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Her #1 fan at Charlton has a bit to say on this:

Originally Posted by Fanny Fanackapan
I've purposely taken my time in posting on this thread and have chosen my words with extreme care and delicacy at this most difficult of times.

From day one, following our first encounter at a Fans' Forum meeting, I've always held Kitty ( as she asked me to call her) in the highest regard. In fact, it was clearly a case of mutual respect at first sight.....and, for my part, a degree of hero worship.

This was a woman in a senior position at MY football club ; something, many moons ago, I had dreamed of for myself.

However, it soon became abundantly clear that my feelings for Kitty were not shared by some of my fellow supporters.

Her every word was closely examined and misinterpretated.

Her mischievous misuse of the English language was ridiculed.

In fact, her quirky sense of humour was entirely lost on the majority of Addicks and at times, it appeared that only myself and our pal, Susie understood Kitty's weird little nuances. How we giggled amongst ourselves on reading just how far the majority of Lifers were missing the point !

Of course, I had to be extremely careful to cover my tracks in order not to reveal my true allegiance. I have spent many hours forcing myself to construct posts chock full of vitriol, criticism and disrespect whilst holding back the tears I felt in betraying my dear fiend in such a manner.

Taking this pretence to the ultimate level, I joined in the protests and even the visits to Belgium - the supreme sacrifice.

But, sadly, all good things come to an end and ultimately Kitty was driven away from our club despite the best efforts of her 2 faithful supporters. Our loss is Sheffield Mercredi's ( as she fondly calls them) gain and I'm confident she will swiftly win over those dour Yorkshiremen and women with her unique little ways. Before her tearful departure, she confided that she was looking forward to joining the Blades and to the challenge that this massive club had handed her. I made sure that she learnt the favourite saying in those parts so as to endear herself to all and sundry : " Howay the lads! "

All I hope is that our dearly departed pal finds the Yorkshire equivalent of both Susie and Fanny before too long as those early days in foreign parts can be difficult. As a parting gift, I presented her with my own pink pig, salvaged from that disgusting act of petulance last season, so that she'd think of me every time she looked at it. And finally, I assured her there would be a special place for her at May's POTY dinner as she missed out in 2016. At this invitation, her resolve crumpled and tears began to fall, cascading round that prominent, well known nose, as the tosser of that glossy mane left the building.

Life will never be the same.

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