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A quick note from the BBS Treasurer


As you may have noticed the BBS is advert free to members, and subscription free. The only reason we have been able to operate like that is because of the unique way the BBS is funded, being the generous contributions of members to the running costs of this site.

As a result of a significant increase in our hosting costs, recently we have been spending quite a bit more each month than we currently collect, and the BBS is now running at a fairly considerable loss (over a grand a year). We have burned through all our existing cash balances (and some) so to date this loss has been met by one of two very generous individuals. Unfortunately that support is going to come to an end and consequently we need to raise some more money to ensure the continued success of the BBS.

We donít want to introduce advertising because who wants to see banner ads when they are in the middle of a blazing row about Wayne Hennessey or the inability of Palace players to shoot straight, and we certainly donít want to move to any form of formal subscription service.

So basically we are asking if anyone who uses the BBS regularly, who can afford to help a little, and would like to, to consider contributing to the running of the site as it would be really appreciated (and frankly now is really needed)

Regular monthly payments are preferred, because this allows us to budget more easily as we know roughly how much we will be receiving each month, but one-off payments are also welcome. £5 is the suggested, regular, monthly contribution, but we do have a number of Members who contribute more than this, so please do not be dissuaded from making a larger payment if you can afford it (and if you feel you want to help out).

If you choose to contribute you will be given BBS Angel status, which provides a few minor extras such as a larger PM capacity and bigger avatars etc.

Contributions can be made via PayPal or directly to the BBS Bank account.

For PayPal either click on this link (To view the link you have to Register or Login) which will take you to a subscription set up for PayPal, or simply log into PayPal and either set up a monthly subscription or send a one off contribution to

For those who want to do something directly to the bank account, be it a standing order or a one off payment, PM me and Iíll send you the bank account details.

Please do consider making a regular contribution to the BBS and thanks again to all those who are already helping, or who are considering doing so.



ps. There are old some bank account details published somewhere in the bowels on the BBS. Those are out of date and will be removed when I work out which button to press, so if by chance you come across them please donít use them.
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