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Originally Posted by 1sheffa View Post
Any reports from the usual U21 and U18 attendees from the last few games? It's always welcome to hear how they are progressing. Watching the highlights from the Bolton game Kaikai looks to have moved up a level, is a championship loan on the cards?? There was mention of Scales heading to Crawley... What's happened there? And finally I'm keen to hear thoughts on Fundi and Dymond, Fundi obviously training with the first team this week, Dymond is a name that always seems to stick out on U21 highlights but never talked about for loan.
Just seen this.

There's a brief U18 report from the other day around but they are away until September due to work being carried out on GOALS.

KaiKai will definitely go out on loan, but not sure where or how soon, but can't imagine it's too far away. Probably League One where he'll play the majority of games, rather than Championship where he would only be a bit-part player.

As you may well have seen, Scales has now gone to Crawley.

Fundi I've seen play four times towards the end of last year and I'd say he's the best CF in the 18s we've had for years. Not fair to make any further judgements on him, but he's a hard worker for sure and that's probably his biggest attribute. He also knows how to score, which obviously is good for a CF!

Dymond has been undoubtedly the best player in the 21s in the opening three games this season. If he were to play like this for the whole season he would definitely get another contract. Depending on development he could be a League One midfielder for sure, at a push Championship. No doubt in my mind that he will play professionally though and his attitude is absolutely first class. I think Palace will look to get him out on loan soon though, which would free up another CM spot alongside Andy Breimyr.

One player to watch out for is definitely Aaron Bissaka. Wary of bigging him up too much or overhyping him, but he is talented, versatile, quick and skillfull. Will play every game in the 21s unless injured or loaned out later in the season.

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