own facilities were worse than Notts Counties, and like Barnsley got changed on the bus.
Who are the players you fear that you think can take us to the cleaners?
If you are a Palace fan reading this, are you confident you will be too good for us?
These and many more questions to be answered about this game, a game we the supporters of the Rovers can relax and enjoy, and where all the pressure is on the Palace to win. Please discuss and have your say.
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