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Originally posted by Golf Boy
One of the few cases where a driver is actually punished for killing someone.
Actually that's not true. It's so far from the truth that it shows you are willing to post lies in order to further your point, which is sad.

As Steve said there is a very specific motoring offence (in the UK) - 'causing death by dangerous driving'.

Meanwhile if a cyclist kills someone no such charge can be applied.

The father of a 17-year-old girl who was fatally injured in a collision with a cyclist has said it is "laughable" the man has only been fined.

Mick Bennett said Jason Howard should have faced manslaughter charges and been jailed for several years over Rhiannon Bennett's death in April 2007.

Howard was an "arrogant and vile little man", Mr Bennett said outside court.

Howard, 36, of Buckingham, was fined 2,200 on Tuesday after being convicted of dangerous cycling in the town.

The law needs changing urgently.
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