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I don't know Bolasie but from everything you read from and about him you get a very clear image of someone that is very proactive about managing his personal development. Driven and determined but open to guidance and support, senior players, his personal coach etc. But also very much Bolasie centric. I don't mean that as a negative because I suspect as a player these days it's makes a lot of sense. No club is at the centre of his world, it's his career and his improvement. I get the sense that the best players are like this and so it's a sensible model. None of this stops him being a team player or committed to the club, but they are secondary. It has to come in part from his journey so far. Family and religion also important but maybe less relevant here.

I just get the feeling that he believes, or has been advised, that it is time to move on to make that next step in his development. To a club with better facilities, a better standard of player and almost certainly, exposure to European football. Ironically, with the recent signings, we may well be on the verge of bring some of those better players to the club but I suspect there is a lot to gain from moving to a 'major' club. On his day he can be an amazing player but he has had a patchy season at best and maybe he needs a fresh challenge. I will be gutted when it happens but Townsend's arrival means we are covered, especially if we get a fit Sako and Punch. So maybe he should move on.

His work ethic and dedication will help him wherever he goes but I think he has to choose his next club wisely. Arriving as a big bucks player at a club used to success and classy players will move him from our developing hero status to clueless flop needing to prove himself. I think he is smart and good enough to win them over but it won't be easy.

My only other theory about him is that he really does fancy himself in that role down the middle. I am not sure that will be so readily available elsewhere because why spend tha cash on a winger and then change his position.

But it's all conjecture. He seems such a genuine and nice guy that it would be difficult not to wish him well wherever he goes. I would be disappointed if he left us for someone like Stoke or Everton though and even West Ham would be irritating albeit more understandable right now. The reality is that players move on.
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